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Drupal core release history missing term value "Drupal core", result as drush make download the Drupal core as module.

Drupal core release history missing term value "Drupal core", result as drush make download the Drupal core as module.

For more details, please visit https://drupal.org/node/2126123.

We updated our drush make file refer to a suggestion in https://github.com/drush-ops/drush/issues/234#issuecomment-27631773.

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OxDUG Drush and Drush make demo - slides and makefiles available

I've written up the slides for the brief demo I gave of Drush and Drush Make at the February OxDUG meetup last week.

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Drush & Drush Make on Mac- How to setup and use 'Drush Make'?

Hi everyone

Another question for anyone out there that understands 'Drush Make'.

I have Drush setup (Mac OSX) and am pretty competent in using it. The issue I now have is that I'm a little unsure as to how to get 'Drush Make' working which I require to save time on Drupal site setups. I've looked for videos etc (this is the way that I managed to get Drush running correctly) but have been unable to find a good example that I understand.

Does anyone know of an absolute idiot proof tutorial or perhaps can post an easy to follow guide?

Any help will be much appreciated

Thank you

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Quickstart 1.0 Released


Quickstart 1.0 is ready. This is a bug fix and software refresh over Quickstart 9.1.

* i386 and amd64 versions:
- amd64 for speed, but requires 64bit OS and modern CPU (bittorrent)
- i386 for compatibility (bittorrent)
* Share websites folder for access over windows networking

Software Updates:
* Ubuntu 11.04
* Netbeans 7.0
* Eclipse Helios SR2
* Drush 4.4

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Drupal Dojo Webinar -- Drush and Drush Make now avilable on DrupalDojo.com

If you missed Matthew Connerton's presentation "Drush & Drush Make (& features too?)", you can now review the presentation in the Dojo archives on DrupalDojo.com please visit http://drupaldojo.com/session/drush-drush-make-features-too.

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Quickstart 0.8 and Drupal 7


I just finished a move to Austin TX and started to work with Drupal 7 in Quickstart.

QS 0.8 can install D7 using drush like this:
drush qc all --domain=powma.dev

If you change the ~/websites/default.make file like this:
api = 2
core = 7.x
projects[drupal][version] = 7.0-beta2

(add more modules here)

I think D7 includes an automated installer, so hopefully I can figure out how to remove the manual install step from the drush command.

Anyone have any other tips or suggestions?



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Aegir 0.4 Alpha 13 released

The Aegir project would like to present our 0.4 alpha 13 release. This release is primarily a bug fix release, fixing the site imports which have been causing issues with alpha 12.

New in this release is the ability to specify a makefile when you create a platform, which can be either a file on the hostmaster filesystem or a URL. Aegir will automatically build the platform from the specified makefile when it attempts to verify the path, and detects that it is not there.

#373062 : 0.4 - automate platform creation

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