Retrieve a specific version (vid) of a node : D7

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How do we retrieve a specific revision (vid) attributes of a node.

Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=34 [vid=34 is the latest version version id]

Doesn't Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=31 [vid=31 is the second version version id]

Please advise, how to construct the query to pull the a specific version ID related node attributes

Drupal Version : D7



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Looks correct, maybe that's a Feature Request for Services.

Thanks for your prompt

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Thanks for your prompt response. I'm using this along with Workbench module, which creates REVISIONS based on the author new drafts. With parameters[vid]=31 it gives in an empty JSON array or an empty XML.

Wondering if there is any alternate solution

Services Views

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Hi vkakani. I know it's not exactly what you asked for, but maybe Services Views is worth a look:

Creating a view that shows revisions can be a little challenging, you can find some guidelines in this comment:

If you configure two contextual filters for "nid" and "vid" you should be able to invoke your view like this:<view name>?args[0]=<nid>&args[1]=<vid>

Thanks much tito.brasolin.

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Thanks much tito.brasolin. Let me try it out and see if this works.

Thanks a bunch again!