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Drupal driven radio station management platform

I rode with someone from Austin on the train from the airport to San Francisco a few years back for DrupalCon who was interested in running a radio station on Drupal. Is that you? I think I understand the things we may or may not have been discussing now :), and my laptop doesn't squeal the way that subway did. Did you get somewhere with it?


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Dallas Drupal Days this weekend Fri and Sat

Hi, just a quick note about the Dallas Drupal Days this weekend: they added some more sessions just today.

It's a pretty good deal for $35/day. Friday is business-y, and Saturday is technical-y.



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Link to

Requisite - I am trying to create a news block that pulls content from the site and also points to urls outside the site. I am able to make either one work but not both.

The usual way - When you create a view and list only title and desc ; clicking the title takes you to the node (news page)

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reCAPTCHA problems

I'm using webform module for a contact us for on this site:

but I'm having problems with the reCAPTCHA. No matter what you put in it always comes back as not matching. Everything is up to date with modules and core.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? I was using reCAPTCHA for security reasons, but maybe with help I can set up something more secure then webform (CCK?). I had difficulty setting it up before and just gave up and settled for webform.


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Looking for help with fckeditor and file manager - can I buy you coffee?

I can't get file manager in fckeditor to upload files unless the user is the site administrator. After selecting the file and clicking the Upload button, it hangs, saying "Uploading filename.jpg..." I've got about 8 hours invested in this, I've read the documentation well and followed many threads ...

Would anyone be willing to meet me at Bookpeople or your favorite cafe to help me through this? Is so, you can reach me directly at mhicks at bizmark com or five one two nine tooo three 1031

My site is Thanks in advance - Mark

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Looking for three mods / drop down menu/ Tagging and a Social bookmarking mod

Here on this page you can see he has a social bookmarking mod and a weighted Tagging mod installed.

Any ideas what mods he is using?

Also What was the drop down menu that was brought up in last nights meeting?



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Editable Notes from the 6/19 Meetup

Can someone please post what modules are being used to create this wiki type page? (Selwyn 10-3-07)

These notes were originally part of this article. I moved them to this wiki page so that others could contribute comments and corrections.

General Order of Setup

These are the things generally done (in order) to configure a Drupal site after initial installation.

  • Site Configuration > Clean URLs
  • Site Configuration > Site Information
  • Site Configuration > Date and Time (set time zone)
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Notes from the 6/19 Meetup

The 6/19 meetup was once again at Four Kitchens studios. During tonight's gathering, David Strauss talked about multi-site Drupal configuration, basic site configuration procedure, and (the night's main topic) most essential and useful modules for a Drupal site. The meeting was very well attended (about 20 people) and David (as always) gave a great presentation.

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Austin Meetup on Tue, 6/19/07, 7-9 pm @ Four Kitchen Studios. Topic: The Top Ten Contributed Modules.

2007-06-19 19:00 - 21:00 US/Central


Calling all Central Texas Drupalers!
Meetups are very informal and Drupal users of all levels - new users to expert users - are encouraged to attend and participate.

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