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Configuration management sprint followup discussion

First I want to thank everyone for their feedback in the last thread about the configuration management system. While it was long and hard, a lot of really good ideas came out of it. What I'd like to do here is summarize some of the points of contention and propose alternatives for further discussion. It seems there is a lot of agreement around the basic ideas behind the proposal and if we can work out the controversial pieces, then we are in pretty good shape to move forward.

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Drupal 8 HTML5 Initiative Roadmap Posted

Hello All,

The HTML5 Initiative roadmap has been been posted. Please take a few minutes to review it and share your thoughts in the comments (on this page):


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Summary of Configuration Management sprint

Last week, before DrupalCamp Colorado, Greg "heyrocker" Dunlap, David Strauss, Larry "Crell" Garfield, and Karoly "chx" Negyesi met to hash out architectural details and whip up some prototype code for the Drupal 8 Configuration Management initiative.

What problems are we trying to solve?

  • Currently there is no good way to move Drupal configuration information between environments because this data is scattered throughout the database in a variety of formats, oftentimes intermingled with content.
  • This also makes it impossible to version control this information, to store history, and to be able to rollback changes.
  • Every module stores their configuration data in a different format, there is no standardization at all, even within core.
  • There is also no standard API for saving this information (aside from the simple case of the variables table) so developer often roll their own solutions.
  • The entire contents of the variables table is loaded on each page request, even for rarely-accessed data, leading to memory bloat.
  • It is cumbersome to manage information that is different between server environments for the same project (database information, api keys, etc.)

We specifically are NOT (yet) trying to solve the problem of contextual configuration; only the underlying API that handles getting/setting this configuration data and shuffling it around to different sites.

The code that was developed at the sprint as a prototype is available at http://drupal.org/sandbox/heyrocker/1145636 for your reviewing pleasure. The main things to look at are the includes/config.inc and modules/config/config.test files.

What follows is a summary of the results. Your feedback is welcomed!

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Putting it all together

This document is a proposal for a high-level gameplan for the configuration management initiative.

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A new system for managing configuration

This is a proposed game plan for managing configuration information in Drupal 8. This is focused on config data - the kind of thing that is currently being managed by the variables system as well as more complicated items like Blocks or Views.

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Low Hanging Fruit

Yesterday we had a scrum with all the initiative owners for D8, and we were discussing tools that could be used for the initiative owners to help communicate with contributors and organize information (one of our biggest pain points at the moment.) Obviously this group has been doing a lot of work around this. Therefore I ask (on our behalf) if there are items you have identified that are low hanging fruit we could grab and work on but would still provide high impact.

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Sprint based development for Drupal 8

Hi Drupalfolk -

I documented a bunch of the ideas/discussion points from Dries' D8 core convo on a blog post:


I am considering making a page/section in the Initiatives section on d.o but would really like a bit more input first - I got a lot of positive tweets and a couple more detailed comments, but I still am not sure exactly how much support there would be for this, nor how much more detail would need to be hashed out for it to become a method that people would be comfortable experimenting with.

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Drupal 8 Development Begins — 15 Bugs At a Time

darthcamaro writes
"It took nearly 3 years for the open source Drupal 7 content management system to hit general availability. The plan for pushing out Drupal 8 is to be faster. How are they going to do that? '"At no point in time will there be more than 15 critical bugs," Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal said. "I will not pull in a big change if we know there are known bugs. This gives us the ability to do timely releases because we know at most the release is only 15 critical bugs away from being ready."'"

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Drupal 8 planning?

This post may be premature because Drupal 7 stable has not been released, but is there a centralized place where discussions and plans for Drupal 8 are being discussed?

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Drupal Cache

I created a wiki for discussion about the future of Drupal Caching. Please read http://groups.drupal.org/node/75823 and let's discuss in here to figure out how to create a Cache API v2 that surpasses our current implementation.

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