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DrupalCampChina 2013 Keynote: Drupal, Hypermedia and the Future of the Web

Drupal, Hypermedia and the Future of the Web

Drupal is used to build some of the biggest and best known sites on the web and thousands of developers are utilizing it to build nearly 10% of every site on the web. The latest version, Drupal 8, expected to be released before the end of the year, substantially rewrites entire sections, incorporating the Symfony2 framework to completely change how its used to build websites and web applications.

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DrupalCon CxO: Registration now open!

HI Everyone,

I hope you can attend the DrupalCon Portland CxO event on May 20th. It's a time for Drupal business owners to network and solve common business challenges at the Open Forum that will be moderated by Jeff Walpole of Phase2 Technology.

I'm sure Drupal marketing will remain a hot topic at this event.

Be sure to sign up sooner than later because seating is limited.

You can find details and registration here:

Thanks for considering!


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Why People Prefer Drupal as a Better CMS?

Why People Prefer Drupal as a Better CMS?
Different people have different reasons.
IT managers, project managers, marketers, etc...
all have their own reasons. What reasons are yours?

Here is my full list of reasons:

Amnon Levav
Drupal Consultant

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Open Invitation for a Keynote Speaker at DrupalCampChina 2013 / 征集2013年Drupal中国营主题演讲嘉宾

We have announced that DrupalCampChina will be held on March 23rd, 2013 in Shanghai! Now, as the Drupal community in China, we are writing openly to invite an experienced Drupal speaker to come to our camp, and give us a keynote speech! (and of course, your travel expense will be reimbursed; thanks to Drupal Association)

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Live Webinar: Taking Drupal Cross-platform

Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

10 things you need to know to optimize a Drupal website for any device or platform.

January 10th
North America – 2PM EST. Register Here
EMEA – 3PM GMT. Register Here

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When should we re-launch on D7?

Launch it as soon as it's ready (any day in Nov, 2012)
50% (97 votes)
Launch it the day of the D8 feature freeze (on Dec 1st, 2012)
12% (24 votes)
Wait until after the D8 feature freeze settles down (sometime after Dec 1, 2012)
19% (37 votes)
January's good. New year, new site.
19% (37 votes)
Total votes: 195
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Review of Drupal Camp Seoul 2012(Oct 6th) & participation on DevOn conference

Drupal Camp Seoul 2012 was held on October 6th Saturday 2PM for the first time in Korea.

Only local images are allowed.
Only local images are allowed.

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Marketing Fundraising Brainstorm

The Drupal Branding And Marketing Committee {BAM} needs your help!
We are trying to come up with Fundraising Ideas and we would like to hear ideas from you. These ideas must be NEW and not pull funds away from existing sources that already support the Drupal Association.

Where Does The Money Go?
BAM is working on some BIG goals. You can participate in the conversation here on GDO. Right now, we are working on several initiatives that each would require a financial outlay. Plus, we are planning for a significant investment throughout 2013 for the launch of Drupal 8. Our ideas include the purchase of print ads, video production, swag, exhibit booth materials, printed material, professional analysis services, and much more.

Who Is / What Is BAM?
BAM is a grassroots committee, led by Ben Finklea, that exists under the DA and consists of at least one board member and an international cast of independent Drupalers, shop owners, marketers, designers, themers, and coders, who volunteer their time, talents, and resources to place Drupal in the best position possible for future growth via Branding and Marketing. Read more about the creation of BAM in the official announcement by the DA.

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1st International Drupal Art Exhibition

It's a great honor to announce the 1st International Drupal Art Exhibition, to be held at DrupalPicchu 2014, with the following slogan: Give Color to the Community!

With the goal of promoting the participation of the Drupal Community in the organization of DrupalPicchu, we are running a series of contests, with prizes ranging from free entrance tickets to an exclusive 'Art Exhibition Sponsor' plan and a free trip to DrupalPicchu.

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