Project Management / Ticket Tracking

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This page compares project management and ticket tracking systems.

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Distributions (Installation Profiles)

Distribution Core Version Demo Usage
Open Atrium
A complete intranet solution for collaboration including calendars and tickets.
Drupal 7 Demo 1355
OpenLucius is a team collaboration & project management system. Where employees (and optionally third parties: partners, clients or suppliers) can safely work together online with help of projects, todo-lists & todo's, documents, messages, calendars & events, dashboards, global overviews, activity streams and faceted search.
Drupal 7 Demo 176
A complete project management and ERP solution for service providers for managing projects and company processes. Including CRM, DMS, invoicing.
Drupal 7 Demo 106
PM Kickstart
A pre-configured instance of Drupal PM (see below).
Drupal 7 Demo ?


Module 6.x? 7.x? 8.x? Demo Usage
A ticketing system / helpdesk with comprehensive email integration, charting, and invoicing.
- 9,172
Comment Alter
Makes it possible to alter (change values of) fields on a node when leaving a comment. Uses only comment and Diff modules.
- 1.0-rc4
In dev - 1,837
Open Atrium Work Tracker
A Work tracker for Open Atrium 2.0 which is based on Comment Alter and integrates seamlessly into Open Atrium's paradigm for flexibility.
- 2.11
- - 1,289
Case Tracker
Provides a configurable state (ie "status", "property", "type") and assignment system for issue management. Uses views heavily.
- - 952
Drupal PM (Project Management)
A complete project management package, including project, task and time tracking. Utilises Drupal fields and integrates with other Drupal modules. Add on modules provide gantt charts and invoicing. (Previous name was Storm)
- 2.2

dev Demo 578
Provides ticketing and registration for entities.
- beta4 (Mar/15) In dev Demo 319
Project and Project issue
Mainly aimed at software projects, and is the system that runs the issue queue on
- Demo 240
To do list
Task management system.
- - - 46
Feedmine is a Drupal feedback interface to Redmine, a Rails-based ticket / issue management system
- 34
Ubercart Ticket
Ticket system for Ubercart
- - - 13
Redmine Issues
Provides tight coupling with a single Redmine support project to allow users to manipulate a Redmine project from a Drupal site.
- dev
- - 5
Provides several features - hard to tell what makes it different from the other systems after just reading the project page.
- - - 5


casetracker still going?

catch's picture

As far as I can see casetracker is unsupported at the moment, or at least very inactive.

Casetracker is very alive :-)

Thomas_Zahreddin's picture

there is a commit around every 10 days (from march to july).

How does this compare with CiviCRM?

tobias's picture

You say CRM - how does Storm compare with CiviCRM?

New Here.

Paully's picture

New Here.

Storm is much much smaller

Magnity's picture

Storm is much much smaller than CiviCRM in functionality and complexity.

The reason for saying CRM though, is that not only does Storm track projects / tickets / timetrackings, but you can export this data directly into an invoice and send that to a client.

I suppose I should really suggest you have a go - either installing a copy or on the demo site.

CRM is more than e-Mail Integration

joergvk's picture

CRM is an approach to comprehensively manage each single customer relationship. The ability to send out an invoice by eMail is just one-way eMail integration, IMHO.

Does Storm have the ability to track all incoming and outgoing customer related communication and assign it to the right client, project, task, person and invoice? Does Storm support analytics on that data? That would be indeed a great set of features and really hard to achieve!

I've tried the Storm demo. I definitely give it a try on my staging site.

(Sorry, I also ran into the multiple edit trap...)

Perhaps the comparison to a

Magnity's picture

Perhaps the comparison to a CRM is a bit misleading then - but hopefully it gives an indication of the type of solution that Storm is compared to some of the other modules listed.

Storm doesn't currently track incoming / outgoing comms or do analytics. In that respects it is a bit more basic - supports reports about invoices / expenses etc.

@joergvk, you mentioned in one of your earlier edits some issues with the interface of Storm - i'd agree it'd be OT here, but please do visit the issues list ( and give some feedback - then it can be improved!

Another one

kewlguy's picture

Storm is very slick and well put together. Storm installs with no problems at all in a basic site.

I've looked at Open Atrium and found it difficult to install, though, there is a listing on the site for 'open atrium friendly hosts' so if you are willing to change hosts this could be a good starting point.

