Is any module able to provide "add to my calendar" link in a date node

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Hi, there

I am working on a project here, part of it is about date & calendar modules.
I created a date content type with a date field, used it to publish event node.
Then I hope I can add a field on this type, which can export the event information in every node into Google Calendar and ical format.

I am wondering if there is any module can do this job, or any way can realize this idea.



You should be able to use

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You should be able to use Views to export to ical format, I believe it comes up under Feed as the type of view.

I'm looking for this too

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The views exports all events in an ical it adds the whole list of events to your calendar. I haven't managed to get it to work to just add the event on which page your on.

Here's so info on this

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I've got this as a "New feature to add" on a few sites here but haven't had time to do it. However, I did do some research a while back and found this item:

As I said, not tested by me (yet)... good luck, let us know if it works.

Node ical module in comments

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I wrote one we have been using which offers both a date field formatter and adds a link to the node links variable for selected content types. I shamelessly stole parts of this from

See for the sandbox project (I just posted it). If I ever get approved for full project access, this will become a full project. For now, you would have to get the code from Git because I can't do a release until it is a full project.

This may help

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I havent tried this but this add to calendar widget for cck fields may work.

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