Session proposal for DrupalCon London

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Hi all,

with the deadline for session proposals for DrupalCon London rapidly approaching, I'm thinking about putting together a session(s) proposal to talk about some ideas around Drupal and education and/or educating in Drupal. So far, I've only seen two proposals going in that direction: and

Anybody working on something, so we're not working at cross-purposes or can possibly pool our resources?



I always feel drupal in

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I always feel drupal in education is severely under represented in the sessions from the past ones I've gone to. I dono if that's because no one submits or because a lot of the consulting companies build the sites for institutions. Either way it would be good to see some better representation there. I'd be all for it other then the whole budget stuff preventing most from any form of travel these days :). Also the first link you posted isn't found.

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