A group for Drupal Users in the state of Kerala, India which has a distinctive culture and language (Malayalam.)

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Ubercart Order page" Javascript must be enabled error"

When i click next button in (billing address & Shipping address page), i got this error message "Javascript must be enabled to view the order total preview." below the "Click to calculate shipping " button . because of this issue
not working other javascript events and also its page redirect to previous page. its happening only IE Browser but others working well.

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Custom Ajax Pagination


I am working on a custom search module which gives the result in ajax. My return is " drupal_json(array('sample'=>$output)); ". $output contains my html with the search result along with my pagination function. My first page is loading in ajax which is fine for me. But when I click 2 page its redirecting to the ajax path along with the arguments " ?page=1&js=1" . I want this page also loads in the same page in ajax ( with out reloading ) . How can I bring pagination also in the ajax format?

Thanks for all helps...!

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How Can I get xml From my Amozon Secret keys?

Hi Team...

Can anyone please help me to solve my issue? I want one sample xml file to feed amazon products (or other merchant sites) to my site. How can I get this? I found that we can get xml file from the amazon secret keys, but need some hacking. It will be very helpful if you provide me any idea.. Thanks in advance for all your help...!

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Price Comparison Website

Hi All,

I am working on a price comparison project and we planned to do this in drupal. But please help me to solve my issues..

I will brief my requirements.

  1. Feed collection and processing:

- receive XML feeds from various product vendors(Amazon, yahooshopping etc) in predefined formats, clean/transform, then load into a catalog DB.

  1. Catalog:
    – display listings of the products in various ways: by category, title, price range, most popular, etc.

  2. Price Comparison Table:
    –generate a price comparison table of all suppliers of that product.

  3. Tracking:

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Online Developers Community manager | IGC International LLC

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are having a senior position for you of Online Developers Community manager

Role : Developing and managing a community of thousands of developers same like ubuntu or Joomla or Drupal, on behalf of our Client Intjo Inc. (A USA headquartered Company). Through the medium of community, you will get some mighty projects to complete.

Responsibilities :

  1. Starting from scratch to develop a community of developers from entire world.
  2. Bringing most talented developers on the community from all over the World.
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Implimenting Credit Card Payment with drupal

HI ,

I want to implement a Credit Card Payment with drupal. I am not using ubercart module , through a custom module I am getting the user details and the product information . Now I want to implement "Credit Card Payment" from this .Is any one did the same ??Need help on this?

Rabith Kuniyil
+91 8123554374

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Drupal Camp Deccan pics

Hello Everyone,

The pictures related to Drupal Camp Deccan event are uploaded on the site. You can see them here.


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Requesting pictures of Drupal Camp Deccan

Hello Everyone,

Can you please mail the pictures of Drupal Camp Deccan to or upload them on FTP server from where we can download.

We are collating the pictures from different people in next 2 days and then will upload all of them.


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Multi Cuurrency possible?

Hi team,

I am starting a new site with multi currency option. Can you please advice me whether I can do it in drupal or not?

I have found a lot of modules but confused of which one to use... Please suggest me...

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Two more days to go for DrupalCampDeccan

Hi folks,

The count-down has started and we have only two days left for DrupalCampDeccan. Have you filled your profile yet ? Fill your profile so that other people can search for you on the site. And don't forget to put your profile pic( so that we know that it's you when we meet you at Drupal Camp Deccan.

See if your name is appearing in If your name is not appearing on the page, it mean you have not signed up for any session. So go ahead and sign up for your favorite sessions.

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Schedule for Drupal Camp Deccan

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the selection of the sessions have been completed and the finalized schedule is available for everyone at

Drupal Camp Deccan will feature sessions in 3 different tracks (Beginner, Moderate and Advanced) with each track consisting of 4 sessions. In total, we have selected 12 sessions, purely based on the votings and discussions in IRC by the drupal community.

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Is there any module like google translater in drupal 7

hi drupalers,

can anyone help me, google translater module in drupal 7
i do not need i18n module functionality

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Drupal Camp Deccan Session voting now open

Hello Everyone,

The session voting for Drupal Camp Deccan is now open. Many great and exciting sessions have been proposed by various speakers across the south India and is now the time to vote and choose the sessions from the Proposed Sessions.

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Announcing Registrations for Drupal Camp Deccan

Hello Everyone,

The registrations to drupal camp deccan are open. There is a limited amount of seats available, so hurry up before they get filled up. Registration to the event is completely free and it includes Lunch, Tea and snacks.

The first 50 registrants will receive a surprise gift at the venue.

See you all at the camp.


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Developer | Digital Experience

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

1 year experience in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technologies. Knowledge in Drupal is an added advantage.

We welcome anyone who is capable. If you think you are the right candidate, send us your resume at

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Drupal Camp Deccan Design Unveiled

Hello Everyone,

The first version of the drupal camp deccan design is out. Please have a look at it on the site


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Hi Friends i need help drupal & joomla

hi, friends i am haris from trichy
i am using My website ( allrady instald drupal. i want remove drupal i want instal JOOMLA Plez Help Me...

Thanks and Regards,
Mobile - +91 7871340341

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Add one field to hook__views_data()

i am trying to develop a drupal module which wants a default view. Already there is a group called test which contain 2 fields. i want to add one more field to that group from my module. I tried this code. but it gives an array field and structure broken .

function myhook_views_data() {
$data['test']['table']['group'] = t('test');
$data['test']['table']['base'] = array(
'field' => 'view_name',
'title' => t('test data'),
'help' => t("test data help."),
'weight' => -10,
return $data;
how can i do this?? Pls help me

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Inviting Drupal Enterprises and Developer Groups


30 more days to the DrupalCamp Deccan! Yay!

I invite drupal enterprises, developer groups/networks and independent drupal devs from south india to contribute to the event.

Here's how you can participate:

  • Share a success story (Drupal related).
  • Sponsor an Event.
    (Pre-event Training, Post Event Parties, Food and Beverages)
  • Speak about a Drupal/Web Technology or a Dev tool...
  • Review event activities.
  • Organize BOFs
  • Spread the word and spirit!

Hurry up! Post back your comments/ideas/suggestions under this thread.


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Drupal Camp Deccan Logistics Group

I am initiating conversation on logistics plan for Drupal Camp Deccan Inviting folks from Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Kerala to join me at IRC #drupal-in between 6 and 7 pm today.I am sharing a list of initial pointers I could come up with.

  1. Hostels for students coming from out of town
  2. Hostels for others
  3. Transport from hostel to Venue
  4. Transport from Hotel to Venue
  5. Hotel Accomodation for speakers
  6. Tea and Snacks at Venue
  7. Lunch
  8. Classroom Preparation ( Posters, Banners )
  9. WI Fi, Sound and Internet connectivity
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