It's sort of strange because I can install with no trouble at all though when I attempt the larger Drupal Install Profiles such as the Open Atrium or the profile I run into nothing but installation lock ups. My memory is set way above where it needs to be and still they fail in the MYSQL database creation stage. Yes, I have reported this to open atrium as well as reported my system statistics.

Still I applaud the efforts of the installation profiles for project management sites.

I found OpenAtrium to be fragile & overly complex

escoles's picture

I found OpenAtrium easy to install on a VPS (which looks like a shared host from the account perspective) -- that probably reflects advancements in the install profile since the original comment.

However, I have found it to be a fragile and difficult to customize solution: Fragile, in that enabling some of the included modules will break the system; difficult to customize in that the documentation is poorly delivered and poorly organized, the support site extremely hard to use, the user interface intensely non-intuitive, and so on. I spent about 10-15 hours looking at it, and eliminated it as a possibility. I'll be looking at CiviCRM and Commons next, but may also just integrate some kind of Kanban system using one of the project management or case tracking modules above. That might be simpler than a full intranet implementation.

Off-drupal solutions

timwood's picture

Not to get too off-drupal solutions but I've been testing FengOffice (formerly OpenGoo) as a project management solution for our organization. It's open source, has a small but somewhat active community, is written in PHP and works pretty well. If you try it, get the last release version, 1.7.5, not the 2.0 beta.


agreed on OA... but we still use it

fending's picture

@escoles we use OA out of the box (very little customization) for client extranets and our own intranet. Generally speaking, the core features we use (w 128M memory) are still performant enough on a Media Temple (dv) VPS. Spaces took some getting used to, I must admit.

What we found was that the things that we wanted to behave differently were actually appropriate in a disparate non-OA property. It broke our spirit a little, but we now use OA multisites for intranet+extranets and a separate release mgmt tool (called "Basis") based on og and project.module. Somewhat odd-feeling, but it fit our matrix. I'd be happy to show you one of our larger OA extranet implementations sometime if you'd like.

I found Open Atrium easy to install...

dahacouk's picture

I also like the fact that it's high customisable because it's just using Drupal modules.

I'm not sure if it's still the case but a while ago the issue with Storm was that it could not easily be extended with CCK. Is that now not the case?

Cheers Daniel

Open Atrium is easy to

shadowhitman's picture

Open Atrium is easy to install, but for me not so easy to custom since I'm not familiar with features modules and other Development Seed's module,
so I think its better to use other modules, which is easier to customize :)

Storm with CCK

Magnity's picture

The latest version of Storm allows for reordering of the fields with CCK and so it should be fairly easy to extend. Then in D7 the fields will be changed to use fields in core functionality.

Added Ubercart Ticket

gregeise's picture

Different than the rest, in that it's tied to Ubercart as a requirement. Tickets can be tied to orders to add useful order and customer information to every ticket, and provides an Issue Pane to each order to quickly view tickets for that order or to create a new one.

It ties into the Contact module as well, to allow customers to add their order ID to new tickets. Supports IMAP/POP3, customer service templates, signatures and more.

brst t's picture

Couldn't at least provide a one-line-in-big-bold- lettering that every single edit is sent to subscribers?

I can empathize with multi-edits in this and other threads because one time, I edited post several times only to realize after the fact that every single one went out via email. There wasn't any sort of notice to warn me that I might be spamming subscribers by choosing to edit a post for clarity/brevity or to correct some tiny keyboard/tiny screen typo or grammatical slipper.

I can appreciate the reasoning for keeping track of edits, but at the very least, there ought to be a one-line-in-bold-big letters notice that all edits are sent to subscribers so the poster may make an informed decision whether to edit once, twice ..or not at all.

Agreed, that's unexpected

gregeise's picture

Agreed, that's unexpected behaviour to say the least. I think I edited my post 4-5 times, and was surprised to be greeted with 4-5 notification emails.

Open Atrium uses Case Tracker

Martijn de Wit's picture

I've installed Open Atrium. It works fine for me.

Open Atrium is a Intranet solution and come with some features. One of them is Case tracking. They are using the Case Tracker module for case and project tracking.

"Ticketing" has no nodes

sly5's picture

The module promises a lot, and has some cool configuration features. But beware! It doesn't provide a node interface! That's right, there is no content/node associated with "Ticketing" and the only way to submit a ticket is via email.

Comparison to other Solutions outside Drupal?

joergvk's picture

Thanks a lot for this overview. I feel it would also be useful to benchmark these modules against solutions that don't use Drupal. Any insights you want to share?

