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Retrieve a specific version (vid) of a node : D7

How do we retrieve a specific revision (vid) attributes of a node.

Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=34 [vid=34 is the latest version version id]

Doesn't Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=31 [vid=31 is the second version version id]

Please advise, how to construct the query to pull the a specific version ID related node attributes

Drupal Version : D7

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Performance Problems Using Services 7.x-3.2


i'v startet to create a connection via services3 REST-Server to/from my php-driven website (at this time both my-site and drupal are on same machine).

I noticed that if i use/connect via services3 node.login enormous CPU usage about 30%-70%, normaly on my machine is between 0-10% (MAX).

i made different test with Apache Jmeter:

login/logout via normal drupal site(drupal form-login) cpu usage low, as expected

when i use http://drupal-site.tld/services_api/user/login (logout) the CPU usage increases by 30%-70% and that is too much!

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Using date fields to ajax PUT call

i'm posting it here because i don't know if it is a bug or just me not doing something correct.
so please be gentle ill except any suggestion.

Created an end point for nodes for GET and update

With simple ajax call i am able to get node data according to its node id.
When i put my node back my CCK Date fields seems to be erased....
But i am able to change all other fields ( title, body, etc...)

how do you send your Date Field correct and way is it not in the same format that i get it from the endpoint ?

I'm using drupal 7 and services 3 using json

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Create node only via REST Services disabling creation via web


I'm developing an iPhone app to populate Drupal nodes using client side DIOS libraries.
The server side is a Drupal 6 with Services 3.1 and REST server 3.1 modules.
I'm able to create nodes via iPhone interface after authentication but I want to restrict node creation only via iPhone app, denying users to create nodes directly from /node/add page.

Is there any way to do that?


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Release Schedule

Is there any general roadmap or release schedule for Services 3? Specifically for Drupal 6, but also Drupal 7. Are we talking weeks, months, or a year before a production release?

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