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This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group exists as a place for people interested in the group to talk about Views development; all development talk is encouraged here, from people who want to work on Views core to people who are interested in Views' API for their own modules. This is a good place to:

1) ask questions
2) talk about problems
3) propose ideas.
4) talk about views related projects.

This group is now unmoderated, and anyone can join at any time. Public posting of ideas is encouraged.

What I want most out of this is to keep track of what views related projects are going on and their status, and proposals for what people would like to see as Views moves forward.

Note: This is a working group. Do not post jobs here, you will lose your posting privileges entirely. Do not post support requests here; they will be deleted.

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Views 3 pluggable backends : is this what i need ?

I am working on a project which involves querying a web service. A hotel search service.
So instead of going with custom standalone code, i'd like to see if i can implement this while building up on views.
Now that Views 3 has pluggable backends, may be it is possible for me to use it, but i need some clarification :



  • The web service i'll call is asynchronous : query it and give it a callback url so that it can reply later with the results.
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    Create views fields from taxonomies for my module

    Hello to all.

    I would like to ask you a solution, and of course your help, for a problem that I have.

    • I created one module where I create some forms for the users to complete. There are also fields with terms from taxonomies.
    • I created a tables in the database called "cvprofile" which among others has the following fields "cvid, uid, ..."
    • I created a second table which has the relationship between "cvprofile" and "term_data". There are three fields, "cvid, tid, vid". Here I store the terms the user selects in the forms.
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    external module question..

    Hey guys

    I've built an external (mini-)module with the help of this page:

    using the views_api(),
    with this module I only wanted to introduce new tables and fields to the views module, view type "Node".

    Right now it looks good to me, but I still have this gut feeling telling me that I should ask you guys the following question...
    – how do I ensure that this module is 'safe' ?
    – so far I've included the views_api(), views_handlers() and views_data()? is there another method I need to include?

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    Views Theming

    How do I theme a particular view. I want to remove the submitted by on a particular view, but still keep submitted by on the conetnt type.

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    Exposed filters view by date

    I am designing a webpage where I have created cck fields and one is by date. I have exposed the date field so people can search by date, but it seems not to be working. Why is that? What do I have to do to make it work?

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    Extend my own handler?

    Hello again,
    I'm wondering if there's any way to specify one custom field handler as the parent of another. In other words, I have a field handler in one module that extends views_handler_field_prerender_list. Now I'd like to implement a handler in another module that does much of the same processing with a small differrence - so i'd like it to extend my original handler. I'm not clear enough on the way Views handles code loading to know the best way to do this. Can I simply do

    module_B_views_handlers() {
    return array(
    'info' => array(

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    Difference between creating a relationship and adding a join

    Hello All,

    Just getting started with the views API and trying to find my way. Here's my scenario.

    I am developing a module which will serve as a bridge between two other modules (let's call them A and B). Neither module knows about the other, but both expose their tables to Views, and there is a field in A's table that relates to a field in B's table (unbeknownst to either).

    Basically, I want to make the fields from B available in views based on (or including) A. From what I can tell there are two ways to do this (assuming that table_a_field relates to table_b_field):

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    Customize the view title to use when an argument is present

    Question: How can I display the Node Nid as part of the view title when a Node: Nid argument is present?

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    views_plugin_style questions

    I'm building a views_plugin_style for the flot module (views 3/drupal 7, see [#961976] for more code)

    Part 1

    I need to execute an extra query while the query of the view is being executed (inside function query()),
    1/ so I first tried to clone the current query using $minmaxview = clone $this->view but all referenced properties aren't cloned,
    2/ so I tried $minmaxview = unserialize(serialize($this->view)) but that gives an error "PDOException: You cannot serialize or unserialize PDO instances"

    So my questions are:

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    Views Cookbook

    It took me quite a while this morning to figure out how to create a view that lists friends (user relationship module) comments and nodes. I thought maybe I would begin a views cookbook that would serve as a fast-track to creating slightly more complex views.

    1. Create a list of friends' comments for any specific user using the uid of the user as the argument.

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    Views- How to promote to front page

    Good afternoon,

    I have a question abot 'Views'. I understand the taxonomy, field, argument etc. functions in the Views module. But, how do I promote my views to different pages?

