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If you want to make charts automatically from a Table in a Drupal page...

IF YOU LIKE the following auto-charting program: Shown working on: and
the screen shoot of a similar auto-graphing page (this one with the Pie chart),

and if and make sense to you.


To make the program work on YOUR pages:
and unzip it. Upload the resulting visualize folder to your

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More accessible tables output by block-admin-display-form.tpl.php

Tables should have summaries and captions and table headers and table cells should be marked (as you teach me) with correspondent "headers" and "id" values.

I added some simple Php functions to block-admin-display-form.tpl.php and the output seems to be complete.

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Users, Permissions Accross Subdomains


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Nice tables

I recently had to make a jquery table in relation to my job for a back office. I was dealing with tables because of custom contents use (excluding ckk and nodes), therefore I couldn't use views; this is why I created a very tiny module to make Nice tables for Drupal. The idea is to override the theme_table function, and add an 'options' parameter. With this option you are able to deal with jquery search forms and jquery paging function.
Nice table uses jquery_plugin module.

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MySQL DBA | Brill Street + Co. (on behalf of client)

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

5+ yrs exp MySQL DBA | Energy Industry | Elmhurst, IL (Chicago) | $ negotiable
submit resume to Kate Smith, Recruiter

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nodeaccess vs. node_access

What is the difference between the table nodeaccess and the table node_access? Do I need both of them?

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Multi-site, single codebase drupal 6 installation using prefixed tables to share common data.

Hi there,

I'm attempting my first multi-site, single codebase drupal 6 installation using prefixed tables to share common data.


Looking from the outside, I think the best way to explain my reasoning for this configuration is going to be module management, and to ease the development of the core facilities the site(s) will offer.

I'm attempting to split the rather large modules apart so I end up with subdomains offering the features the users require, here is the basic layout.



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For best performance: HTML Table or CSS?

I managed to get Drupal 6.9 running on my site (hooray) and am now looking at constructing a theme.

The basic design spec for the theme calls for 21 cells of identical height and width, floating in three equally-spaced columns having a total width of 800 pixels.

Drupal gives me the choice of defining the basic layout with either a cascading style sheet (CSS) or an HTML table.

My big question relates to the performance of a template using an HTML Table vs. a CSS:

(1) Will Drupal serve a page faster with a layout having a CSS design, or with an HTML Table design?

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Looking for Room Starters on Friday Morning

We have two classrooms that need some setup on Friday morning. It won't take long, but I'm hoping to have two folks who can manage the North Classroom ( rm 105 also called Small) and the South Classroom (rm 111, Large). We need to setup some tables and chairs in both. In addition, the small classroom is the "break" room. Coffee, water, and snacks need to be setup ASAP i.e. before 9:30 when folks are expected to arrive. The small room also needs butcher paper applied to the windows so a projector can be worthwhile. I'm bringing the paper and tape.

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Need PHP help

I'm currently working on a site for a client. I do my work for him in trade for credit against what he sells so no money is exchanged.
I'm terrible with PHP (read, I know nothing about it). I could really use some help with a request he made of me and was hoping someone here might volunteer some time. I'd be glad to pass some credit along to you for your time if you like inverts of any sort.

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