This group is for everyone living in the Gainesville area who's interested in Drupal. You can post here about anything relating to Gainesville and Drupal, whether that's events, local job postings, or just a call out to talk shop over beers. To receive alerts about these events, join the group.

Meetups focus on connecting people. The target audience is Drupal developers, users, and people who want to learn more about Drupal. We start the meetups with a round of very focused lightening talks that discuss real world solutions to existing problems and Drupal news. These presentations don’t discuss code – anyone with a technical background can understand them.

Meeting Schedule
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We're open to ways to improve these events and this group, so speak up if you have ideas!

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Florida Drupalcamp 2018: February 16th, 17th, and 18th in beautiful Orlando, FL

Welcome to Florida, the Drupal state

Florida Drupalcamp 2018 is our 10th anniversary and we're going to make it extra special this year! We have three days (spread out over President's Day weekend):

Fri, Feburary 16th Full day of free trainings
Sat, February 17th Full day of sessions (including Lightning Talks!)
Sun, Feburary 18th Half day sessions / half day mentored code sprint

This year we have three amazing featured speakers lined up:


Angie Byron
Angie "Webchick" Byron is a Drupal core committer, co-author of the O'Reilly book Using Drupal, Drupal Association Board Member, Acquian, and general Drupal community cat herder.

Sally Young
Sally "Justafish" Young is a Senior Technical Architect at Lullabot, and a Drupal 8 JavaScript Core Maintainer.

Adam Bergstein
Adam "Nerdstein" Bergstein is the Associate Director of Engineering at Civic Actions. He has a masters in application security, and experience in higher education and consulting sectors.


Session submissions are still open!

We need more sessions! We have tons of rooms to fill! The deadline to submit sessions is January 22nd. We love session submissions on topics other than Drupal including

  • JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, et al)
  • Other CMS’s differences with Drupal (WP, Craft, etc)
  • Integrations with Drupal
  • Case studies on using Drupal
  • General Web topics and technologies (free software, CSS, etc)
  • Business related topics
  • SysAdmin / DevOps (Containers, etc)
  • Being Human (Imposter Syndrome, overcoming adversity, inclusion, etc)

Submit your session

If that doesn't convince you...

We also have beaches down here! And it's warm in February!

Florida Beaches

Register Today

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Florida Drupalcamp 2018

2018-02-16 (All day) - 2018-02-19 (All day) America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Florida Drupalcamp will be held Friday February 16th, Saturday February 17th, and Sunday February 18th!

This is Presidents' Day weekend, so hopefully you'll have an extra day to stay and explore beautiful Orlando.

The event will be held at our awesome previous location, Florida Technical College in East Orlando. Friday will be a training day, Saturday will be sessions, and Sunday will be a mix of sessions and a code sprint.

We're looking for volunteers to help out. If you're interested post below!

Click the links below to add to your calendar!

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Florida Drupal Meetups - financial support

Hey everybody,

Coming off yet another successful DrupalCamp Florida (thank you, volunteers!), a few of us were talking about how we can best reinvest some of the leftover funds we have from the camp back intp the community.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do is help grow and strengthen the Florida Drupal community.

With this in mind, we're happy to (re-)announce that if you are a Florida Drupal meetup organizer, you can request reimbursement for expenses to help grow and strengthen your local community.

We're willing to pay for things like:

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Florida Drupalcamp 2017 Schedule is Live!

Our schedule is live! Check it out at

Register Today at

We’re so fortunate to have all types of great speakers! Thank you to all who applied.

Speaking of Alligators…

We’re going to have live alligators! Yes, you read that correct. This is Florida. This is what we do. We also may have a puppy, but we promise we won’t let them play together.

We’re doing Lightning Talks!

The last “real” session on Saturday is lightning talks. This is where you (or anyone) comes up and presents what they want for 5 minutes. These will mostly be technical, but can really be anything PG rated.

Code Sprint on Sunday

It’s hard to explain just how fun code sprints are (because the name certainly doesn’t sound fun). But trust us, it’s a great way to meet new friends, learn Drupal, and contribute back.

Register! There’s only 9 days until the camp!

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Florida DrupalCamp: Now a 3-day, networking and learning open-source extravaganza!

We’re taking it up a couple notches this year down in Orlando for the 9th Florida DrupalCamp (! We're expanding in every dimension we can find - highlighted by an opening day (Friday) of full-day workshops followed by two days (Saturday and half-day Sunday) of sessions!

