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This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group exists as a place for people interested in the group to talk about Views development; all development talk is encouraged here, from people who want to work on Views core to people who are interested in Views' API for their own modules. This is a good place to:

1) ask questions
2) talk about problems
3) propose ideas.
4) talk about views related projects.

This group is now unmoderated, and anyone can join at any time. Public posting of ideas is encouraged.

What I want most out of this is to keep track of what views related projects are going on and their status, and proposals for what people would like to see as Views moves forward.

Note: This is a working group. Do not post jobs here, you will lose your posting privileges entirely. Do not post support requests here; they will be deleted.

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Drupal Developer | BPI

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

Description of the Position
Our work combines Flash, video, content management, and occasionally giant chocolate machines. We’re looking for someone to join our team with a broad range of technical abilities – but focusing on systems for capturing and managing data. This is someone who is comfortable with Drupal, PHP and SQL programming, but can also get their hands dirty with the other stuff we’re doing.

About BPI

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Any module for taxonomy terms follow / unfollow options

Hey friends,

Is there any module or options to make site users to follow or unfollow the taxonomy terms and based on the following terms, I have to send notification if any new post posted on that particular terms. Im using drupal 6.20


Gobi :)

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ical export to outlook always empty!

Hi there,

Got my Views Calendar (latest release for D6) working nicely

However when I click the ical export I always get an empty result set:

X-WR-CALNAME: Calendar |
PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN

Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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CCK fields list in Views


I am working on a project wherein there will be TONS of cck fields. I am dreading scrolling through that massive list to build the many views needed. Is there some secret, backroom extension that can better manage that Content fields list in Views? Or suggestion about formatting the list -- perhaps to add more space inbetween items for easier reading?

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Panels with views, blocks vs panes

On a site with panels and views you have the option to create a display as a block or a pane.
What are the pros and cons? As far as I can see a block is more flexible than a pane and more universal, what was the reason for creating a pane display?

Kind Regards,

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template file output (unformatted row style) differs based on role

I have created a template file (views-view-unformatted--event-search--block-6.tpl.php) to control row output.
Row style is fields, style unformatted (see TPL name) and grouped by an ID field, which is shared by nodes in the view.

This is an events search where each node represents a single day occurrence for a given event, but event details are shared, hence the shared ID field.

My goal was to use the first and last day occurrence dates to build one output "row" that would contain both dates, and suppress any other results within that group.

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how to display Node Terms in block with tree structure in Drupal?

Hey guys,

I just enabled multiple terms for node creation and i just wanna display those mulitple terms as a tree sturctured in a block i tried with the following code

 if ( arg(0) == 'node' && is_numeric(arg(1)) ) {
 $node = node_load(arg(1));
 if (module_exists('taxonomy')) {
 $terms = taxonomy_link('taxonomy terms', $node);
 print theme('links', $terms, array('class' => 'node-terms'));
} else {
  print 'No associated categories.';

But no luck its just displaying all terms, But i have to display like below

 - parent term1 
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Help Please

I always have questions and need to participate on the groups.drupal. But while I am at work, the site always trigger spam filter. I tried posting from several terminals and still having the problem. It looks like the ip address has been spammed or something. Please refer me to the appropriate where I can get this resolved. I am posting this from home...

Sorry for posting here....

Thank You,

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How to get Date of file uploaded in view ?

Hello All,

I have used content_profile module and based on that i have created view which display username and related fields. Now in this there is one field of files. User can upload unlimited number of files. I wanted to know what settings i should do to get date of posted file. I tried -delta option but there is nothing possible it just duplicate records.

After that i found in database that there are few tables which may help.
1. content_field_profile_files
2. files

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Views 2, xampp, Win7 x64 error 101 when edit view from list

I moved site from online (production) to local, made with xampp 1.7.4.
Everything works fine, but I can't edit any view from views list:
i.e. admin/build/views/edit/myviewname

Strange thing is that all views export, clone, and views itself (in blocks, pages, etc.) works good.

Apache logs brings nothing.

I'm confused.

Only Chrome browser said something like: page temporary unavailable, 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET)

Does anyone meet this kind of problem?

