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Proposal to remove file signing from the configuration system

I recently posted the following issue to remove file signing from the Drupal 8 configuration system


I would love for some feedback from the security-savvy members of this group as to whether this is a viable option.


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Dries Fireside Chat on Drupal 8 Development

Hey Guys,

I talked about this at the meetup last night - Dries is going to be giving a webinar this week presented as a "fireside chat" (I expect there to be some classical music, egg nog, a pipe, and at least one person dressed like Sherlock Holmes). The talk is this Friday. He has posted it on his blog:


Sign up and attend!

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BADCamp code sprint summary

I had several conversations around CMI at BADCamp a few weeks ago, which I have attmpted to summarize here.

First off I had a long conversation with yched about how to implement fields in the config api. There are several aspects to this that are tricky.

Field API : Config files layout

We are talking about a file layout like this:

field.<field_name>.xml (field definition)
<entity_type>.bundle.<bundle_name>.xml (bundle definition)
<entity_type>.bundle.<bundle_name>.instance.<field_name>.xml (instance of a field on a specific bundle)
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Internationalization of Drupal 8 configuration

Last Wednesday I had a Skype conversation with Angie Byron (webchick), Francesco Placella (plach), Gábor Hojtsy and Jose Reyero to discuss how we are going to implement multilingual functionality in the Drupal 8 configuration system. For a little background, the configuration management system will be using XML files to store configuration. These files will be loaded into an 'active store' (the database by default, but pluggable) which will act as the source for configuration at all times.

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IRC meeting notes - October 4, 2011

We had a really productive IRC meeting last night, the log has been attached to this post. Highlights:

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Configuration Management Initiative code sprints in September and October

I will be attending spending a lot of time traveling to Drupal events in September and October, and I am hoping to run CMI initiative code sprints at all of them! There will be other initiative owners at the US events as well, so I would not be surprised to see coding going on around those topics as well. Our main focus here will be around the file-based config system and enhancements to the entity system. For those who are not local to these events, you can join #drupal-cmi on IRC to participate virtually.

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Configuration Management Initiative - Bi-weekly IRC meetings

I am going to start holding IRC meetings every other week to discuss and plan issues around the configuration management initiative. These meetings will be held every other Tuesday at 19:00 UTC. In real world terms this currently translates to

11:00 - US West coast (PST)
13:00 - US Midwest (CST)
14:00 - US East coast (EST)
20:00 - UK (BST)
21:00 - Most of Europe (CEST)

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Taking a more focused approach to Drupal 8 development

Last night, as I read through the conversation that is happening on the "Make core maintainable" issue (http://drupal.org/node/1255674), I couldn't help but feel that while this conversation is important, it may be the wrong conversation to be having at this time. I am glad this conversation has continued coming out of DrupalCon London, but I feel like we haven't answered the fundamental question of "what is Drupal?", which may help steer the conversation in a direction that will help us select the features that really need to be in core.

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Status update

This week at DrupalCon London, all the initiative owners gave status updates on the progress they are making and where they currently stand. Unfortunately not all of them were recorded properly, but mine was so anyone who is interested can watch the video here


The slides are also available here


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Configuration management sprint - file formats

Welcome to another discussion from the configuration management initiative! So I believe that in the last thread we pretty much got everybody on board with the idea of 'We can use pure JSON as our file format if we use a hashed directory name and don't write the files by default.' This is great, however it then led to more discussion of 'Why are we using JSON anyways? Why aren't we using PHP/YAML/INI/LOLCODE etc.' Some good points were brought up in this discussion and I think it is worth hashing this out now.

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