Amazing Trainings

In previous years, we’ve had concurrent trainings on Saturdays and some sprinting on Sunday. This year, we changed it up: Friday will be a full training day including workshops on:

  • Beginning React JS - taught by John Tucker
  • Docker for Development with Drupal - taught by Lisa Ridley  
  • Introduction to Drupal 8 - taught byMichael Anello  
  • Introduction to Drupal 8 Theming - taught by Suzanne Dergacheva
  • Introduction to DrupalVM - taught by Ben Hosmer

The best part is that trainings are included with the price of the ticket (now $35). You sign up for the training when registering. Space is limited, however, so register soon!

Three Phenomenal Featured Speakers

We have three amazing featured speakers this year!

Many More Extraordinary Sessions and Speakers

We have over 30 sessions already submitted with several weeks to go until the deadline. We still need more. Check them out and submit your session soon.

Kick-A** Weather

Orlando in February. Sunny and warm :)

The Absolute Best Sponsors Ever

It's true, we have the best group of sponsors money can't buy! We're crazy-happy about having Achieve Agency as our top-level Platinum sponsor. This newly formed South Florida shop is looking to make a big splash in the community, and we're happy that we can help introduce them to everyone. 

Combined with Johnson & Johnson, devPanel, and Digital Echidna as Gold-level sponsors as well as all of our other amazing supporters, we're excited to bring you the biggest and best Drupal event you've ever seen (not to mention a few fun surprises!)

Lots More Sensational Stuff!

From a new logo, great catering, t-shirt, giveaways, and even an integrated video game easter-egg on our website, there’s lots to be had. Don't miss it!  Register today or regret it for the rest of 2017!

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Florida Drupalcamp early-bird tickets end on Tuesday

Save $10, and get your ticket to Florida Drupalcamp now.

It's going to be the best FLDC ever, spanning 3 days with day 1 being training, day 2: sessions, and day 3: sessions and code sprint.


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Florida Drupalcamp: February 2017 - Tickets on Sale!

Hey Drupalers! Florida Drupalcamp tickets are on sale! Get them now at!

What’s Florida Drupalcamp?

Florida DrupalCamp is an 3 day, attendee-driven, volunteer-organized conference. Most of the content will Drupal-specific, but there will also be presentations related to more general web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP. We’re expecting between 250 and 300 people!

When and Where is Florida Drupalcamp?

FLDC will be Friday, February 17th through Sunday, February 19th in beautiful warm Orlando, Florida!

3 Days? What’s going on?

  • Friday, February 17th will be composed of trainings including Intro to Drupal, Front-end Development, and we’re working on more (including possibly React and Docker)!

  • Saturday, February 18th will be a day of sessions - most Drupal-specific, but many on web development in general.

  • Sunday, February 19th will be a combination day of session and code-sprints. Let’s make Drupal better!

Can I submit a session?

Yes! Please do! Session submissions are currently open at

How much does this cost?

You can get early-bird priced tickets RIGHT NOW for the low, low price of $25. If you register within the next 10 minutes, you get a free sticker :P

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Florida Drupalcamp 2017!!! February 18-19, 2017 in Orlando, FL

2017-02-17 (All day) - 2017-02-19 (All day) America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Save the Date! Florida Drupalcamp 2017 will be Feb 18-19th in Orlando, FL!

As stated in Ultimike's blog post, we're going to start planning way early - And with that in mind, we already have our date set. Florida Drupalcamp 2017 will be Feb 18-19th in Orlando, FL!

We're hoping to change things around a bit, this coming year. We're planning on having sessions both days (instead of just a code sprint on Sunday), and we'll also use this as an opportunity to move around the beginners session to make room for more popular general sessions. Yes, we'll still have the code sprint, but it will be happening while other sessions are going on!

We'll also be hosting some pre-Drupalcamp coworking. So, come on down Friday and stay until Monday. It'll be a blast!

PS. Looking to volunteer? Comment below and let us know! We need more!

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Florida DrupalCamp 2016 Wins and Losses

Hey everybody,

I just posted a blog post about FLDC2016 wins and losses.

I wanted to link to it from here to ensure everyone is aware of the challenges we faced in organizing the 2016 camp. While the camp was a huge success, there are definitely some things we can do better, but the only way that will happen is if more people step up to help out.

Here's a quick summary of where we'd love some additional help:

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Florida DrupalCamp (March 5) registration now open!