Modules for agile management?

jconkey's picture

Does anyone know of Drupal modules to manage agile development processes?

I want to track things like milestones, sprints, and projects, and do multi-project or sprint reporting. Ideally, I could divide the sprints and projects into different organizational groups.

I'd appreciate any insight about how well the modules in the table above support these requirements.

Thanks for any info

I also would like to know if

mikeejt's picture

I also would like to know if there's agile project management integrated into drupal.




I think Victor Kane has been

vegemite4me's picture

I think Victor Kane has been looking into this

Any bottleneck with STORM?

dheeraj.dagliya's picture

I feel like a solution based on Drupal STORM has most of the features a project management and time tracking tool, that anyone would expect. The TimeEntry Reporting part that is of special interest to many. My concern was particularly on performance since everything is added in nodes. What are experiences of users who have been using it so far? Do they experience slowness or any other issues? Does it gel around well with CCK & Views?

If this system is used by around 300 users and each one of them would be doing around 10 entries daily in the system. Does any one foresee any bottleneck in this approach?


What's the best data structure for project management?

daven's picture

I can't say with any authority how STORM would perform. But you do have to have some sort of data structure for the time tracking, and nodes are a powerful generic structure. My understanding of Drupal is that nodes should be thought of as inexpensive to create and store. I suspect that STORM performance would compare well with similar systems.


101 setup for Case Tracker or Storm or OpenAttrium?

bagpiper's picture


We're giving a try to a Drupal-based trouble ticketing system for our app. Anybody has links to great tutorials using either of these modules/distro?

I got frustrated spending time with seems to me that the configuration is beyond what we're used to here at Drupal...and I've been a developer for years ;-) .

All I want is to receive emails to a mailbox and have the Drupal app issue a Ticket# that can be used to maintain a conversation with the customer. I installed the modules but it doesn't seem to be as straightforward to setup as I was expecting. It does look however simpler to configure than SugarCRM.

Thanks in advance,


There is also very basic, but

omega8cc's picture

There is also very basic, but working great module for Ubercart - - it's all-in-one, no additional modules required or complicated setup, just configure the POP3 account you will use for incoming e-mails and it works.



bagpiper's picture

I'll give it a try, thanks Grace. I should be reporting back when I have everything running.



anonymous tickets

ceege111's picture

A quick tour through all these ticketing systems leads me to believe there is no way to have anonymous visitors create tickets - it kind of happens in support but not really. They all seem to rest on the assumption that the user is logged in which is frankly a little old fashioned.

Am I missing something?



rcross's picture

there are some systems that offer annoymous ticket creation, but generally isn't a supported practice. The reason for this is that without some level of identity or contact information, there is not guarantee of being able to close the ticket. For example, the ticket may require more information, but generally the reported should confirm that the solution now works as expected. This is especially true for support tickets.

So, what is the use case you have for anonymous tickets??

bagpiper's picture

Perhaps CJ is referring to the creation of tickets by having anybody send an email to an email assigned to the ticketing system?

I was pretty disappointed for the lack of enough functionality available in most modules. Or may be I missed the holy grail of ticketing systems in Drupal...
I'm now using Zendesk due to the urgency of our need, but I'm willing to come back to Drupal if I can find proper documentation.


Because making people register is an impediment

ceege111's picture

You can track the ticket without an account by using an email address you collect at ticket submission time, and close it thus. A ticketing system should also allow completely anonymous tickets - these could be thought of as suggestions which would traditionally be handled via a contact form.

In my use case, it's a city website...and I don't want to force people to register just to answer their question. On the other hand, it would be great to treat their request as a ticket so it could be handled.

One could tie the ticket collection to a user registration process (some shopping carts do this) but that's not really addressing the root issue.

I've noticed others want this too -

What systems are you referring to? Drupal modules?

I know this is an ancient

fuzzy76's picture

I know this is an ancient discussion, but just thought I'd mention that 50% of our support tickets relate to login problems. :) We use a patched version of the support module that require anonymous users to enter their email address when creating new tickets.

Previously it was possible

omega8cc's picture

Previously it was possible only in Case Tracker (d5), thanks to CT Mail (now dropped in d6). Now you can allow to create tickets by anyone (both by using standard contact form and just incoming e-mail) in UC Ticket This module is integrated with Contact and Ubercart, but also offers Mail-to-Ticket incoming gateway. Also, it is easy to configure (no dependencies).


