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Best practices for YouTube API integration

I am looking for some best practices advice. I am building a module that processes machine tags. I am integrating it in with FeedAPI and FeedAPI Mapper. My two primary feeds I want to get machine tags from are Flickr and YouTube. Unfortunately for both services I have not found a way to get well formatted tags via their RSS feed. So I am resorting to getting the media id from the feed then using an API call to get the machine tags.

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Implicit Relationships

I'm just getting starting creating field, filter, etc handlers for Views for a project.
I've hit the point where I can't get further from existing examples and the API documentation.

I'm working with table, let's call it "Stuff"
Among the stored fields is a user ID.
I'd like to make it easy for someone creating a view of the table to show the username associated with that user ID.

I have absolutely no trouble creating a relationship handler that lets a user create a view that gives them access to all the fields in the user table. I suppose I could force the user to do that.

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Front End Developer | CitySquares

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Not allowed

Citysquares.com, a growing Internet company in Boston’s South End is seeking to fill a 6 month web developer contract with the potential of continuing full-time. In this role, you will be responsible for the front-end development and engineering of the website, including building the next generation of the site and ongoing maintenance of the site. You will also work on a variety of projects, ranging from site feature upgrades, to new product implementations with a focus on building smart, usable workflows that utilize the best technology available.

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API Documentation is back online

I have fixed up the API for Drupal e-Commerce.

It is now at http://api.drupalecommerce.org and it is now updated every hour, so it should be pretty much up to date.

Since e-Commerce is spread over a few projects now, and depends on a few other projects like Views I am also including those into the API as well.

If you have any modules you would like to add, please let me know and I will look into adding them.


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Developer | CPO

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Looking for a Japanese Drupal developer, hopefully with WordPress experience, for an urgent development.

We want to use the Mixi.jp API to:
1) MixiConnect - enable users to login/register to drupal site with OpenID account from mixi, and possibly invite firends and import the account details if possible by API.
2) Publish comments and/or nodes to mixi account when creating node/comment on drupal site (every user own mixi account, not one for all site users)

I found a wordpress plugin that does this.
It could be migrating or used as a reference.

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webservice module developer | Zum

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Part time
Employment type: 

Looking for a drupal guru who are well versed in module development in handling REST, XMLRPC calls to external api's. If you are familiar with facebook api, myspace api, or twitter api, it is a plus.

Work start in early July. Drupal version 6,

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Oracle support and O.R.M.

Hi all,
i'am one of the guys who is triyng to build an oracle driver for drupal.... (http://drupal.org/project/oracle)
I actually wrote 2 drivers: 1 for the 6.x and 1 for the 7.x. Both based on PDO_OCI, and both working pretty
well with the core, (i'am still working on the 7.x SimpleTest test cases but 90% is ok).

I started using the 6.x driver in production on February (when it was on sourceforge.net as drupaloracle).

A couple of days a go, one of my company web developers, told me:

"Hey.. we should use this X module.... It is cool!"

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GREAT NEWS from Facebook!




The Facebook Open Stream API

Today we are excited to announce an important step toward greater openness through Facebook Platform. For the first time, we're opening the core Facebook product experience -- the stream -- with the new Facebook Open Stream API.

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Integrate Drupal and Parature CRM

Hello everyone,

I've posted this in the main Support forum http://drupal.org/node/429874, but I believe it'll fare better here:

one of my customer is using Parature for their support needs and is developping a new web site and store for their products. There needs to be some integration between the two, like SSO (single sign-on) and profile field synchronisation.

Did somone here go trought this? Is this something that could be done easily with Drupal/Parature APIs? Should we better attack the data directly, e.g. using an exported feed or even directly trough SQL?

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Transformations idea frenzy!

Overview: Transformations is an API for creating and executing data transformation pipelines, enabling higher-level modules to build stuff like Yahoo! Pipes or targeted import/export interfaces on top of it. The purpose of this project is to improve and build upon Transformations so that it not only provides a base framework but also satisfies a larger number of end-user needs, for example an AJAXified user interface.


Transformations was born out of the desire for a solution that can map any kind of structured data to any kind of other data, such as importing CSV or more complex XML files into Drupal nodes (with field mappings, obviously), exporting the data to the same files, or, if you will, providing an online converter that converts any RSS feed into Atom for example.

When performing such a large-scale transformation, some elements of the source data will likely need to be transformed on a smaller-scale level, e.g. you might need to convert a Unix timestamp into ISO date format at some point, or remove commas from a number string ("1,099.90") to conform to the target format, or perform string replacements on a given string field. At times, you might even need a combination of those transformations, or reference some other entity to construct the desired output data.

In order to do that kind of stuff, a simple mapping screen is not flexible enough, or would require lots of custom code to handle the more specific tasks. Transformations tries to solve that problem by splitting individual data transformation tasks into individual "operations" that can be chained into a larger transformation pipeline.

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