This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

At its core, image handling also deals with files, so the FileAPI SIG will have content of related interest.

A few of the image handling items to discuss include: file storage, derivatives (thumbnails, resizing), image manipulation (cropping, watermarking, etc.), galleries, CCK image node.

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Thumbnail, views problem in IE7

I am have a slight problem with using views to display thumbnails. I've set my views to display a thumbnail image on a block when I load up a story. However, if I choose not to use a thumbnail then a red x appears in the block only in IE7 when I publish the content. Please take a look here in IE7 Is there a work around that I can do to stop this from happening on IE7?

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An help from an expert - very simple image gallery


I need to create a very simple image gallery (see attachment).
I just want to show the thumbnails and the original image in the same page, so when the visitor click on the thumbnail the image is showed.
I have created a node with an image field with CCK, so the user can upload in the node as many images he wants.
Now I am struggling to get the layout I want.

Please could someone point me in the right direction.

Thank to everyone.

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Media Code Sprint (2009)

Media Code Sprint and Media Module Specifications

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Road map and Time Line
  3. Use Cases
  4. API Description
  5. $item structure
  6. Wireframes
  7. Deliverables
  8. Timeline
  9. Risks
  10. Resources


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User-managed galleries - is that posible with Drupal 6?

One of the most frequently asked questions in Drupal's forums is how to create image galleries. Quite often the questions are about user-managed galleries but because they are not asked in a clear way, they usually get answers that are not useful. A number of solutions exist that can help the site administrator or editor set up a gallery but so far I haven't seen one complete native Drupal 6 solution that can handle user-managed galleries. Acidfree is probably the only one but it is far from ready for D6.

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How to browse and embed Imagefield pictures into my text?

May be this question (in one form or another) has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer. It boils down again to image handling in Drupal. Here is the situation:

1) I have a picture node type build using CCK+Imagefield+Imagecache. My users can upload pictures ONLY this way (no free-standing image uploads).

2) I have a node type with a text field for writing stories. Let's call it a blog.

3) I want my users to be able to insert some pictures of their choice in the blog as inline images.

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How image thumbnail is extracted in Drupal custom form's edit mode?

I am trying to show the thumbnail images in a custom form's edit mode. I followed the instructions in though i have multiple images in the custom form which looks like

$form['pictureupload1'] = array(
'#type' => 'file',
'#title' => t('Upload Image 1'),
'#size' => 48,
'#description' => t('The Image 1 in the banner.'),
//'#required' => TRUE

$form['pictureupload2'] = array(
'#type' => 'file',
'#title' => t('Upload Image 2'),
'#size' => 48,
'#description' => t('The Image 2 in the banner.'),
//'#required' => TRUE

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Started "Image-handling Overview" Handbook pages

I'm still not completely set on my own Futureproof choices yet, but as I've been doing my research over the past few weeks I feel I've learned a lot and I've been taking decent notes, so I figure it's time to give back a bit.

I'm starting to put together an Overview of Image-handling in Drupal Handbook section targeted at fellow noobies, not just giving my opinions but helping them figure out how to choose their modules based on their needs.

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D7 file system wish list (moved)

(Note: I have moved the contents of this node to a sub-page of the section: - webchick)

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Announcing Wysiwyg API - major milestone

I took the time to rewrite the Wysiwyg (Editor) module into a generic API over the weekend. So the primary concerns about TinyMCE-specific code all over the module are eliminated now. Also, you might have noticed, that I have added an example integration for FCKeditor already - which of course is rather a proof of concept than a fully-fledged integration (and it works cleanly 8).

So Wysiwyg has become a real API finally.

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Webcam to Image Module Needed | DPN

Employment type: 

I need a module much like Mugshot which captures images from a webcam and places them in a gallery. Mugshot doesn't support CCK or Views and that's really what I need.

I am building a website and have come far along, but I need the following:
-A module (Mugshot) to be customized or based off to work with CCK, Views, User Profile
-Help Getting the "Social Networking Community" part of the site set up correctly (Organic Groups, Buddylist, etc)
-Help getting a Flex/Air app to be able to add nodes and comments to my site from remote locations (I'm having trouble with Logging In).

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One Step Back Two Steps Forward..

From reading the many posts on the topic of images its obvious that drupal needs some work.

I am a newbie to drupal although I have implemented a template on a drupal backend

I have a background in custom software development in the Industrial Automation & Integration field. Experience in VB & ASP.NET, MsSQL Server and lately I have been working my way in to Web Design/Development using PHP & MySQL with Drupal.

I also have great love of photography and if could find a way to make money at it I would do it full time.

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Custom Thumbnails in Embedded Media Field during D6 Port

Currently, Embedded Media Field has Embedded Thumbnail, which allows editors to override the thumbnails provided by third party providers. I originally just copied some code from Image Field to handle it, after toying with (and rejecting) the idea of creating some sort of generic image handling api to help modules needing the functionality.

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Images in Drupal - Future-proof methodology (Image module + imagefield together)

I am prototyping my first Drupal site using 5.10, and have spent 40+ hours researching the many ways of posting images - or at least the top dozen mainstream methods (yes fellow noobs everyone feels your pain on this!)

I want to have a single standard workflow for uploading/attaching/displaying all images on the site, so that I have both maximum flexibility now and protection against the coming changes in how Drupal (core?) will handle them - I don't want to have to do complex data conversions later on, or God forbid manual editing of old nodes.

