November Meetup: Tackling configuration management in Drupal 8

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2016-11-16 19:00 - 21:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

Join us at our November Drupal Users Group Meetup

Topic: Tackling configuration management in Drupal 8.

Presenter: Zach Weishar, Drupal Developer at Isovera

At it’s core, Drupal is made up of two parts, code (Drupal core, contributed modules, etc) and a database. Code can be managed and moved between environments with relative ease via a version control system, but the same is not true for the database. Managing changes to the database between environments is challenging. Luckily for us, Drupal 8 has introduced the Configuration Management System, which aims to solve this problem for site admins and developers alike.

There are ways to manage site configuration in Drupal 7 (Features FTW!), but implementation was often inconsistent because there was no standardized way to do this, and the available methods were introduced through contributed modules. In Drupal 8, configuration management is in core, which is a huge change.

We’ll take a look at the key concepts that make up the configuration management system in Drupal 8, how to use the system to manage your site’s configuration, how you might use it as a module or theme developer, and how things have changed between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Key Concepts:

  • Configuration management changes between D7 to D8
  • Define the various methods of storing information in Drupal 8
  • Practically using the configuration system
  • Configuration Entities

Thank you to our November sponsors: Isovera and Amazee Labs

Details about location, parking, etc can be found at the meetup page

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