Group to work through Pro Drupal 7 Development

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Hi folks,
I'm interested in working through the Pro Drupal 7 Development Book to get more savvy at developing modules. Anyone else interested in spending some time doing this? I think it would be more fun to do this in a small group. I would need to do it on Tuesday evenings or else maybe carve out some lunchtimes or setup some other creative schedule. I have my kiddo on Wednesday nights and I teach a class on Thursdays so the usual dojo times are tough for me.

If you aren't familiar with the book, it's at Each participant would need a copy of the book, some knowledge of php and a working copy of Drupal - local or hosted.

Let's get coding!



D8, maybe

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Personally, I’d be more interested in learning D8, but perhaps we could work that in with it.

I'm not averse to getting to

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I'm not averse to getting to know D8. I did participate in the code sprint at Drupalcon on Friday which was great fun. Any other folks interested in this? I'm going to post it on the facebook group to see if there is any interest there.