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GSOC CiviCRM Opportunity for University of Texas computer science students

If anyone has contacts with UT's Computer Science program I'd like be able to pitch the Google Summer of Code projects for CiviCRM that are being proposed.

Any leads?

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Seeking ideas for

We are looking for suggestions for improvements of our Drupal/CiviCRM site . There is money for making it more appealing and useful, so suggestions or perhaps a little volunteer work could lead to contract work. No promises, but perhaps worth your attention. Some of the obvious ones include:

  1. Better online donation form that meets federal and state reporting requirements.
  2. Subsites for every county that can be managed by the county chair or someone local to post things like calendars of events.
  3. Subsites for candidates that they can manage.
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channelAustin and Open Media Project seeks Austin Drupal/CiviCRM support

channelAustin is pleased to announce it has recently been chosen by Denver Open Media and Civic Pixel as one of 6 public access television / community media centers in the country for a Beta site implementation of their Open Media Project modules.

channelAustin,, is looking for Austin Drupal and CiviCRM developers to join us in this amazing project that will help us integrate the interactive features of the web.

channelAustin is Austin's community TV station located in East Austin at 1143 Northwestern Avenue.

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Austin Meetup on Tue, 6/12/07, 7-9 pm @ Four Kitchen Studios. Topic: CiviCRM.

2007-06-12 19:00 - 21:00 US/Central


Calling all Central Texas Drupalers!
Meetups are very informal and Drupal users of all levels - new users to expert users - are encouraged to attend and participate.

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