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I am an experienced Eclipse Java and Mingw/C developer. I installed quickstart. I created a site, but I do not know how to create an Eclipse project and point it at the created site.

Does anyone use Eclipse with Drupal?
Can you help?



Hi Bodger. I'm jealous of

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Hi Bodger. I'm jealous of your java experience.

I use Eclipse with Drupal and started with the PDT build. This is a bit stale, but may serve as a good starting point for PDT with Xdebug (if you're in a multi developer environment where you all need to do remote debugging on the same server stack, xdebug might not work for you):

You might be interested in these templates

Ok, I figured it out. It was

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Ok, I figured it out. It was counter-intuitive. Instead of creating a project from existing source, you just create a project in the location with the name of the directory holding the website data. I thought you had to create it from existing source.



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