I thought that might be the

ceege111's picture

I thought that might be the case - looked at UC ticket but was under the impression I needed to have UC, which I don't want particularly. But thanks! I'll check it out more thoroughly.

Storm and CRM

egarias's picture

I first build my own crm mainly standalone php and javascript ajax, my previous version was with MSAccess.
Then i started using drupal, the world changed (thanks drupal!).
I installed storm and i was very happy building my crm mainly to follow up my invoices with customers and the support ticketing.
When open atrium became available i installed i found very intuitive and very easy to use and to make customers to use, thats very important so i switched my storm ticketing support to open atrium with the "cases".
But open atrium is not so stable, quite close and i don't like the installation, i had some problems with updates, everything works but i came back to storm, mainly because customer functionalities are better and i thought how to make a crm with storm.
I finally ended including person to timetraking, and some other cck, and i am launching my crm strom DRUPAL!.
its here its alpha
What i want to do is integrate organic groups so i will leverage the functionality to make more interactions with selected customers.
this is my short experience to share if anyone interested.

If you needed organic groups

flashon's picture

If you needed organic groups functionality is there a reason you just didn't integrate storm with open atrium as described here: Although there may be some configuration and tweaking to do, I expect it would be quicker and more robust than doing a custom solution.

hai all

newbie88's picture

it is possible to make integration with jira and drupal,, so the issues in jira can be detected with drupal?? like issues and user


amye's picture

Sure, it's certainly -possible-, although it's been awhile since I looked at the state of Jira's API.

There's a discussion under about this very same thing, and it looks like it had some real traction in the last few days.

However, I'd take a serious look at the business-case for why you're wanting to duplicate effort in Jira into Drupal. Drupal can work as a Project Management tool, but there are so many other better things out there.

Consider Contributing to Project

chrisstrahl's picture

The project team (dww and hunmonk + others) are looking to build a more robust set of tools for the project module ( Consider starting a discussion that focuses on what you're looking for in a PM tool.

Traditionally, project was mostly used for code tracking and d.o project hosting. Ultimately, the vision for this module is far greater than that. Some inspired PM's (me included) should contribute to a thread about what our idea Drupal PM system would actually do.

Don't forget Comment Driven

gmclelland's picture

Just want to quickly say that you can build an issue tracker with CCK + Comment Driven. Basically you create a content type for each type of support form. Then you use CCK Field Permissions to restrict different fields for staff to fill out and different fields for users to fill out. Ticket updates are handled using comments using the Comment Driven module. Using Comment Driven you can update the node and it's cck field when someone comments. When setting up Comment Driven you choose what fields are editable by comments. At each comment you can see a diff of what has change in the ticket.

Add on the canned texts module for easy inserting of common texts inside of comments.

Add the messaging and notifications module for email updates.

See the demo on the Comment Driven module page for an example site.

Add some mapping modules like GMap or Open Layers modules to integrate locations in your forms.

Use Views + Views Bulk Operations for administering your support tickets.

Hope that helps someone,


Good call and thanks

tazus's picture

Thanks for point to Comment Drvien module, I have been looking for such practcie for a long time. It will save a lot of effort.

Happy drupaling!!!

Case Management with Persons Focus

Tokoh's picture

I know this thread is about project management and ticket tracking but the major product is called case tracker, so maybe case management is a possibility.

I'm interested in traditional case managment where people complain about people. I've looked at Case Tracker but it has a project rather than a person focus.
The difference in focus is important because it seems that case tracker has the project focus built in. It does offer the opportunity to change the content node type away from a project but no way of attaching user nodes to a case.

I thought of using the usernode module product but it is effectively discontinued due to views now supporting user nodes natively.

Is there any experience with this type of requirement?

May be you need CiviCase?

venkat-rk's picture

May be you need CiviCase?

In case tracker, you can

zeezhao's picture

In case tracker, you can actually enable other content types as the "project" or even the "case" via:

Case Tracker vs CT Plus

artol's picture

What are your opinions about Casetracker vs CT Plus. At a moment it seems, that Case tracker rules, what woul you use, if you would be building new site with no historical restrictions?

Something similar to MS Project

MadMax77's picture

I’m looking for a project management integrated in drupal similar to MS Project. I mean that I need to assign a percentage of one or more tasks, to one or more people, in one or more projects. Every task has a cost of time/people. Currently I’m using Storm but I couldn’t link the drupal users with storm users and I can’t do things like in MS Project, such as if a person is delayed in a task, it’d has to delay every task which this person has to do after the delayed one.
I’m thinking about using Open Atrium but I afraid that it could give me the same problems than Storm.
Any suggestion?

