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Hi - anyone interested in coding together?

Hello there!

Is anyone here interested in getting together (probably weekends) to code together?

My drupal 'expertise' is just a few months old and it seems like it would be great to get together and code - clarify each others' questions - and who knows -- may be even work on some drupal projects together?

Let me know if anyone is interested.


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Dallas Drupal Days this weekend Fri and Sat

Hi, just a quick note about the Dallas Drupal Days this weekend: they added some more sessions just today.

It's a pretty good deal for $35/day. Friday is business-y, and Saturday is technical-y.



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New theme project contribution

Hi all,

I wanted to let everyone know about a new theme I contributed on Grunge is the port of a GPL template from RocketTheme. It's mostly finished but still needs some fine-tuning before an official release. Give it a test drive if you have a chance and send me your feedback. I'm also planning to attend the MeetUp tomorrow night if you have any questions. Thanks!


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Troubles with Custom Theme using 960Grids Base Theme

I am trying to build a custom theme for my much discussed photo workshop site using the 960 Grid base theme. I get it running all right, except one small problem. None of my blocks are displaying. In their place I get "1" or "0". The regions seem to work right, properly sized, etc., but the blocks aren't showing.

Here is my file:

name = Vandivier
description = 960 Grid Subtheme
version = VERSION

core = 6.x
base theme = ninesixty
engine = phptemplate

stylesheets[all][] = reset.css
stylesheets[all][] = 960.css
stylesheets[all][] = styles.css

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Daily Texan uses Drupal

FYI, I just noticed that the newly revamped website for The Daily Texan is based on Drupal. This should be a dead giveaway to you:

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Tools for Choosing Accessible Colors

At last night's Austin Drupal meetup, I promised to post the links to the tools I demonstrated for testing color schemes for sufficient contrast. I plan to share more about these in the Accessibility portion of Drupal documentation, but for now, here are the places to find the tools:

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Ann del Llano is seeking Drupal developers.

Anyone know of a Drupal coder in Austin? Send her a message at 512-587-6438 if you do. Thanks!

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Interview with Lauren Roth on Designing for Drupal

I just posted, on GeekAustin, an interviewwith Austin's own Lauren Roth on Drupal Theming.

I'm looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow night at the presentation. Daniel and I have been teach SQL classes on Wednesdays for the last several months, so I haven't been able to make the meetings.

-Lynn Bender

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Presentation on jQuery at Refresh Austin's February meeting

On Tuesday, February 10th at 7:00 p.m., Refresh Austin is having a meeting and on the agenda is a presentation on jQuery. Since jQuery is the Javascript library included with Drupal, I thought some people here might be interested. More details about the meeting are available on the Refresh Austin web site.

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what have you built with drupal lately?

It's been a while since I've made it out to an Austin Drupal Users Group meet-up, so I thought I'd just start a thread of sharing what we have all done locally lately..

Some sites that involve elements I'm particularly fond/proud of are below:



    unique: my theme and Flashgallery + third party Simpleviewer for slideshows based on image gallery
    unique: my theme and gmap module (plus themed infoWindows and thickbox jquery plugin)
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