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Google Summer of Code 2014 Project: Port DrupalLadder.org into D8

Over the past few months we organized an initiative with Google Code-In students to learn, edit, and create ladders. During this time I truly learned the value of the ladder program and how quickly it can help new users learn Drupal with proper documentation. In fact, we plan for GCI students to work on the DrupalLadder every year which will greatly help the project grow in terms of content. Code-In is for high school students taking on basic tasks.

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Migrating to Drupal 8

Just wanted to share my writeup about Drupal 8 migration: http://webikon.com/cases/migrating-to-drupal-8

Hope that helps :)

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Drupal 8

merhaba arkadaşlar. drupal 8 biliyorsunuz alfa sürümünde. ben daha önce pek çok modülün alfa ve beta sürümlerini kullandım, nerdeyse hiç sorun yaşamadım ama sistemi direkt drupal 8 alfa ile kurmakta tereddütlerim var.
simplytest.me'den denedim biraz, çok güzel özellikleri var, en başta dahili gelen metin editörü, image desteği çok güzel.

uzatmadan soracağım şu: sizce drupal 8 kullanılabilir mi? ek bir modül kullanmadan sadece sistemi kurup mevcut eklentileri kullanacağım.

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Test av Drupal 8


Jag försöker installera en utvecklingsversion av Drupal 8 då jag är nyfiken på nyheterna. Enligt filmer som jag hittat på Youtube ska man kunna använda Aquia Dev Desktop men jag får inte till det. Installationen klagar på att den inte kan kontakta databasservern eller att den inte skulle vara igång etc.

Nu använder jag samma miljö för att testa och lära mig Drupal 7 och där fungerar det utmärkt. Det innebär också att databasservern är igång, annars skulle det vara omöjligt?

Spelar inte heller någon roll om jag använder Windows eller Mac, det blir samma resultat.

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Mobile App Developer | ANUWerkz International

Employment type: 

Looking for both iOS/Android developer to create a magazine app that will work together with existing DB. Please send me a Private Message to discuss.

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Multilingual username. Profile fields translation.

I create and support a bilingual (English-Russian) site on Drupal 7.

At registration the part of users specifies username in Russian, for example - "Михаил Серегин".
Forums are switch on, i18n is installed.
Part of forums on English language only, other part forums - on Russian only.
How to make so that at English forums of the message of this user have been signed by the English version his username: "Mikhail Seregin".
Well and not only at forums, and for example under any his content in English.
Actually it is a question of translation of one of profile fields.

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Comment Translation

Do you know about this unsolved problem

Will this problem solved in Drupal 8?

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Drupal 8 Logos and Templates

Hi all,

There is a new page on Drupal.org with Drupal 8 marketing materials for anyone to download and use. The page has downloadable versions of the Drupal 8 logo (stacked, inline and isolated) in a wide variety of formats, and standard and widescreen presentation templates for Google presentations, Keynote and PowerPoint.

Feel free to use these and spread the word.

What else would be good to have on this page for people to grab and use?

Joe Saylor
Drupal Association

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Upcoming Toronto Drupal Events

We've got several events on the schedule, leading up to the end of the year. Check them out on Meetup.com: http://www.meetup.com/dug-to/

Toronto Tech Wrap-Up Party 2013 (Charity Event Supported by DUGTO)
December 3rd

December Meetup: Case Studies
December 16th

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Druapl 8 is coming soon!

Hi everyone, Drupal 8 is coming soon! Below link contains an overview of the features and capabilities of Drupal 8, guidance on where the release is in the development cycle, and information on how you can get involved. Enjoy!


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