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Drupal 7 SEO Checklist

I would love to put together a Drupal 7.0 SEO checklist. Please feel free to add/edit.

All comments should be related to SEO in Drupal 7.0 and unless directly relevant should not contain Drupal 6.0 advice (although links to D6 are welcome).



  • The SEO Checklist module (available for both 6 and 7) has most of these included it in with automatic checks, datestamps, links to the download pages, and links to the config pages. Very, very helpful module.
  • Alt Text for Images
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    Growing Drupal: A Drupal Learning Track

    [This is a wiki - please don't hesitate to update, revise, and contribute your ideas!]


    • Showcases, case studies, industry discussions, discussions about the business of consulting, and the business of open source.
    • Local community building and enabling.

    Goals and Objectives

    • Promote a sustainable business ecosystem in the Drupal community
    • Educate businesses about the benefits and costs of using Drupal as a platform for their business
    • Market successful use of Drupal through case studies and showcases

    Lesson and session ideas

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    Slogan Proposal Wiki!

    If you submit a slogan on this page, put any motivation or link to explain it in the "Log message:" field and not in the body.
    If you have to explain a slogan by linking to some other site it's probably bad, but linking to other sites adds extra information so it can be a good idea. If we want to reach consensus it's important to add references.

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