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This group exists as a place for people interested in the group to talk about Views development; all development talk is encouraged here, from people who want to work on Views core to people who are interested in Views' API for their own modules. This is a good place to:

1) ask questions
2) talk about problems
3) propose ideas.
4) talk about views related projects.

This group is now unmoderated, and anyone can join at any time. Public posting of ideas is encouraged.

What I want most out of this is to keep track of what views related projects are going on and their status, and proposals for what people would like to see as Views moves forward.

Note: This is a working group. Do not post jobs here, you will lose your posting privileges entirely. Do not post support requests here; they will be deleted.

tejaspmehta's picture

How to make Alphabetical listing ?

Hello Everyone,

I have created one view based on some filters, now its working fine.

As per requirement, i want to create like following

A | B | C | D | ............. | Y | Z

[view data here]

What i want to do is...
-> i have to create one line which contains alphabets.
-> If i click on "B" then all data started with 'B' will be displayed with or without pagination.

Can anyone provide idea that how to make this working ?

Thank you
Tejas Mehta

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view is possible to use inner a node ?

generally with a view we list the nodes;
is possible to apply a view at the node's images, downloaded with imagefiled?

to apply a view when open (click) a node,
at all images download inner the node (the content of the field )

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Question about views_get_view() and set_display()

I'm hoping the Views experts out there can shed some light on the effect I'm noticing. I'll try to summarize as clearly and briefly as I can. Here goes:

THE PROBLEM: Needing to search the entire result set of a view that is paginated to determine if certain nodes were returned, then displaying information from those nodes on page 1 only, without affecting the remaining search results. The view has exposed filters for searching.

THE SOLUTION: Within my views "display" template file (views-view--search.tpl.php), I used the following code to obtain all results:

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How to seprate data generated by view output and display in specific format ?


I am not totally newbie but beginner to views. Now i have one content type say contact details. It has First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, Mobile field generated with CCK.

I started to build view and after some Relation and Arguments i have created view successfully in table format (Style of display).

It gives me output like following

First Name | Last Name | Address | Phone | Mobile
fdata1 | Ldata1 | Add1 | Ph1 | Mob1
fdata2 | Ldata2 | Add2 | Ph2 | Mob2
fdata3 | Ldata3 | Add3 | Ph3 | Mob3

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How to develop a new relation?

Hello all, my first post in this group.

I'm sorry to ask such a noob question but is there any doc or resource that could explain me how to develop a view relation in my module?
I googled a lot but it seems to me that digging the views code is the only option to understand how to do this.

My need is to implement a node-to-node relation based on author ID. Here is the inspirational topic:
I developed some tiny custom Drupal module before but never one for Views.

Many thanks to all.

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Grouping View with links

I have an archive of events which I have to display in an academic year style way. ie events in 2008-2009, 2009-2010. I have a view which I have programmatically modified to display the event details in this way by passing parameters via the url ie /meetings/2008/2009 and this works well. What I want to do now is have another view which will generate a list of the links to the 'years' views ie

2008 - 2009 meetings => /meetings/2008/2009
2009 - 2010 meetings => /meetings/2009/2010

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Filter content by fields comparison

Hi everyone, noob here.

The problem is, I need to filter content by comparing two fields. There are two custom fields: 'Content: Unit' (specified when content page is created) and 'Profile: Unit: Unit No.' (specified by user in his profile). So I want to show users content that is only relevant to their 'unit'.

As far as I have learnt, it's impossible to implement this in Views UI, and I've already played with Arguments settings which gave me no result.

Any suggestions on how to do that?

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Views Slideshow with Rotator on Main Content

First question, aside from this page, where is a good place to go to ask questions about views slideshow usage? My second question is probably better posted somewhere else, but I don't know where to start as I'm new to the Drupal Views online community.

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to show taxonomy of several levels with views

Hello, I am new with views, I have read on realtionships, arguments, to be able to solve my problem, but already not the way that I must take, I hope that they could guide me, I have a taxonomy at 3 levels A, B, C at sublevels To-> A1, A2, A3 and inside these levels I have nodes, but B can have nodes directly, now well I created a sight that receives an argument that is the id of the term, but not as solving the problem of which if the term has subterms it shows me the subterms, but if the term has nodes, it shows me the nodes, I hope that they could give me some light in the way thank you, I'

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Create a view to display content of a taxonomy term, which also displays the taxonomy term as the page title in the correct language

By default, taxonomy pages display content in chronological order, and this is not customizable unless you update the core module.

