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Organic group content per user access

I am in the middle of figuring how to setup a per user based group content access permission.

The scenario is like this.
I have a group of users, when publishing a post into the group, the author will be able to select which member from the group will be able to access the content.

Anyone has experience on this kind of implementation, mind to share?

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Importing Facebook groups wholesale into Drupal Organic Groups?

I'm wondering if anyone has done any work on importing Facebook groups wholesale into Drupal Organic Groups? I know we can export all the data from a Facebook group using the Facebook API. I guess the main task is to how to map Facebook comments (with revisions?), users, events and pages to a local Drupal instance. I guess make placeholders for these Facebook objects and allow these to be acquired retrospectively? Any ideas? Any projects with similar aims?

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Where can I get user to user help on OG?

If this is not an issue queue but is more of a dev queue where can I get help on configuring OG? I don't see any links to a user forum.

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Organic Groups - content types and access control

First, if I may, allow me to apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this kind of question. The question certainly doesn't relate to any 'issues' - unless my own ignorance and stupidity can be classed as 'issues' (blush).
I'm currently trying to add a facility to a test site, as a preliminary to making it live on a production site I set up for a group of colleagues. On first impressions, OG looks like it might be an effective way to add the facility, but as anyone who know me will tell you - I'm an Idiot (blush). So I could be wrong :-).

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OG 7.2 View of a User's Groups

I am struggling to build a simple view of a user's groups to be displayed on their profile page. This was fairly straightforward with 7.1 but I can't seem to get the view configured with 7.2. I just want to display a list of the group titles that represent the user's subscribed groups.

Ideas welcome.

I can't find the right relationship to allow a contextual filter based on the UID, which I assume needs to be passed to the view to determine the user's groups.

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OG List View - Sprucing It Up a Bit Questions

Hello ive tried to make this more chatty and less issue based as to tell you the truth im sick of myself for having to keep askign questions about things. I'd rather chat about it and maybe get some new ideas too.

I'd like to add a couple of features to my list of all OG Groups on my site. Ive asked about the net about them before but it all seems to predate 7.2 an with the changes of relationships etc there isnt much for someone to go on.

First thing i'd like, no love, to have is a Group Post Count display on my OG list View. The closest i have got is in this post on stackexchange

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Share with All Groups

Hi is there a way around to get Share with All Groups option in the group audience field for a specfic group content type.With share with All Group I mean to say share content to all groups we are not even if are not memeber of.

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Is there a way that let the og feature only display own group?

I am facing a little issue with og features.

I have two different OG groups. First is Bar group, the second is Music team group. And under Bar group, i create a two og features just like bar news and bar event. After i enable/disable all features is working fine. but, when i going to Music team group and click Music team group features link, i found that bar news feature and bar event features also display in Music team group.

So, My question:
Is there a way that let my bar group features only display in bar group,not display on Music team group?

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Trying OG 7.2

I am attempting to retro fit an existing site (configuration detailed below) with Domain Access and Organic Groups.

The existing site for anonymous users is and must remain the default domain (Domain id =1). The second and subsequent domains are intended ONLY for authenticated user with various roles.
Domain Access is operational with a drop-down selection list enabling movement between domains. So far, so good.

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Is there a way that content create link reference OG Feature??

HI Guys:

I am facing a little issue.

In my case:
1. I create a OG feature and include the OG WIKI and OG News.
2. I create a panel and put the content create link on the panel
3. After i toggle OG WIKI disable under OG Feature, content create link still can see "create WIKI" link

So, my question:
Is there a way that content create link reference OG Feature??
Is there a way that og_node_link reference OG Feature??

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[Solved]How to create feature under og feature Tab.

HI Guys:

I am create some feature via feature module. In my case, i have some group, just like group wiki,group news, group blog. And i create a feature following some user guide which from internet. 

My step:
1. Going to structure/feature
2. create a feature with group news
3. save and download

After i enable feature under feature page and open my group feature tab, i don't see group news feature. So,How to let the feature under OG feature tab?

Many thanks.

Just like the attachment screenshot


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how to restrict add user search to subset of users?

I have a very strange problem that I've been unable to solve for a while now. What I need to do is to restrict the access of who a user can invite to a group. I've set up a system of inheritance on the web site, so that when users with permissions create more users, these new users get tagged with their creator's id. It is a user account field that is called creator_id. So, for instance, if the administrator (with user ID 1) creates a new user, that new user has a creator_id value of 1. I've been using this functionality to restrict what users other users can work with.

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Error Messages

Currently when someone puts a invalid username or passward in the the login form it only returns a red box around the username and password box. I am designing a site for a church that wants to display a message about the error. Is there a way someone can direct me how to do this?

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Drupal in Education - New Website & Google+ Community

With the use of Drupal growing so rapidly in the Education field and with there being close to 80 people at the Drupacon Denver Education BOF, I think that it is time for us to unite and built a great community where we can all share ideas.

Again we are in the "very" beginning phases of building our community but would really like some input from as many people as possible.

Currently we have a website with just a form to collect information and a Google+ community.


Google Plus:

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How to help with Organic Groups in Drupal 8?

There isn't a D8 branch of OG yet in the repository, so this may be a bit premature. I'd like to find out what I can do to help get Organic Groups ready for Drupal 8. I'm planning on leapfrogging Drupal 7 and rebuilding a site in Drupal 8 that currently lives in Drupal 6. The development process will be slow, so it would be great to help contribute to the development of both OG8 and D8 as they come along.

What are the plans right now for a Drupal 8 release of Organic Groups?

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Joining OG Groups OG 7.x-2

When users setup a group I want them to have the option to set public or private. For public groups I want site members to be able to join without approval. For groups designated private by their creator, I want the option for the group administrator to require approval before a site member can join.

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How to avoid Organic Groups menu tab Group

Organic Group has added a [Group] tab menu item to all my nodes being viewed, including those which are not part of any group. I have various kind of content, and only one of them is a Group type.

Now every node on my site shows [View] [Group] at the top, where there used to be nothing, unless you were an editor.

How can I avoid this behaviour? Clicking on the [Group] shows a page with no information, since the content is not really connected to a group.

Thank you!

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Drupal 6 Organic Group member cannot access private Group

Dear All

My drupal is 6.22, I want create private group to member.
If I set the group to public , each member can see the page.
But I set the group to private, all member cannot see the page.

And the error message is

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page

Is I miss some permission setting?

I want set 2 groups as:
Guest cannot visit 2 groups
Group 1 admin can create post to related group
Another group admin can see group 1 article but cannot post and edit.

How can I do it?

Best Regard

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How to create block with content related to node author in OG?

I have been trying to create a block (View content pane) that shows News content written by the author of the node I am on. The node is Organic Group content. I can do it outside of OG with a regular old View block with a contextual filter that grabs the Author ID. But using Organic Groups and Panels, I have been unable to pass the Author ID as a context.

I have the content pane successfully filtering all of the News for the Group the node is in, but get stuck when I try to filter by the author of the node. In Views when I try to set the Argument Input it looks like this:

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