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We as website developers juggle several languages, a host of markup models and files that all need to be put to together to create the Drupal experience for our users.

Many of us have spent countless hours finding, and setting up our own development environments. In the spirit of sharing and collaboration, this group focuses on finding and providing tips, config files and best practice advice about IDEs for Drupal web development.

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Hi! is the Drupal IDE group still active? I have some thoughts to share.

Drupal IDE sounds great!!

During the past one year, my experience with Drupal has been very extreme.

I feel empowered whenever I realise that I can implement my ideas on Drupal. Glad that Drupal gives me the ability to customize to any extent.

But, there are sometimes when I feel that the workflow is too inefficient.

I think some part of inefficiency is because of my low experience with Drupal and some because there are no standard workflows recommended for beginners. (or are there any?)

I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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Eclipse formatter for Drupal Code Quality

Attached you will find a code formatter for Eclipse Luna 4.4, compatible with the Drupal coding standards.


You can import this formatter by uncompressing the XML file, and going to
Preferences -> PHP -> Code style -> Formatters -> Import


Say you are editing a Drupal .module. You can now right-click, Source->Format (Ctrl-Alt-F) and Eclipse will format your source code automatically to comply with Drupal Code Quality checks.

Also, you will find a code formatter for Eclipse PDT 3.8 (or Zend Studio 6.3).

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nullcod: A new online IDE + code generation tool for Drupal developers (or "The drupal IDE that writes code for you").

Hi All,

When working on different Drupal projects I have faced a problem of repeatedly implementing certain features by code. Usually what I do is copy the code from some old modules/theme and customize it for the new requirements. I think most people use the same approach in this scenario.

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Drupal/Dreamweaver teaching | Private

Employment type: 
Part time

I am starting with Drupal 7 and dreamweaver cs6 I have learned basic things such as installing drupal on a server, installing modules, themes, I would like to learn how to use my local server acquia dev and put my own websites into it, use dreamweaver to change some things, add menu bars, nodes, basic css, I have signed up for lynda.com and learned some things but I feel the local server, drupal7 and dreamweaver are a big learning curve. I am looking for someone that can help me once or twice a week we can meet or maybe meet online

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Performance of your development environment

I am wondering what tuning and configuration do you do to make your environment faster?

Here is my experience:

  1. Got more memory utilization from installing PAE on 32 bit Linux.
  2. Installed APC, tuned MySQL and got about 50-100% performance boost. See my blog post for more details: http://vmirgorod.name/blog/boosted-lamp-drupal-devs
  3. Realized that new NetBeans 7.1.2 is working much faster then Komodo IDE, Zend Studio or Eclipse. People says that 7.2 RC are even more faster. Checkout here http://www.netbeans.com/downloads/index.html
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how to setup Eclipse for remote access?

ciao folks,

i'm currently setting up a development environment whose primary use is intended for testing and debugging a 'beta' of the live site that i run.

so far i have set up the following:

a virtual machine with
* LAMP-stack on an Ubuntu-OS
* XDebug-extension to Apache
* a Drupal installation that matches my live setup

Eclipse as IDE on my workstation with
* PDT (PHP Development Tools)
* RSE (Remote System Explorer)

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Checking Coding Standards In NetBeans

Just wanted to share this little gem I found with the other Netbeans users out there:


It's a plugin for Netbeans that allows you to run Php_CodeSniffer from within Netbeans. I've been using it today with the DrupalCS standards library (http://drupal.org/project/drupalcs ) and it works pretty well. There's a couple little glitches, but it ends up catching about 99% of the stuff.

Also there's another version in development here:


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What's your process for change management for migration of very large drupal installations?

Hello everyone,

I have been "messing" with drupal for a while now, and have now taken my first job as a 100% committed Drupal developer & tech lead for a company that builds massive websites for large federal initiatives that involve dense structures, complex role management schemes, and mountains of content (often 10,000+ nodes).

So, one of my first tasks as we get started is to work with the site building team and sys admins to create a solid process for performing migrations from dev >>> staging, sometimes staging >>> dev, and, of course, the eventual staging >>> production.

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Drupal Web Developer | MIT

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

DESCRIPTION: Drupal Web Developer, MIT Science and Technology Center, Cambridge, MA; to work with Center management to develop and support existing Drupal systems and applications for a National Science Foundation Center for Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems (EBICS) (http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2010/001897654-nsf-grant.html). Program activities span the fields of microfluidics, biomaterials, nanomechanics, and biological imaging as applied to basic research in biological systems and the development of molecular- or cell-based assays.