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frontpage image Drupal 6

I would like to setup a new content type to hold an image at the front page.
The image should go into the top middle column of a free-columns theme.

The image needs to be updated about twice a week, preferably without any text around it. The image itself contains a designed title related to other events at the time.

I thought of using an image node, and a front page view to show the most recent image at any time.

Has anybody ever implemented anything similar ?
Any idea, as to what modules to use, etc?

If the image size is dynamically adjusted, it's obviously even better.

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Basic image gallery - any suggestions

I would neet to set up an image gallery. There seems to be a lot of options and I'm a bit confused which way to go. I'm looking for a solution that could be set up quite fast and I only need basic options (image descriptions would be nice though and a decent way of viewing the images). So, I think that excludes integration with gallery2.

Any tips?

What do you think about this:


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The future of the asset module

I've been doing some thinking about the future of the asset module. First of all, I'm completely dedicated to bringing it to Drupal 6 and beyond. What is not sure however is in which form it will move forward. With the improved hook_form and specifically with filefield and emfield tying into the youtube api, flvmediaplayer, the new media player et al, I certainly don't want to duplicate efforts. The asset module itself is quite a big project and maintaining it requires a lot of my time.

That's why I've been thinking lately of stripping the asset module down to the asset wizard: leaving the uploading of files to the *field modules (having the admin decide which modules he prefers and what type of files he needs) and managing them with the asset wizard. The asset wizard could be taken so much further if it could get all the attention it deserves. One thing I could use help on is the interface from a usability perspective: both on the asset wizard itself and on how to tie it in the different fields (filefield, emfield, ...) and editors (TinyMCE, WYSIWYG, ...). Everything is welcome: from concepts and wireframes to mock-ups and patches.

How do you want to handle the files and embedded media that have been already been imported by media mover, uploaded by filefield or integrated by emfield?

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Home-Brewed Drupal Media Player in the Works!

I just posted a sneak-peak of the upcoming Drupal Media Player!

It's still a little rough on the edges, but should be a suitable replacement for JW Flash Media Player and Wimpy when it's done (although the module will handle those as well, if someone just doesn't want the best).

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Media Code Sprint: Status Report One

As announced, we've begun the Media Code Sprint to put better media handling into Drupal core!

It's been a great time so far. In the morning, drewish compiled a file function guessing game (free beer!), and andreiashu took the bait and completed the first round with great feedback about how unusable the current state is.

Next, we've sat down and begun writing SimpleTests for the hook_file patch. This has been great fun for me personally; though drewish is an old hand at building tests, this is completely new for me. And to top it off, webchick, Queen of Drupal testing, dropped by our table and got involved!

Even the process of writing tests has been helpful; we found at least one case for validation that had been missed in the original patch, and drewish decided that file_scan_directory needed refactoring. (He's currently chasing other problems as well, and cursing about finding himself going down rabbit holes.)

There's more fun to be had for all! If you want a quick 15 minute task that everyone is qualified to do, go play the File API Function Guessing Game. If you want to do more, then ping me (aaronwinborn), drewish, or dopry at #drupal in IRC, or leave a comment here!

(Cross-posted at

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Guess what the File API functions do!

As part of the Media/Files Code Sprint we're trying to re-evaluate the mess of badly named functions in When we were discussing it on IRC, clouseau pointed out that it's been a popular drinking game at DrupalCon for a few years.

Take a look at each item in the list and make a guess about what you think each function does based solely on the name--to make this a fair fight I'm even giving you the parameter names--then look at the documentation and see how you did.

Please leave comments telling us which were the easiest to guess and which functions totally puzzled you. This is a big list so feel free to comment even if you don't make it all the way through.

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Media Code Sprint (Top 3 Goals)

The Media Code Sprint is underway! Here's a cross-post from my blog detailing the goals of this sprint, which runs through Saturday. We need your help!

Andrew Morton (drewish), Darrel O'Pry (dopry, remotely), and I are heading up a Media Code Sprint in Portland this week! Come help, in person or remotely, if you're interested in multimedia and Drupal! It has now officially started, and as I've volunteered to help keep folks updated, here goes...

First the reasons.

Number One: Better Media Handling in Core

Dries conducted a survey prior to his State of Drupal presentation at Boston Drupalcon 2008, and number one on the top ten (or 11) list of what would make THE KILLER DRUPAL 7 Release was "Better media handling".

Let me repeat that. Better media handling.

People have done really amazing stuff in contrib, but it is difficult (if not impossible in many cases) for developers to coordinate the use of files, as there is no good means for file handling in the core of Drupal. Thus, we have several dozen (or more) media modules doing some small part, or even duplicating functionality, sometimes out of necessity.

We need (better) media and file handling in Drupal core. In particular, there has been a patch for a hook_file in the queue for over a year, which has been in the Patch Spotlight (for the second time, no less) since May! (And has been RTBC several times during that process...) Come on folks.

One of the powers of Drupal is its system of hooks. We have hooks to modify nodes, to notify changes to user objects, to alter nearly any data (such as forms and menus). Noticeably absent is a consistent handling for files or any sort of notification. We need hook_file.

So goal Number One: get media handling in core. The means? Add hook_file and make files into a 1st class Drupal object. We'll be creating a test suite for functionality in the hook_file patch to validate it and "grease the wheels" to get it committed.

The other goals of this sprint pale in comparison to the first in utility, but are still highly desirable and worthwhile.

Number Two: Refactor File Functionality in Core

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