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Quiz is a good module for many situations, but it's not as useful for skills courses as it might be. As far as feedback is concerned, learning research suggests that students need:

  • Hands-on exercises, e.g., write programs
  • Formative feedback, that is, a list of what is right and wrong with a submission
  • Opportunities to resubmit until the exercise is complete

Grading has to be done by humans. It's a lot of work. For a 40-person intro programming course, I grade about 2,000 exercises per semester. To make that practical, the workflow has to be designed carefully. Specific rubrics help, with rubric items shared across exercises.

The grading interface is key. It has to be fast and convenient.

https://wiki.cybercour.se/wiki/grading-and-formative-feedback has some short videos showing a D7 implementation. It's buggy, but effective. Without something like it, it wouldn't be feasible to follow learning research recommendations on feedback.

When I wrote the D7 code, I didn't try to integrate with Quiz, since we had different concerns. I didn't need the variety of question items that Quiz has. Quiz doesn't emphasize manual grading workflow, that I needed.

Now, I'm planning on rebuilding my system on D8. Are there plans revisit Quiz architecture for D8, or just to port it?



It depends on the version you

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It depends on the version you are looking at.

Quiz 4's architecture is obsolete as it used very little of Drupal 7 technologies - Entity API, DBTNG etc.

Quiz 5 however is more like what I think D8 will be - it has less of a footprint and is more flexible as much of the work was pushed off to Entity API.

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