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What's a family to do while the geek is at DrupalDay Austin?

Hey folks-
Driving in from #BCSTX, bringing the family. Anyone up for a "and significant others" picnic as lunch or dinner? You know, something time-boxed and low-pressure so your kids can get away from my kids without any scathing and lasting injuries.. :D

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Hi - anyone interested in coding together?

Hello there!

Is anyone here interested in getting together (probably weekends) to code together?

My drupal 'expertise' is just a few months old and it seems like it would be great to get together and code - clarify each others' questions - and who knows -- may be even work on some drupal projects together?

Let me know if anyone is interested.


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Live in Austin, part of this group, but you can't post bonuses for fellow developers?

Can I get a decree on this?

[Drupal Groups] Misuse of austin group
From: michaelfavia
To: Sam-Inet


michaelfavia ( has sent you a message via
your contact form ( at Drupal

If you don't want to receive such e-mails, you can change your settings at


Posting a bounty is a misuse of the austin DUG. Please keep your posts

Is being helpful to fellow Austinites allowed, or not?

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Dallas Drupal Days this weekend Fri and Sat

Hi, just a quick note about the Dallas Drupal Days this weekend: they added some more sessions just today.

It's a pretty good deal for $35/day. Friday is business-y, and Saturday is technical-y.



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New Drupal 7 sites

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Linked In

Was doing some updating to my LinkedIn profile today. Started searching around for groups that I may be a part of, and realized that there is no LinkedIn group for the Austin DUGers, so I created one. If you have a LinkedIn account and want to join the group you can do so here:

I think it may help some of us in Austin share contact info, and perhaps get a better idea of who is in our area.

Thanks Folks.

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Austin Drupal module development

Hi all,

I'm looking for a seasoned Drupal development person (or team) who can help with some non-trivial module development and integration into my Drupal site. Prefer Austin-area folks since that's where I'm located (for the face to face interaction).

Please drop me a line if you're that person/team, or to make a referral. Let me know what module(s) you've developed previously, examples of Drupal sites you have done, etc.




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Austin Drupal Users Group - Individual Introductions!

Hey Austin!

If you want to give a shout out as to what you do and how you're working with Drupal, that would be great!

During our meetups, we really don't have time for attendees to share detailed intros with the group. We tried intros at one of our meetups and, in the process, consumed over an hour when we could have been learning or teaching others about Drupal.

As a result, intros at future meetups will be great if they're no more than 10 seconds long each to provide basics such as your name, your organization, and what you're doing/hoping to do with Drupal, e.g. "Hi, I'm Walt Esquivel, I'm with Wellness Corps, and I'm using Drupal to help me establish a wellness presence primarily through Organic Groups." For everything else intro-related that you want to share with the Austin DUG, please do it online. This page is the place for you to do it! :)

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