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Some thoughts on the process

I have been tracking the conversations in here. It's good to see things are moving on this front. From reading the discussions so far, these are my thoughts on the process I see:

Time-boxing is good, closing comments is not.

Especially after only an handful of comments and only a couple of days. There's Drupal people in all of the timezones all over the world. Give things a bit more time. Why close comments at all, why not be clear on where you are in the process without shutting down avenues for further discussion?

Leave room for the discussion to evolve

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Support travellers?

To remove any doubt: I mean "Support" as in "provide the facilities to connect" - not as in "give money".

Let's explore the thought.. It's great that we have facilities in place to discuss ideas through forums, though we miss out on the personal connection that are also possible and necessary. And as it was mentioned in another thread, international DrupalCon's can only happen a certain places at certain times... What happens between the con's?

Many Drupalists travel extensively,
some travel because of their work,
some travel as a lifestyle.

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Make Drupal easy

Capturing the idea from this comment:

What are the best practices for delivering a website in Drupal that is easy and elegant for content creators? How would we give users a happy WordPress editor feeling? What is the best method for showing only the things they need on the admin screens? On the node edit form?

Please post your suggestions in the comments and we'll work on a proposal.

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Drupal evangelism outreach to increase motivation

I've just caught up on the closed thread, and svenryan's call for more fun learning materials. I answered his post, but one thing keeps bugging me.

Developers need to be motivated to learn Drupal. With motivation, they seem able to learn anything.

Training is not the way to grow the talent pool. Training is a way to improve the skills of individuals who have chosen Drupal, or help entire teams convert to Drupal after management has made the choice to move to Drupal.

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International / DA / Clarification - a reply to Media Current in the PURPOSE thread

This is a reply to this comment.
Comments were closed on the thread, but I want to respond to defend what I wrote.

MediaCurrent wrote:


blockquote>"The Branding and Marketing Committee exists to foster growth, promote, increase awareness, and advance the open-source software principles of the international Drupal community."

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Make Drupal introductory/training material more fun and engaging

This is an idea and reflection after trying out the Hello Drupal material from Acquia for a group of students.

While I think Hello Drupal is a marvelous and professional piece of work, nicely laid out, with a great compendium that covers the drupal basics in an excellent way, I found it very technical and less engaging.

Material that teaches an entirely new concept needs more of a "fun" factor. This might go hand in had with the typical notion that it's sometimes really hard to do something quite simple with drupal (which i think was pointed out in the closed thread).

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Supporting DrupalCamps

Links to current efforts:

There's plenty I haven't listed, feel free to add any you know of

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We need some great marketing ideas! Please post them here or start a separate thread to discuss.

Got a great marketing idea? Share it here! Or, start a new discussion and add it to the BAM Marketing Ideas Section.

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Sponsor the LA Drupal Association

In 2010, local Los Angeles-area organizers formed an unincorporated association named "LA Drupal Association" that is officially recognized as a legal entity by the State of California. This means that Los Angeles-area Drupal user groups now have the ability to receive donations and sponsorships large and small to help members produce the events, trainings and conferences that local Drupal user groups in Los Angeles are known for, as well as cover ongoing infrastructure and promotion costs.

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DrupalCamp Foz 2011: Spreading Drupal in Latin America and Beyond!

English / Castellano

DrupalCamp Foz 2011
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
October 19-21, 2011
Written by Nick Vidal

Photo Credits: Saulo Amui.

I bet Dries never saw so many water drops in his life!


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