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Group and fields from custom module does not appear in Views


I have been trying to implement a custom module that can use views to display data from a remote database. I have successfully created a module and enabled it, however I cannot access my data through views. This is using Drupal 6.2 and Views 2.12.

Here is what I have done:

I created a custom module called displayjobs and stored it in /sites/all/modules. This directory contains, displayjobs.module, and

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Drupal Developer/Partner | Myself

Employment type: 


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More Dynamic Views

I have been looking through views and all of the contributed modules I can find and there seems to be something missing. A way to ajax/js switch from reading the teaser to the body with in the view. This could be for an FAQ type implementation or others.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about such a thing? I have read that you can do somethink like this with Views Accordian where you re-write the output of a field to show several hidden fields in the accordian header but this seems a little cumbersome.

Does any one have a solution or some ideas about this?

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Importing and manipulating the (semantic) data in Drupal

Dear members of the Semantic Web & Views development,

I have been playing with the idea of using Drupal as rapid development environment for (semantic) web applications, rather than CMS. The idea is not as far-fetched as it may seem at first:

  1. CCK allows me to define a database model. Core functionality in D7.
  2. Feeds parser lets me to pre-fill the data in nodes defined in step 1 - including the possibility to fetch data at regular intervals, update nodes and drop old nodes.
  3. RDF-related functionality allows me to associate the data saved in pre-defined nodes with ontology terms.
  4. Views allow mixing of data from different node types
  5. It is also possible to programatically define data (e.g. automatically fill in a field) both in the node and in the View
  6. Finally, there are plenty of modules that let me do just about anything with the data once I have it in nodes & views. Some exampels include e.g. visualization on a map, and setting up a web server (SOAP, REST, ...) that exposes my data to the outside world.
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Refresh view after argument input with ajax

I have a tab menu of categories (taxonomy terms) and a view beneath it listing nodes. The tabs are arguments for the view.

What I would like to do is be able to click on one of the tabs and have the view refresh with the new result without having the page refresh also.

I've been looking into this for a few days with no luck. Tips, links and guidance would be most appreciated.


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Missing fields, specifically node path field, within views result object


I was wondering if anyone knew why there might be "missing" fields within the views result object. The specific field in question is the node "path" field. When previewing the view it of course is there. When I dump the results within my script it is not.

Here's some context:
I'm writing a custom script that will generate CSV data of blog nodes.

Within a PHP script, I have the following code:

$all_results_view = views_get_view("list_blog_entries");

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Multiple Views sharing single Exposed filter, possible?


I am trying to create a page that has multiple similiar views. I want to allow the user to be able to filter on different years using a drop down. All the views should change to reflect what the user selects. Is this possible?

I'm trying to use arguments passing with Panels but they seem to be URL based which isn't exactly what I want.

Anyone one else had to do this before?

Thank for your time.

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query results from query - possible in views?


How would I go about using views to build this query below? Is it even possible? Thank you for any help or advice.

SELECT node_revisions.vid AS node_revisions_vid,
node_revisions.nid AS nid,
node.type AS node_type,
node.status AS node_status,
node.created AS node_created,
node.changed AS node_changed,
node_revisions.title AS node_title,
node_revisions.timestamp AS node_revisions_timestamp,
content_field_deadline.field_deadline_value AS field_deadline_value, AS term_data_name,
term_data.description AS term_data_description,

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How to display 2nd view only if 1st view is null/empty.

Hello All,

I have 2 different views. Both views are related to blocks. In one view with help of argument i am displaying data. But if some how those data's are not available or empty then i have to display another view. Can anyone let me know how this can be possible ?

In short what i want to do is : Display 2nd view only if 1st view is null/empty.

Thank you
Tejas Mehta

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Views Slideshow of Youtube Videos Chrome Bug

Hi All,

If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. I have a views slideshow of about 8 youtube videos.

When you load the page in Chrome one video sticks to the top right corner of the page. If you slide through the videos is disappears, but it always shows up when the page loads.

Its a slideshow with a rightturn effect on hover. I switched it and tryed not on hover, different effects and still has that chrome bug.

I tested in FF IE and Safari and it works fine. Chrome is the only problem.

I attached a screen-shot of it so you can see.

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