A group for Drupal Users in the state of Kerala, India which has a distinctive culture and language (Malayalam.)

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First set of translated files in Malayalam

Sunil Kumar has taken the initiative to translate Drupal's interface into Malayalam

Malayalam_D6_package_2 is the current set of completed files (re-ordered and contains only completed files.)
Link to download page for the most recent Malayalam Translation Pack for Drupal 6

The latest working set (all files being worked on) can be found on Sunil's site at:

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Regading Store set Up in Ubercart

In the ubercart document it says, attribute settings as first priority.
But attributes are assocaated to products.
So is this step by step correct

Ist- create attribute and options
2nd-create and configure product class
3rd-create calalogue
4th create product

Is this step correct or incomplete or any step gone wrong.
Is there any other steps to be followed along with it
Also can you give me clear instructions on how to set up products in store on a shop
Please reply

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topic multiple themes installed on the site using Drupal

Can I install multiple theme for a single web site. That is, I have a web site with some pages and a shopping cart module.
Can I have a seperate theme for the pages and another different theme for the shopping cart for a web site alone
Please reply.

What I have understood is, for a web site one can have only a single theme for all the pages and event modules which is done by enabling a theme . Also I can have a seperate theme for admin of that site

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Kerala Drupal Sites

First Drupal site in Kerala in Malayalam: (Drupal runs internal pages such as and )
Rachana, a Malayalam unicode font is embedded.
Admin: Mr.Paul
Designer:Mr. Rajneesh
information by MB SunilKumar (mbsunilkumar)

First multilingual site
Admin:MB SunilKumar

The following sites are from Kerala and powered with Drupal.

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Hi All,

Dont know this is the correct place.

I need a excellent Keralite theme for my new drupal 6.4 site. Anybody interested? Please contact me in my yahoo ID mbsunilkumar with valid proof and expected amount. Dont reply in this group thread please.


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Drupal Service Providers in Kerala

This is a list of Drupal service providers in the state of Kerala, India. You can post a brief (around 50 words or less) description of the Drupal services you offer. You can add your name, contact link, city of operations (if there is a branch office, please post the city in which the branch office is in.)

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tutorial to create modules

Is there any turorial in external sites ( apart from in drupal6 to create modules for registration/ subsequent login and view account, search users - similar functionalities.
Pls give the url of the tutorials

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Hi all,

One of our clients wish to have 'textaloud' functionality integrated into his websites.

Guys are there any open source alternatives for this?

how about building a module with such functionality?

looking forward for all your comments ....

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Any one available teaching drupal theme building from scratch

Can I get a tutor who is ready to teach ( online turorial/ Chat tutorial ) the skills of converting any static web site to a drupal theme by building from scratch.
( Not copying a suitable theme from ready made available for download )
Interested please reply

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Need help for developing drupal site

I have few plays each have following:

Author of the play
Name of the play
Scene Number
Conversation in Poem
Conversation in text
Actors/Characters in each scene (Remember all plays have same characters. all are classical plays.)

I would like to ad those to my drupal site. I need to list those according to the (a) name of the play (b) Actors/Characters and so on.

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Do and Don't

As now we can also organize Drupal event in India, to make a correlation in organizing such events, lets make a list of what should be the facilities/code of conduct/policy/schedule for such events. This can help us organizing such events more professionally and easily.

Thank you.


your Dos go here



  • The event should be focused around Drupal.
  • Provide easy access to internet, if possible.
  • Encourage net meetings or online chat sessions for developers whose schedule does not allow for travel.



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    First steps towards Drupal in Malayalam

    The following files are essential to translating the core drupal interface and installation interface.

    In each file place the relevant malayalam words in:
    msgstr ""


    I'll be looking into how to integrate the above into the installer and have the translation for the core interface hosted in the d.o cvs

    The files are in .txt as g.d.o does not allow any file to be uploaded
    You can use any ftp manager to remove the .txt extension.

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    Drupal development across India

    Hello there,
    If you or your organization is developing in Drupal, please list yourself here. The aim of this post is to prepare a list of the organizations which are working on Drupal CMS. Thus if we want to organize a major event like Drupalcon in India in future, it helps us a lot to co-ordinate between all the organizations developing in Drupal.

    Thank you.
    How about organizing 'Drupalindia -0x' (x--year, of course!)
    start listing yourself here, below this.

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    Volunteers needed for Drupal Camp in India | NA

    Employment type: 
    Part time

    Drupal Camp India ( Team needs volunteers to help in Event Planning and Management.

    We are looking for Drupal and Open Source enthusiasts all across India to work with out event management team on specific tasks.

    If you are interested to volunteer your time, please send email to event @

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    Which Session Proposals would you like to see in Drupal Camp India if you could pick only 3?

    Drupal Camp India - is looking for session proposal ideas.

    There are 3 parallel tracks (Marketing - Why Drupal, Drupal for Professionals, Drupal for Students).

    Your answer could be in format of "Session" (Track) and you are free to recommend all 3 options in the same track if you wish.


    1) "Session A" (MKTG)
    2) "Session B" (PRO)
    3) "Session C" (STUDENT)

    What is Indian / Asian Drupal Community looking for in Drupal Camp?

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    Official Support Site for India could well be the official support site for india

    I've currently redirect (my domain) since its not had much development to which already hosts the first Indian language translation for Drupal 6. and is reference to why I did so.

    An official site for Kerala can be on a subdomain of or on its own domain.

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    Translating to Malayalam


    This is shanavas, Basically i am from kerela . At present i am working in drupal for the past 1 year in a software company located in chennai..

    I am also interested to join this group and share our ideas..
    Last month i tried to create a site in malayalam its seems to be very difficult . but when compared to other open source like joomla its easy to translate the site into malayalam..

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    First Meet up?

    I'm available on Friday and Saturday (11th and 12th March) for an informal meet up if there's an interest this week.

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    Meet Up Locations (In Alphabetical Order)

    Ernakulam (Kochi City:)



  • Abad Food Court or Barrista

  • Bubble Cafe

  • Cocoa Tree Coffee Shop (in Avenue Regent on M.G. Road)
  • Cafe Coffee Day



  • Ravipuram (Opposite HSBC Bank and near Air India Office)
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    Meet Up Topics

    Suggested Topics for a Meet Up:

    -How one got started using Drupal?
    -What do they use Drupal For?
    -Favorite Thing about Drupal?
    -Why Drupal is preferred?
    -Interest in Translating Drupal into Malayalam.
    -Kerala Designs for Drupal Themes (I can create themes from the designs)
    -Kerala Specific Installation Profiles (Pre-packed themes and modules specific to Kerala that are activated with a one click install. I can create the install profile.)

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