Titanium API

The aim of this group is to centralize the various resources and discussion on using Drupal as a base for iPhone/android apps through use of the services module and the Titanium API.

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Skilled Backend Developer for Drupal 7 | Omadi, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Omadi is a Utah-based company looking for a skilled backend Drupal developer to create a variety of custom modules to integrate with several of our partners, sync with mobile apps, and to continue scaling out in a multi-site environment for thousands of customers.

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Examples of titanium connecting to drupal sevices

Hi, I've posted a couple of videos here & here that demonstrate a titanium application GET'ing data in the form of image fields and PUT'ing GPS data in the form of location coordinates to a geofield.
Note this is on titanium 3.0.2GA & services 3.

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Programmer phonegap drupal app for iphone/android | TLX

Employment type: 

We are looking to add a iphone and android apps to our services. Phonegap looks like a quick way to develop and deploy data from our drupal 6 based site.

Need the following in v1

Groups discussions
Photo/video upload
News, other

Please contact me if you have the skills to make this happen

Regards Allan

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Drupanium = Drupal, Services and Titanium Studio documented

Just to let everyone know about a project I started a while ago. Drupanium is a distribution and an app with code and documented examples on how to integrate Drupal, Services and Titanium Studio.

There's also some documentation about the Services REST API.


I hope you like it.

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Is there a step by step for using Services with a Ti app?

I have seen two presentations on Titanium now at 2 different camps. Only one of which was successfully using services with their native app (@BADcamp 2011)

Is there any step by step on getting this going?

if not.. can we start a documentation Wiki?

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How To Post Images From Android Device To Drupal by Titanium?

Is there any -step by step- documentation for this issue?

We tried a lot and still haven't succeeded. Any help would be great:)

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Kitchen Sink for Drupal / Titanium

I've been messing around with Drupal and Titanium for a while. I started out with sumitk's examples and then when the Palentir code became available, I experimented a bit with that. I have not however been able to cobble together a working application with the functionality I desire.

The code that Palentir provided is very powerful, in that it keeps a persistent store of the drupal objects, in the phone. It is rather complex, however and difficult to follow (at least for me). It also uses views_datasource rather then services, which for some applications is not secure.

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JSON_RPC Service: node creation and file attachment

I am trying to upload a file as cck attachment to a new node using JSON_RPC service. The file gets uploaded to the Drupal file system but it's blank, 0 byte file. I think problem lies somewhere in encoding and may be it's a TI api issue. I submitted a question"How to convert a Titanium Blob to string?" on their forum but also want to check with the Drupal community and see if anybody else faced the same issue. Here is the code

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DrupalCon Mobile app

It looks like Palantir has made the source for the DrupalCon mobile app available on github: https://github.com/palantirnet/drupalcon_mobile

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My 1st Mobile app using Drupal 7 as a backend

Good Day,

Noob question here. I am interested in developing a simple mobile app for the iPhone and Android(clients) using Drupal 7 as a backend. I plan to use Titanium.

Mobile App Functionality:

  1. Register/Login Users
  2. Post Content (Title, Message, Geolocation, Images and Video upload)
  3. Show other user submitted content
  4. Update/Delete user submitted content
  5. Message Inbox (maybe)
  6. Simple User profile (maybe)
  7. Push Notifications

Drupal End

  1. To show content (Title, Message, Geolocation, Images and Video) posted from mobile app.
  2. No user registration
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Fringefest.ca - iphone, web app & open data case study

I recently posted a case study on our competition entry FringeFest.ca, for the Apps4Edmonton competition that made use of Drupal, Appcelerator Titanium and Mobile Webkit to create a web app, iphone app and smartphone friendly version of the web app using Open Data made available by the City of Edmonton.

Key modules include: Services, Feeds, JSON Server, Views, Location and more detailed in the case study

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Example android application

Next to my previous post, I've also created a small application for the Android platform.

It is called Drupal Power and with this app. users are able to post blog posts to their drupal site.


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Some examples Drupal + Titanium

Hi all,

I've just joined this group. At the moment I'm developing mobile inspection tools with which an audit/technical inspection company can do all their on-site inspections. I've created two demo videos for this purpose and they can be found on youtube:

Mobile inspection app. on android with drupal as back-office system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEUvVbdBQT0

And another demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODtPZSKrp7k

At the moment I'm not using the json server, but just the "standard" xml-rpc module which works perfectly for me.

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Passing data to a new page

I am pulling in data from a Drupal JSON service and displaying in a tableview. Working great. When you click a row, the full node is displayed in a webview. Works good but I'd like to display the node in the app instead of a webview. I tweaked things and now when you click a row, a new page loads which gets the node with node.get service.

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Drupal Developer | Halosys

Employment type: 
Not allowed

We are one of the leading Drupal firms located in San Francisco Bay Area and have several on-going projects.

If you are a Drupal expert (either theming or development) and are open to work on a project basis, please forward a copy of your resume, portfolio (if available) and requested pay rate for employment consideration.

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Drupal Developer | Halosys Technologies Inc

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Looking for Drupal developers (local individuals only, NOT a firm, no telecommuting) to help us on our various projects.
These positions might need on-site meeting with our clients located at San Fransisco and New York City. The contract duration is at least 6 months

If interested, please forward your resume to Simer Bedi at simer.bedi@halosys.com

Please note that these are immediate on-site job openings

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Just wondering if there is a point where html5 is enough and titanium is not needed?

I mean I guess titanium is great for a ton of reasons.
Code desktop apps that integrate with your toolbar, create mobile apps etc. But then there is HTML5 and css3. Right now on Android I can attach files to nodes etc due to HTML5 and the way Android deals with it. And HTML5 can store stuff in a local db for offline use (maybe though this is not good enough?)

So just wondering if others have any thoughts on when HTML5 alone is enough and where Titanium is key.

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Help with map displaying Drupal JSON service


I'm working on adding points to a map from a drupal json service. I have it pulling the data in but its only placing one location and not all of them. Each location should get placed but it isn't. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help? Below is the code.


var lat = '';
var lon = '';

var url = 'http://localhost:8888/testsite/services/json';

var data = [];

var view = new Object;
view.method = 'views.get';
//view.hash = hash;
//view.domain_name = domain;
//view.domain_time_stamp = timestamp;
//view.nonce = nonce;
view.view_name = 'yardsales';

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Using node.get

I'm using Sumitk's great example on using Titanium with Drupal JSON service. I can pull in view data and display it correctly and link to the node in a webview. I'd like to just get a node. I've modified the views.get example to get the node but it isn't displaying.

I have a tableview with links to different durpal content like a view of nodeA. One title I want to link to a node. I it linking to 'page.js' which has the below code.

var url = 'http://localhost:8888/testsite/services/json';

var win = Titanium.UI.currentWindow;
win.backgroundColor = '#dce0e4';

var data = [];

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CCK Fields Data in Titanium javascript

This is from Gregg's email .... I am moving here so it could be helpful for everyone

When I want to post info from a CCK text field called "field_origin" the services output looks like this

[field_origin] => Array
                     [0] => Array
                             [value] => Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


And when I use this Titanium code I get the full output of the array including brackets and the [value] text

var label2 = Ti.UI.createLabel({

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