To do list - task management

Dr.Katte's picture

I was looking for a task manager, made an extensive search in the "project management" category, but failed to find a module to suit my needs. After spending a week searching, but in vain, I decided to migrate away from Drupal, to wordpress, as buddypress has a simple, but effective project management plugin by name BP GTM. BUT, I could not stop my urge to stick with Drupal and I made one, final, frantic search under all categories, that is when I stumbled upon the module- to do list I think this module suits my needs, based on a preliminary attempt. I have added this module to the table above, to help others.
I think this module is wrongly classified under "content" category. It should have been under the category "project management". I have raised an issue there

Which module to use ?

dreamdisorder's picture

I am trying to creating a simple incident tracking application with the ability to create analytical reports etc. I started out with Webforms then found out about Support ticket and thought id try and use that. I tried installing support ticket on drupal 7 and it is misbehaving with error messages like: Strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in _support_autoassign() (line 3515 of C:\xampp\htdocs\ICONX\sites\all\modules\support\support.module).
I am now installing drupal 6 with the hope of being able to get support ticket running with no errors. One of my issues is that there are no videos that show you they way support ticket is supposed to work. So i am making assumptions about what im seeing. Also on 7 i had to install several modules to get support ticket running halfway decent. Even now im worried that perhaps i have not installed something correctly. Does anyone have any recomendations.

Yes I have recommendations ...

diqidoq's picture

"Does anyone have any recomendations." ... yes, please beware that installing modules like this, is not like setting up a blog with a basic install. You should learn more about Drupal and how module contribution and patches work ( | This would help you to come closer to the way the module should work for you. I promise, it will satisfy you much on the end. And parts of your comment are rather a bug report and should be posted in the proper issue queue ...

If anybody is interested in a

manuelBS's picture

If anybody is interested in a full Drupal project management distribution, there is one called ERPAL at It is ready to use after installation and you don't have to do all the configuration. There is an Alpha2 release now with task and ticket management, invoicing, expense tracking, requirements management, employee management and in the next release this month gantt chart functionality will be included. and the

Bob Newby's picture and the Drupal-Zendesk integration project ( certainly deserve mention here.

I've added Feedmine, a Drupal

christefano's picture

I've added Feedmine, a Drupal feedback interface to Redmine, a Rails-based ticket / issue management system.

There's also a Redmine group for anyone who's interested. We recorded a demo of Feedmine at a meetup and I hope to upload it soon. I'll share it in the Redmine group when I do.

What would people think about

juliangb's picture

What would people think about us removing the "5.x" and "IRC Integration" columns in the table above?

5.x is now very outdated, and I guess we will soon want to add an 8.x column.

I do not know why IRC integration has been highlighted in the table, when there are many features that could be highlighted.

Perhaps we actually need a separate table that highlights feature differences between modules - see for an example.

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Better documentation

rcross's picture

I think it would actually be best to move (and update) this information into the "Comparison of modules" section of the Drupal handbooks -

I would then put a link to that page in place of the wiki information here. We can also link back to this page if there is the need to preserve any of the comments on this topic.

Ah, nice one, I hadn't seen

juliangb's picture

Ah, nice one, I hadn't seen that page.

But considering that there is already a page here (that is well linked to), how about instead putting a link on that page back to here, similar to some of the comparison pages on Drupal Groups?

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Yep, time to bump versions!

fending's picture

Agreed - 5.x was EOL'd with the 7.x release. While 8.x doesn't have an official release, it would be wise to replace 5 w/ 8.

i would love to see the comparison chart

mheinke's picture

as shown on the wikipedia article i would love to see a comparison chart like that.

what features are supported by what version.... i would find that much easier to understand.

I think therefore I Drupal

Agree it would be useful, and

juliangb's picture

Agree it would be useful, and maybe this can be a next step.

For one, what features should be highlighted in our initial table?

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I've added our OpenLucius

joris_lucius's picture

I've added our OpenLucius distro.

We'd appreciate all feedback, to make the install profile better and better.

-- Cheers, Joris

STROM or any other

maq.said's picture

Any suggestion for best tool to manage Drupal project. I want to learn only 1 and not many and manage remotely.