Node quick look feature like

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Can anyone think of a method to implement a "quicklook" feature with any of drupal's current modules?




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Seems like you could do this with Prototip and the Ajax option.

There is a fee for using it, but it is pretty small compared to starting from scratch.

I looked at the site you listed, but could not figure out quickly how to copy the functionality with what was publicly available.

Thanks for that link.

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I recently figured out a solution using lightbox. I have it open the node with a page.php.tpl that is stripped of the header, sidebar, and footer. Seems to functionally work how I want. Although, my site is slow so it's not a "quick" look. ;)

I think it's time for me to move away from hostmonster and to something faster?

quick look feature implemented on my site:


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Nice site, and you managed to get a lot of great information in the lightbox. You are right though, it loads pretty slow. As long as it is doing that, you might consider at least putting some kind of progress meter there, just so no one thinks it died.

Is there any way to implement

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Is there any way to implement this functionality when hovering over the product image on the catalog page?

I think quicklooks should

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I think quicklooks should either leverage cached information form a varnish managed directory or include the quicklook content on the page in a hidden form. The point is the instantaneous introspection of the product. If visitor has to load youve lost the battle and they should just click on the links.

You could use a .hover() selector with an drupal ajax replace call on a reusbale page div for the first method and a panel fields view with your "closer look" panel hidden by default and shown on hover(in, out).

How do you hide/show a panel

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How do you hide/show a panel like that?