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Hi - anyone interested in coding together?

Hello there!

Is anyone here interested in getting together (probably weekends) to code together?

My drupal 'expertise' is just a few months old and it seems like it would be great to get together and code - clarify each others' questions - and who knows -- may be even work on some drupal projects together?

Let me know if anyone is interested.


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Dallas Drupal Days this weekend Fri and Sat

Hi, just a quick note about the Dallas Drupal Days this weekend: they added some more sessions just today.

It's a pretty good deal for $35/day. Friday is business-y, and Saturday is technical-y.



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SVN Set up


I am setting up a new Drupal site. As far as SVN goes I am looking at the best practices. how existing SVN structures have been modeled. I am thinking of just having the sites folder in the SVN but am open to suggestions. Also how did you create the branches - Split between two thoughts - One to have each release as a branch and the other create a separate branch for module / theme / scripts / files.

I am looking at various options and looking forward for some advice.


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Wanted: Austin Based Drupal Developer

Wanted: Experienced/proficient Drupal Website Developer to help train and guide in the basics of Drupal.

20/hr, Flexible on schedule

Please send in response email portfolio of work done in Drupal.

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Does anyone have a good procedure for migrating my live site to a local host?

I want to create a local copy of my site, but I'm really having a hard time getting it to work right. I've gotten close by using phpmyadmin to export/import the database, but things are kind of hokey. None of the java scripting works, and my theme/css is not quite right.

I've also tried the backup and migrate module with little success.

Maybe there's some tricks I can do to the live site to make it easier? I have the boost module enable. Maybe that is causing some of the issues?


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Not just Drupal anymore but here is a good post with Nagios to monitor Drupal.

Just read a good post by Marcus from Guidelight Business Solutions on Enhancing Nagios to monitor Drupal using Drush commands. If you are using Drush, Nagios, or Drupal it is a very good techy read!


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seo_checklist and Drush not playing well in my sandbox - any other Austin folks notice this?

out of curiousity - has anyone seen this while using Drush and SEO Checklist? Apparently, they are not playing well together on my sandbox area. Drush works great if I remove the seo_checklist module.

Just curious before I open a bug issue and not sure if it is with Drush or SEO_checklist,

Your friendly product manager who is dangerous with Drupal,


Elizabeth-Quintanilla:all elizabethquintanilla$ drush status
Duplicate entry 'sites/all/modules/seo_checklist/seochecklist.module' for key 1 [error]

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Anybody out there who can help with JQuery to make Drupal 7 accessible?

Mike Gifford (mgifford) and Everett Zufelt are addressing a major accessibility issue for the administration interface of Drupal 7. If they had help from someone with JQuery skills, they could make significant progress. If you think you can help, check out

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jasonflenniken's picture Launched - Social Network Joomla Conversion with 17,000 members!

After about 4 months of development, we've launched!

BetterNetworker is an online community for the network and internet marketing industry.

The original site was built on Joomla 1.0.13, along with community builder. The new community is now on Drupal 5.x.

Part of this build out involved converting all membership data, including friends, photo galleries, forum posts (from FireBoard), all content (6,000+ articles and videos), comments, statistical data, for over 16,000 users.

Since our site launch, we've gained over 1,000 members in a week.

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Austin Meetup on Tue, 7/3/07, 7-9 pm @ Four Kitchen Studios. Topic: Theming Your Drupal Site, Part 2

2007-07-03 19:00 - 21:00 US/Central


Calling all Central Texas Drupalers!
Meetups are very informal and Drupal users of all levels - new users to expert users - are encouraged to attend and participate. Be sure to introduce yourself to the group.

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