Hey everybody,

Just a reminder that registration for Florida DrupalCamp 2016 is now open! Early bird tickets are only $25, so please register today. The camp takes place on Saturday, March 5 at Florida Technical College in Orlando with three amazing well-known featured speakers from the Drupal community:

  • Jesus Manuel Olivas - Drupal 8 module development with Drupal console
  • Karen Stephenson - Drupal 8 site building
  • Morten DK - Drupal 8 theming
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FLDC2016 organizers wrap-up conference call

2016-03-11 13:00 - 13:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Hey everybody,

This is the final call for #fldc16 - our retrospective call. Please review and add to, and we'll discuss during the call.

Call-in info is as follows:

Conference Dial-in Number: 641-715-3273
Participant Access Code: 183551#


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Florida DrupalCamp 2016 t-shirt design?

Good morning,

Planning for Florida DrupalCamp 2016 is well underway, with the venue and dates locked in, the web site almost ready to launch, the catering set, and sponsors helping to make it all happen.

One thing we don't have yet is a t-shirt design.

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FLDC16 planning call

2015-12-11 15:00 - 16:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Call in info: (401) 229-2544, conference number 801465#


Let's get up the site ASAP. We'll try to keep this meeting short and avoid both bike-shedding and yak-shaving!

  • Let's set a deadline and go-live date.
  • Will we archive the current site?
    • Who will handle this?
  • Can we continue to use Alex's module to interface with Eventbrite?
    • Who will handle this?
  • What design changes? Any theming changes?
    • Who will handle this?
  • Anything else?
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Florida DrupalCamp 2016 - Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016-03-05 09:00 - 18:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Save the date! Florida DrupalCamp 2016 is happening on Saturday, March 5, 2016.

More details coming soon.

We'd love your help - start here!


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Florida Drupal 8 Release Party will be held at Fossetcon conference in Orlando FL

2015-11-19 20:00 - 23:55 America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupal 8 Release Party

Join Drupal Users from all across the Southeast to celebrate the launch of Drupal 8!

When: The party starts at 8pm on Thursday November 19th and ends at midnight.

Where: We'll be in Downtown Disney at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista! We'll be in Salon 6.

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista
Salon 6
1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard,
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

What: We'll have tshirts, giveaways, trivia, food to give away, and there will be plenty of beer to drink, too!

Details: We're collaborating with a local free open source conference, Fossetcon, to provide the venue. Fossetcon will be Nov 19th-21st at the same venue, and topics include Linux, Docker, Drupal, and other free software. Tickets to Fossetcon start at $10. More details on Fossetcon at You do not need a ticket to Fossetcon to attend the party.

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Florida DrupalCamp 2016 Venue and Date Discussion

Over the past month or so, a few of us have been discussing the possibility of having Florida DrupalCamp 2016 at the Stetson University campus in Celebration. There was a possibility that it would be open to us, but the situation has changed and they are no longer interested in hosting the event.

DrupalCamp Atlanta is coming up next month (October 16-17, 2015) and it would be great if we could announce our dates and venue at that time.

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48 Hours to Florida Drupalcamp in Orlando!

2 more days! Register today at

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Seek part time web developer for Drupal 7 website


I am looking for a web developer to assist with the development of a Drupal 7 based website. We need assistance with content, theming, CSS, styling, responsive design, views, taxonomy.

I expect this to take 5-10 hours per week (maybe more?) for roughly 2 - 3 months, a great way to earn some extra cash.

What I need done: I migrated our Drupal 6 site data to a fresh, "clean" Drupal 7 site. On the new Drupal 7 site I need to do styling, 2 level horizontal menu system, create numerous views. I want to build a site that I can be proud of.

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Last day to submit sessions for Florida Drupalcamp! 15 day left!

There's only 15 days left until Florida Drupalcamp! Register today at

Today is the last day to submit sesssions! Submit them now at

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Florida DrupalCamp 2015

2015-04-11 09:00 - 17:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Florida DrupalCamp 2015 is returning to Florida Technical College in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, April 11, 2015 (sessions) and Sunday, April 12, 2015 (sprints).

Want to help out? Leave a comment below and let us know in what area(s) you'd like to help. Options include:

  • Fundraising/budget
  • Sponsor handlers
  • Catering
  • Session selection
  • Marketing (we need lots of help here!)
  • Afterparty
  • Swag
  • Web site
  • Registration
  • Design
  • Lodging
  • Kids track (?!)
  • Fun
  • Other stuff we haven't thought of yet...
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