Quickstart 1.0 now mirrored by OSU's Open Source Lab!

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Great news! Oregon State University's Open Source Lab has started mirroring the Quickstart downloads. This means:

1) no more need for bittorrent :-)
2) no more fretting about download bandwidth costs

I just changed the links on the Quickstart home page to point to OSU OSL's mirrors.

This is a great help to the project, and frees me up to focus on Quickstart. Special thanks to Killes, Jeff_S, and Lance at OSU, Michelle for introducing the project, and Sil for getting me off my ass to improve the download process :-)

Go open source!




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Glad we could help!

Oh, that's very nice help for

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Oh, that's very nice help for the project. Thanks Jeff et al.

that's awesome Mike and all I

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that's awesome Mike and all

you've joined an auspicious list http://osuosl.org/services/hosting/communities

I use Quickstart everyday - and it literally has allowed me to Quickstart my Drupal work after years away from the coal face !

I've been using Quickstart's Drush Make scripts along with Aegir as a development and staging environment

Project page and bit torrent

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You may want to edit the project page to get rid of the bit torrent links now that we can use http. I wasted a good bit of time trying the torrent links and ultimately failed. http worked fine. Not complaining because you have done a great work here. Thanks!

Re: Project page and bit torrent

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If it's not too much trouble, I would actually like to see the torrent link made available again as an alternative download option. In some cases, torrents are more reliable because they resume seamlessly if the download is interrupted for any reason. Firefox still fails at that, for some reason. Very frustrating to be halfway through a huge download and have to start over... I went ahead and grabbed Quickstart through FileZilla, but I still would have preferred the torrent. Am I the only one?

That's great news and what a

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That's great news and what a great project this is!

I've been happy all morning with Drupal Quickstart. Just a quick question. The log files from apache for the individual websites where are those placed or should I create them manually in the vhost entry?

Thanks, Chris