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Welcome to the multi-user blogging group, a place to share ideas about Drupal and multi-user blogging environments. Examples of such projects are hosted solutions like Drupal Gardens and distributions like Drupal Commons and Aegir.

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drupal expert | 1A Holdings, Inc

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Not allowed

We are currently working on a deliberative democracy forum, based upon Drupal Commons, which will start on September 17. We have some Drupal technical challenges and we are also looking for a Drupal expert to be on stand by during the forums which will be complete September 28th. Will you be able to provide any assistance?

Drupal backend, administration, and usability experience preferred.

call me if you feel you can handle this.

Johnny Love

(646) 827-0908

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introduce a high performance free hosting (for drupal)--sae---a GAE like China project , i just finished deploy drupal 6 there

ok , example first to prove that i am telling the truth : just feel its speed!

1.SAE: sina app engine , belong to (China), it's a service like google app engine ,but provide PHP hosting and mysql hosting and more! well , i think it's better than GAE, because i only know php but not python/java. It declare itself cloud service. And better than GAE, it use SVN.
2.Since it offer php and mysql hosting , drupal can be hosted. But a little hack to install.php , nothing more hack

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Front-end Developer | Romney for President

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Full time
Not allowed

Targeted Victory, the primary digital agency for Romney for President, is looking to hire a front-end developer to join our growing team. The bar has been set in the political digital space, so if you are passionate about working with the latest technology, contributing to open source projects, and collaborating with a team, then join us. We’re working on a very large Drupal Commons project and we're building a team of exceptional coders.

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Senior Team Lead / Software Engineer |

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Full time

Who We Are

We are NearSay, a hyperlocal news and events platform covering New York City. We curate and crowd-source, news and events for 90% of Manhattan’s neighborhoods, and have plans to expand into Brooklyn and then other cities and towns. We launched in October and have recently topped over 100,000 visits. We have a small team of editors, over 250 contributors, and a new marketplace initiative that will bring the voices of neighborhood businesses in to the site.

The Opportunity

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Multi-user blog module

Hi everyone!

I am currently working on writing a multiuser blog module, that would give like functionality. That is:

  • Authenticated users will be able to setup / configure multiple blogs.
  • Be able to allow co-authors on their blogs.
  • Be able to change formating / graphical themes / backgrounds.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Any other cool functionality in the regard?
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Twitter Clone

Hello Folks,

I run a website that is basically a twitter-clone software. The software is open source but has been constantly changing their license and preventing me from expanding into a corporation because they want quite a bit of money each year even though my business transformation has absolutely nothing to do with the use of their software.

So I am looking into alternatives since they are starting to suck. This multi-user blogging system seems like it could easy be modified into a mirco-blogging system like that of Twitter and i am wondering how possible this is?

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Separate independent Blogs based on a common Drupal Installation

I think the way DonCoryondefines DrupalMU is exactly what that brings to one first hears it's name. As WordpressMU provides separate independent blogs base on a common code one could expect that DrupalMU should provide such environment:

Separate independent Blogs based on a common Drupal Installation.

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Blog administration and control for media site


I am working on a media site that will have a number of blogs. I have gone over every discussion in the Multi-user Blogging group as well as the last two years posts in Newspapers on Drupal.

Although I have tested many of the modules and techniques I found, there are a few things I haven't been able to find solutions to.

The main thing I found is that multi-user blogging seems to be geared at making it available for any user with a certain role to be able to create a blog. This is something we want to avoid since it needs to be controlled by admin and/or editorial staff.

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Anybody written domain -> user mapping yet?

I'd like to have be equivalent to (mod-rewrite?) but I'd also like to have the option for a user to specify a custom domain in their profile and have map to - has anybody written code to do this? If not I'm going to have to write my own module to implement it ....

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Why not make installation profiles full-blown modules in D7?

I really like that in Drupal 7 installation profiles will be treated as modules. However now that I started thinking about actual implementations, I'm wondering why they are not actual modules. For instance with DrupalMU the required modules and settings could be deployed both at the moment of installation as at a later date. The required modules and the function calls however would be identical in both cases. So what do I do? Do I make it a module that has a .module and a .profile file that works when dropped in either the sites/all/modules or in the /profiles directory?

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Open Atrium as a multi-user blogging platform?

A stripped down version of Open Atrium could serve as a great start for a multi-user blogging platform. Each user could count as a group starting with just the blog feature. Other features could be enabled depending on the requirements of the site. The only thing that would be missing is the option to add custom blocks, or widgets as Buzzr and OnSugar call them.

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I'm starting a similar project as DrupalMU

I'm trying to extend Drupal into a multi-user blogging site comparable to WordpressMU.

I choose Drupal primary because for my love for Drupal and its flexibility but Drupal does have it short coming when trying to tackle WordpressMU.

Also, ultimately I will be hosting a blogging service, using WordpressMU will make me a shadow of Going Drupal is a bold move, but I believe a smart move because architecture and design wise, I believe Drupal is far more superior then wordpress.

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An introduction is needed

Hi - As a new Drupal user coming to this group for the first time, I am unable to find introductory information that answers basic questions. For example:

How do I get started using Drupal MU?
When will there be an installation project?


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Can Multi-User Blogs be set up on existing site?


I've been running a site for young writers with some 3,500 users in Vermont and part of N.H. This site is extremely active.

Skipping detail (explained below), we've seen a community behavior that we think calls out for a siginficant change on the site -- and we need the ability to have users have much more control over their "blogs" -- the ability to set their own visible theme, to control some of the blocks, etc. in other words the features that are seemingly exactly what your project offers. Before we get into testing it though, I have several questions:



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Front Page Style Blogging

I couldn't find something that exactly fits my recipe, so maybe I can garner some help. I want implement a blog that allows certain members to contribute to it under ONE blog. Basically, how the front page displays stories similiar to a blog, I want to have the same attributes for the blog, but on a different URL as the home page.

I hope that makes sense. Any ideas?

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Blog List module patched to run on Drupal 6

Someone posted a patch today for the long-dormant Blog List module. It generates a page or block with a list of all the blogs on your site (linked, of course).

See As you'll see, there are a few quirks: the patch didn't apply perfectly to the .info file, and it needs a bit of styling, but it's likely to be very useful for multi-user blog sites.


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Separate Installs

I haven't really thought about this topic for a while, but I was reading over some posts and an idea struck me.

If we really want to create a Drupal-MU setup we need to find a way to do use separate predefined install on the fly when a user signs up. Each install would need to be automated so we would need to write an install script. All blogs can either be put into their own database or prefixed.

We would need to have access to the server to create subdomains automatically.

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Some basic features 2

  • API stuff
  1. Pingback because it works.
  2. Trackback legacy, wordpress still use this.
  3. Multiping for marketing.
  4. twitter for marketing.

* User Interface/improvement stuff
1. Clearly showing that a post will be published
1. Private posts (only viewable by owner/admin)
1. Login toboggan to login using e-mail, + general usability improvements.
* Slick stuff

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individual categories?

If drupal is to serve as a true multi-user blog, it seems to me that there needs to be a way to create categories which have only an individual scope, not a group or global scope. So for example user A should be able to create categories A,B and C for his/her blog and those categories would be available for editing/adding only to User A and associated only with User A's blog. This is exactly one of the core features of wordpressmu and resultantly

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Some basic features

There are some pieces of DrupalMU that I need to figure out:

  1. Allow bloggers to customize their blog title
  2. Default About page for each user
  3. Multiple authors per blog
  4. List of blogs

Has anyone coded these features already?

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