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Does anyone have any policies they can share in regards to retention of data obtained in part from student activity through your website that goes towards generation of a grade?

Specifically in regards to LTI based activities would be awesome as we are developing in that direction, but also use our Drupal site to gather student feedback through web forms, quizzes, and other interactive activities that log to the database.

I don't believe this would fall under the full scope of university records retention policies but was hoping for something that would provide a little more flexibility than that.


University policy -- Need to

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University policy -- Need to be able to pull up an environment that was the course as the student took it up to 2 years after the fact. I'm not sure what's done with it after that fact (not my area).

My / Our policy as an LTI provider if you will (currently) -- This data (student PII living on Drupal services) will be segmented and contained on a known number of servers. Each course / learning environment is separate from the others (new Drupal site). There's only 1 server that the student data lives on so we can account for it better.
We retain data basically until we destroy all of it some day; it's archived semester to semester and can be recalled given a day or so.

Our future policy -- Types of learning data will live on individual Drupal sites. This further fragmentation helps spread the data profile out across multiple Drupal sites but we know where they are and the type of data on that service. For example, quiz / self-check data for a course would be on 1 database / service / server. Student submissions for grading live on another, blogging / free form responses on another and so on.
Data is archived as soon as the semester ends and can be recalled in a few minutes.

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