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Unable to view node data on node's detail page. (The node is a Group Content)

I am a newbie to the Organic Group and my issue may sound to be a bit silly.

But, even after trying a lot I could not find a solution and hence would seek your help.

I am supposed to create trainings for each student group
I created a new role called Student
Installed "OG" module
Created a new Content Type "Group"
Added Groups
Created a new Content Type "Training" and made it a "Group Content" and added few custom fields
Created a view to display training for each group.
But When I am trying to go to training's detail page, the page is blank.

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Table with different contet per User

Hello everybody!!

I'm developing a webpage with drupal 7 and i would like to make a section called 'bills' in this section i would show a table with 4 rows; the first for display links of bills, the second for display the amount to pay, the third to display the state 'paid' or 'pending' and the last one for pay the bill with other link. i would like to change the content of the table to the different users. how can i do that?. how can i do a relationship between the files pdf and the users? i don't know how the OG module can help me...

thank you very much!


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Integrating og_group with group's social networks accounts

Hi everybody, I'm new to the group, a beginner to drupal, non programmer... Still, I have a good question (I guess):

How is it possible to associate a social account to an organic group in drupal 7?

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A way to allow to all authentificate user to read all groups contents ?


Is there a way in OG to allow to all the authentificate Users to read each group content even if they are not member.

Only member can write in thier groups.

I mean instead of having just Public / Private group visibility I'd like to have a third option : readonly for non-members.

Sorry for my hazardous english and Thanks for all the work.


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Display OG view with users and nodes from membership for group members

To keep it simple my goal is to create a view that displays OG user roles and the nid of the nodes the users have posted in the group.

I have successfully created a view with users and nodes from membership doing:

  1. Add new view -> Create a page displaying table of fields
  2. Add contextual filter -> OG membership: Group ID
  3. Add relationship -> OG membership: Node from OG membership
  4. Add relationship -> OG membership: User from OG membership
  5. Add field -> OG membership: OG user roles in group (Roles)
  6. Add field -> (node from OG membership) Content: Nid (Nid)
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Looking to simplify the user interface for group admins

My users are finding the admin interface quite cumbersome. For example to approve members it takes 5 or 6 clicks, including some settings that are not very intuitive for an average user (click next to the user, go to "choose an operation" VBO dropdown, select "modify membership status", click "execute", etc etc) Whereas my users are perhaps used to adding/removing people via something like facebook with one click add/remove.

So i'm just wondering if others have run into this issue before and any suggestions for solutions and simplifications of the user interface?

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Advice on using Organic Groups for course management in an academic context

I am thinking about using Organic Groups for course management in an academic context.

Initially I was going to create an OG group per course e.g. Physics 101. However if the users change per semester this could become tricky to manage...

There are 2 options I can think of:



  • Create a new group each semester e.g “Physics 101 – Semester 1, 2013”
    • But would soon end up with 1000’s of groups.

  • Somehow archive the data, clear down the group and re-enrol the next class each semester
  • <


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    Allow all OG members to view/edit all content


    I'm pretty new to OG and I'm testing a collaborative intranet site at this moment with Drupal7 and Organic Groups 7.x-2.3.

    It is a simple app for a small group where all the members know each other and can be trusted. We're working on a Degrowth Workshop (link to the workshop announcement, in Spanish).

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    Drupal Lead Developer |

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Employment type: 
    Part time

    Location: London, UK - at least 1 day a week

    We are looking for a fast-moving Drupal developer with a clear view on programming best practices and UX

    The successful candidate will ensure our platform ( provides the best possible service and functionality to end users. Encouraging Invrep users to come back for more and spread the word!

    The candidate should be well versed in Drupal programming (e.g. PHP; MySQL) and best practices (e.g. module building; version control etc).

    The work will be balanced toward back-end; but some front-end experience will be valuable.

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    New module, Og drive, integrates Google PHP SDK with OG


    I have newly joined the OG group to share with you that I have published a new module that integrates Google drive document sharing with OG.

    Hope you enjoy !

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    project | shaktikund

    Employment type: 

    this is a blog and commercial site for a city. The site would be promoted through offline mediums. The customers would be posting content in the form of blogs as well as advertisements of products.

    Please get in touch for more details. Word doc attached


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    Need to split up group audience field (Organic Groups) into public and private fields

    The group audience field lists all organic groups. I need it to be two separate fields, one listing the public groups and one the private. For the private, I need to have it filter down to only groups the current user is a part of, and if they aren't in any private groups, then I need to hide that. Can any one share a clue on how to do this?

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    Organic groups additional menu items

    I'm wondering if there is a way to have additional menu items on the top nav based on the og a user is a member of?

    So they see the of they are a member of under one tab then see specific content on a separate nav? the reason is I have the ogs but then dependant on which og they are a member of I want them to see particulAr documents in a nav entitled docs for example

    Any help appreciated.

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    Forcing OG group membership on site registration

    I have various content types that are associated with my OG 7.x-2.x groups. When a site member who is not a member of any group attempts to create content using any of the these content types they cannot create new content.

    If a site member is a member of at least one OG, then they can use the content type and create content.

    I want site members to be able to use these content types regardless of whether they belong to one or more organic groups. Failing that, I would like to create a generic group that all members are forced to join on registration.

    What are my options?

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    Can an OG Administrator be given access to edit OG member user profiles?

    I'm trying to find a way to let OG Administrator Members edit user profiles (username, password, custom fields) of OG members. If I give them them "Administer Users" at admin/people/permissions, then these administrators have access to all user profiles (even user 1), not just those users who are members of their group. But, the OG permissions page does not offer any way to let admins edit their group members' profiles.

    I found this similar case for D6:

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    Organic group content per user access

    I am in the middle of figuring how to setup a per user based group content access permission.

    The scenario is like this.
    I have a group of users, when publishing a post into the group, the author will be able to select which member from the group will be able to access the content.

    Anyone has experience on this kind of implementation, mind to share?

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    Importing Facebook groups wholesale into Drupal Organic Groups?

    I'm wondering if anyone has done any work on importing Facebook groups wholesale into Drupal Organic Groups? I know we can export all the data from a Facebook group using the Facebook API. I guess the main task is to how to map Facebook comments (with revisions?), users, events and pages to a local Drupal instance. I guess make placeholders for these Facebook objects and allow these to be acquired retrospectively? Any ideas? Any projects with similar aims?

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    Where can I get user to user help on OG?

    If this is not an issue queue but is more of a dev queue where can I get help on configuring OG? I don't see any links to a user forum.

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    Organic Groups - content types and access control

    First, if I may, allow me to apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this kind of question. The question certainly doesn't relate to any 'issues' - unless my own ignorance and stupidity can be classed as 'issues' (blush).
    I'm currently trying to add a facility to a test site, as a preliminary to making it live on a production site I set up for a group of colleagues. On first impressions, OG looks like it might be an effective way to add the facility, but as anyone who know me will tell you - I'm an Idiot (blush). So I could be wrong :-).

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    OG 7.2 View of a User's Groups

    I am struggling to build a simple view of a user's groups to be displayed on their profile page. This was fairly straightforward with 7.1 but I can't seem to get the view configured with 7.2. I just want to display a list of the group titles that represent the user's subscribed groups.

    Ideas welcome.

    I can't find the right relationship to allow a contextual filter based on the UID, which I assume needs to be passed to the view to determine the user's groups.

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