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Quickstart and Ubuntu 11.10 - Don't upgrade


I've been trying to keep Quickstart versions in sync with Ubuntu's release cycle, and now that Ubuntu 11.10 is out, we're up for a new version.

The short version is, I don't recommend upgrading to 11.10, without making a snapshot you can roll-back to.

It may be some time before a major new version of Quickstart comes out. For newer users, I might download all the updates for the 1.0 version, and turn off the "Upgrade to 11.10" button and release it as version 1.1.

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Drupal Development Tool For Netbeans 7

I have just released a module for Netbeans to aid in Drupal Development. The module is available on Github (full source included).

The module is just starting out as I re-teach myself Java. I have put together documentation on it here. I do have future features planned on the module as I get the time, but right now it really does help with development. You can also customize the module through a custom template system.

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Senior Durpal Developer | CDI Corp

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Senior Durpal Developer in Great Boston, MA Area (contract)
Job Description

looking for a SR DRUPAL Developer. Needs to be onsite and will be building out existing website.
Degree Required: Bachelors in Computer Science desired or a related field
Experience Required: demonstrated development experience with multiple Drupal websites.


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TextMate Bundle - Drupal Module Statistics


This bundle originally started out as a way to simply count LOC, but is starting to turn into much more. It currently features:pleasant HTML output, LOC for files and total module, files sizing and automatic updates. It's a pretty straight forward install, just download the bundle and double click it, it should install in your TextMate seamlessly. By default, the shortcut key is COMMAND + CONTROL + M.

I'm pretty excited about some visual feedback when developing modules. Please let me know what ya think, enjoy! :)

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TextMate plugin to instant filter your project files

Hey all,

Just wanted to announce a TextMate plugin that I altered on github for easier file navigation.

When you open a folder in TextMate, a drawer with a navigator appears. The MissingDrawer plugin (https://github.com/jezdez/textmate-missingdrawer) promotes the drawer into a dedicated view that sits next to the text editor. You can show/hide the sidebar, and switch the sidebar's location also. Other commands are available in View > Project Drawer, and you can go to TextMate's preferences to customize colors and the Terminal button.

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Quickstart 1.0 now mirrored by OSU's Open Source Lab!

Great news! Oregon State University's Open Source Lab has started mirroring the Quickstart downloads. This means:

1) no more need for bittorrent :-)
2) no more fretting about download bandwidth costs

I just changed the links on the Quickstart home page to point to OSU OSL's mirrors.

This is a great help to the project, and frees me up to focus on Quickstart. Special thanks to Killes, Jeff_S, and Lance at OSU, Michelle for introducing the project, and Sil for getting me off my ass to improve the download process :-)

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Drupal and Checkstyle

I'm working on integrating Jenkins with my development workflow, and I want to use Jenkin's checkstyle plugin to make sure my code follows drupal's coding standards. Is there a checkstyle configuration out there already for drupal's coding standards?

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Eclipse Drupal Project

I am an experienced Eclipse Java and Mingw/C developer. I installed quickstart. I created a site, but I do not know how to create an Eclipse project and point it at the created site.

Does anyone use Eclipse with Drupal?
Can you help?


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Sublime Text 2

Similar to Textmate, but cross platform and under active development, I recently stumbled across Sublime Text 2.

On a quick google search for drupal and sublime, I got this page which has a Drupal6 autocompletion file all set for use with Sublime.


Sublime Text 2 is still in the alpha phase, thus not feature complete by any means. Though it is stable apparently, with new releases coming out about once a week. The trial period is indefinite, though it is a paid for program (not sure as to the cost of it).

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Codelobster PHP Edition supports Drupal 7.0. now


Codelobster latest version 3.7.1 supports Drupal 7.

Here is the full list of all its features for Drupal:

  • Ability to create project automatically installing CMS Drupal
  • Autocomplete, help and tooltips for module's hooks
  • Autocomplete and tooltips for Drupal's function theme
  • Autocomplete for Drupal's forms
  • Drupal search - for menu path and menu function
  • Wizard for creating new modules
  • Help on Drupal API
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Configuring phpmyadmin to show Drupal 7 BLOB data


This took me a bit to figure out and I thought I'd share it. Hopefully someone else finds it useful.

Drupal 7 serializes php data into long-blob fields, instead of just saving strings like in D6. This is great, because now D7 can store and retrieve arrays, not just strings. Hurray!

Unfortunately, out-of-the-box phpMyAdmin does not show this data as text, it just shows [BLOB - 14B]. Meh!

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