To get around this, create a view with taxonomy term as the argument, simple (if you're new to views and arguments, check-out this tutorial video:

In the argument settings, if you enter %1 as the title override, the page title will become the Taxonomy term of the taxonomy id argument, BUT this method fails to show the translated string if you're not viewing the page in the default language.

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displaying multiple Views within Views with argument

Goal: to display multiple views within a view such that each row of the primary view passes a variable to the embedded views so that all of the content for 2 different content types can be displayed based on their relationship with the contents of the primary view.

Table display of the primary view would look something like:

[view1: row1 content [view2: content related to row1] [view3: content related to row1] ]
[view1: row2 content [view2: content related to row2] [view3: content related to row2] ]

Module used:
Views Custom Field:

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Pass nodes in array on page into a views argument?

I have an array on my page that lists some node ID's. If I attach a view to this page, can I return those nodes in a view by using custom PHP code in an argument to ‘find’ this array?

I dont know a huge amount of PHP but using contemplate ive found the code that in a template file prints the node IDs.

foreach ($node->products as $myp_roducts) {

Im trying to show other fields for these nodes. Some fields are in the array so i can print them with theming, but some fields that I need are not.

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help with views 2 working pro-grammatically sorting & filters not working as expected


Im using custom module to handle this view.I did many try(find inside the code) but nothing works and also sorting too. Only arguments code works charm. Guide me to right way / help me with solutions.

and here is the exported view link

    function custom_module(){
        $view = new view();
        $display = 'default';
        $display_id = 'page_1';
        $view = views_get_view('master');

        // ensure view exists
        if (!$view)
        print("Not real");
        // set display_id
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how to pass argument to exported views code?

Hey people,

I'm working with drupal views and im new to drupal. I did exported the views and creating a widget with that exported views. I have no idea how to pass argument to that exported views.

i just want to pass url args and filter the views result accordingly and also pagination too.

if i pass ?page=0,1 in url it wont reflect any change.please help me with this.

if you like to contact mgobi.php AT


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Views 3 UI, Review of Concepts

I spent some time reviewing UI design work on Views 3 (And Acquia Gardens "Data pages") UI concepts:

NOTE: I have not read all of (or even very much of) the related discussion, so am likely missing important developments.

There are some great "sky-high" ideas in most of these. However I think it's likely that all of them will run into issues as or more significant than the current UI, in that either;

  • They will be be too restrictive upon advanced functionality and features and make them difficult or hacky to include in the (in the case of Gardens, that is likely intentional, as advanced features are probably not supported);
  • They will have similar types of unforeseen issues to the current UI. Subtle and seemingly minor nuances or even features that actually make a big impact on the UX.
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Pol's picture

Adding extra operators in arguments

Hello all,

I am currently building a new module that will change the type of operator used in Views queries.

For example, if I add an argument of type: Node:Title, when I add something in the url after the view name, Views will try to find a node which the corresponding Node:Title.
It's doing a equal operator.

My module will help change this behavior and add some other operators like:



  • Is equal to
  • Is not equal to
  • Start with
  • Does not start with
  • Ends with
  • Does not end with
  • Contains
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    Trying to get blog archive block showing on blog archive pages

    Im using the archive block that comes with views as a blog archive for my users by setting it to only show blog nodes and to take an extra argument of uid. So that that each user will have their own blog archive block

    I've given the page display for the view this path: blog_archive. I want to show blog archive block on all users blog pages - blog/* and on the blog_archive pages - blog_archive/*

    However the block only shows on the blog/* pages. It fails on the blog_archive/* pages due to arguments.

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    hessam61's picture

    Matching taxanomy terms using Arguments in Views


    I'm making a slideshows that appear on specific pages for a website, and I want the client to be able to upload images for different slideshows on this website. I have created a content type to upload photos, and add taxonomy terms to assign pictures to a specific program (taxonomy term), and a CCK file field to upload the images. Also, for each page I added the same taxonomy terms so they can assign a specific program(taxonomy terms) to that page.

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    skitten's picture

    Efficient dumping of a view

    I've been struggling with this for a while so I thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone had any suggestions—I'm not too experienced with the guts of views.

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    PHP / Drupal Developer - Orlando, FL | Hudson

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Employment type: 
    Not allowed

    PHP / Drupal Developer

    • 4+ years experience with web application development in a LAMP environment (Linux/Unix, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with PHP being the most recent language used.

    • Experience developing websites in Drupal 5 or 6

    • Experience working with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, and DHTML using JQuery

    • Solid understanding of LAMP stack architecture

    • Understanding of object oriented concepts, design patterns, and various open-source toolkits and frameworks would make you a strong candidate

    • Able to perform in a fast-paced agile environment

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