    Right now, I am using the 'fields' settings, for example, to pull data from the site. I want that information to appear on the front page of the website though. Instead of information appearing like I set it up with the Views module on the front page I am seeing the items that I 'promote to the front page' within the blocks module on the front page.

    I am at a critical point, I think.. Please help!

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    View fields & Views Custom Field & Author of node

    Hi All,

    This is a two part questions:

    1. The function im after & wheter its possible with views out of the box
    2. If not possible with views out of the box, I found a module that provides this function, but I need some help with php code.

    [Part 1]
    Wondered if anyone can tell me whether the following is possible within views.

    I have installed To do module - I then created my own view which lists all the tasks created in a particular Organic Group, which works lovely.

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    How to display only those nodes created by users in thier account ?

    Hello Everyone,

    This sounds too basic question but i did not get solution from sometime so i am asking this one.

    I need to create one view in which user can see only those nodes which are posted by himself. means there are 5 nodes in which 2 nodes created by user1 and 3 nodes created by user2 then when after login user1 check this view it will display those 2 nodes only which are posted by him only. And for user2 3 nodes will be displayed.

    I did try few filters but didn't get any idea and even argument and relationship also didn't helped.

    Thank you
    Tejas Mehta

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    Drupal 6, Views 2 and CCK: Fields CONTENT not displayed


    I've started using Views(6.x-2.11) with CCK(6.x-2.8) and recently I've add to the Page content type the text field Teaser (basically a small description).
    Next I've created a view where one of the fields is the Teaser. In the view I've Title, Body and Path that are core fields of Page and teaser that is an additional field added using CCK.
    When I do the preview of the view, the Teaser is displayed correctly. But when I go to the frontpage, the view displays all Node fields (Title, Body and Path) and the Content field (Teaser) is missing.

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    Is it possible to require an exposed filter be applied before the results of the view are displayed?

    I apologize if this is answered elsewhere; I simply haven't been able to find it.

    I have a view that will display ~5000 Nodes unless an exposed filter is applied, and this takes much longer to load than I would like. I would prefer it if a user sees zero Nodes listed until after a filter is selected. Is there a way to require a filter be applied in this case?

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    Stumped: Get data from other table in hook_views_data()

    I'm working on adding some functionality to a module I'd like to launch my company's site with, but it lacked views integration. I have almost all of the integration done, but I've hit a wall.

    How do you grab a field from another table in hook_views_data()?
    I've found documentation on how to create the relationship, but not how to alias the field or how to group the field as part of the current module.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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    displays all childs of a noderference parent parent child relation, is it possible with relationships ?

    Hi there,

    I have a set-up of a parent parent child relation where each item is a different content type: parent content type A, child content type B has a nodereference link to content type A, child content type C has a nodereference link to content type B.


    / \
    B B
    / \ \
    C C C

    Is it possible to display all content type C children of content type A using relationships ?

    I created a custom argument handler for now, but want to know if I can do this from the views UI.



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    Views - Content and Links to display on front page

    Good evening,

    I have been trying to figure out views every evening for a couple of weeks. My website is ''.. Please feel free to check out what I have done so far. So far with Drupal I know how to create a static website. I can also create content.

    Basically, guys, I want links with titles and content to appear down the page. Id like to have about 50 titles and 10 pieces of content per title. But first things first...

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    Is it possible to mix different view types and different display styles?

    Hi, im trying to create a page which displays items in creation date order, so newest nodes will be displayed first.

    I'm trying to list nodes using the node table and show several fields, but I would also like to list all comments in my view taken from the comment table and displayed as comments not fields.

    If it was 2 views, I would create a node view set style to fields and choose what fields I want. Then another view select comments and choose to display as comments. and that would be it, But I need to mix the items together, in one view.

    Is this possible at all?

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    How can I create a view that relates two node types with shared taxonomy terms, and then display relevant content to a particular user?

    I have two node types (node 1 and node 2) that share common taxonomy terms from the same vocabulary. These nodes also share one field in common. A set of users are related to node 2 content by node references.

    I want to have a logged in user see the node 1 content that is relevant to them, given their relationship with multiple node 2s and the relevant taxonomy terms shared between node 1 and node 2.

    taxonomy terms = region 1, region 2, region 3, etc.
    shared field with limited values = value 4, value 5, value 6

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