Sublime Text 2

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Similar to Textmate, but cross platform and under active development, I recently stumbled across Sublime Text 2.

On a quick google search for drupal and sublime, I got this page which has a Drupal6 autocompletion file all set for use with Sublime.

Sublime Text 2 is still in the alpha phase, thus not feature complete by any means. Though it is stable apparently, with new releases coming out about once a week. The trial period is indefinite, though it is a paid for program (not sure as to the cost of it).

It can also use textmate bundles with some modifications. Some files can be used directly, other need to be modified. I'm skipping this for now though, since I found the auto-completion mentioned above.



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A single user license is $59 USD according to their website:

Alpha version

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But for version 2, the alpha version is free to use indefinitely, though not finished nor polished up.

this is cool. do you know if

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this is cool. do you know if it has an extension for drupal hooks auto-complete/code assist.

I really don't know

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... but I think it could be extended upon.

A simple google search lead

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A simple google search lead me to this . I think it is for 6 thought but it's a good start.

Already linked

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See the original post.

Link is dead.

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Link is dead.

Seems to me to be

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Seems to me to be working.

There's also Configuring Sublime text in the handbooks

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