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How to remove group audience and content visibility-field if user is in one group only

I have a basic group called “all-users” to which registred users are assigned to by the Rules module.
Now its not intuitive and makes no sense to the user, when he has to set group audience and content visbility while creating an entry.
The only option in the group audience field is “all-users” ofc, and if he sets content visibility-field to “private”, it makes no difference since everybody registred on the site is in the “all-users” group. So users will wonder and get irritated by these fields.

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Example for OG API use to add fields to groups

Hi all,
I post on my blog about my experience with OG API.
When a requirement of adding a field to any group in the site, the power of the API shows its strength.
This is how to do it.
Like always, comments are welcome, and I hope it will be useful for anyone.


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Organic Groups Dynamic Content Type Challenge

Not sure if this is even possible (well I guess everything is possible), but here goes.

I have a group structure where the group manager can create questions for other group members to answer. Those questions currently fill a select list in the group content posts via entity reference.

Here is the hard part:

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Where are Organic Groups Global Roles?

Global Roles do not appear in my OG config page. What would cause them to go missing? I can't find another similar issue on the web. I need to be able to create a role that applies to all groups. Creating them multiple times is killing me.

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How to only allow authenticated users to see organic groups

Organic Groups: 7.x-2.6

I have a project that requires that only people who have logged in and are authenticated be allowed to view organic groups.
I've been searching around the net like crazy for an answer, and can't find one anywhere.
A lot of people have been wanting this feature for many years (since drupal 6).

Is there a workaround for this?
For Drupal 6 there is a workaround, as I found in this tutorial:
But this doesn't work for Drupal 7 organic groups.

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Using Rules to assign user on registration to group?

I want to build a community-project with multiple groups, one group should contain all registered users of the site though.
What is the best way to achieve this? I thought about using Rules to assign every user on registration to a group, let’s call it “registered users”. But as it looks, I can only do this by adding a very irritating field to the registration process, where users have to click on the group, they will be assigned to. Instead I would prefer them to be put into a certain group in the background; it should not bother them whether they are in a “registered users”-group or not.

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Add content created by user number 1 to a group the user is not part of

I'm new with Organic Groups. I'm using Drupal 7 and organic group 7.1.
I would like to allow the owner/administrator of a group to add contents created by authenticated users to his own group.

For example if I have a group called "Black and white movies" and i see an article that is part of a group called "Movies of 1930", I would like to be able to add this article to my group.

Is it possible?

Thanks for the help!

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Give authenticated users permission to create group content

I’ve created a »Group Content« content type, let’s call it »movie critics«. The idea is, that basically authenticated users can create movie critics (with the customized fields and stuff), but also group memebers of specific groups are being able to create movie critics based on that certain content type but for their own group audience.

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Linking to content when using custom routing solutions

I'm working with a system where custom routing had to be implemented using hook_url_inbound_alter. The layout is basically, "mastergroup" as the main group, and "projects" as the child group (set as a group and group content, with the group audience set to "mastergroup". So, the urls have to be as follows:
- mastergroup/group-url-alias (the main group content)
- mastergroup/group-url-alias/projects (list of projects for the current group)
- mastergroup/group-url-alias/projects/project-url-alias (project details page)

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Allow registered users to create new groups and manage their groups


I am using organic groups 7x.2x and i am able to create groups from site administrator panel.
But my site will also allow registered users to create new groups(public and private). May be site administrator can approve the new requests.
Can any one tell me how to do this.
Do i need to create views for it to capture new group details or is the og provides feature this feature already.
Thanks in advance.

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Create a view of organic group content and link it with the organic group menu

I have many organic groups in my website and want to view every group contents in a page that has a link in "organic group menu" of their group.

How I can do that?

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Unable to view node data on node's detail page. (The node is a Group Content)

I am a newbie to the Organic Group and my issue may sound to be a bit silly.

But, even after trying a lot I could not find a solution and hence would seek your help.

I am supposed to create trainings for each student group
I created a new role called Student
Installed "OG" module
Created a new Content Type "Group"
Added Groups
Created a new Content Type "Training" and made it a "Group Content" and added few custom fields
Created a view to display training for each group.
But When I am trying to go to training's detail page, the page is blank.

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Table with different contet per User

Hello everybody!!

I'm developing a webpage with drupal 7 and i would like to make a section called 'bills' in this section i would show a table with 4 rows; the first for display links of bills, the second for display the amount to pay, the third to display the state 'paid' or 'pending' and the last one for pay the bill with other link. i would like to change the content of the table to the different users. how can i do that?. how can i do a relationship between the files pdf and the users? i don't know how the OG module can help me...

thank you very much!


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Integrating og_group with group's social networks accounts

Hi everybody, I'm new to the group, a beginner to drupal, non programmer... Still, I have a good question (I guess):

How is it possible to associate a social account to an organic group in drupal 7?

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A way to allow to all authentificate user to read all groups contents ?


Is there a way in OG to allow to all the authentificate Users to read each group content even if they are not member.

Only member can write in thier groups.

I mean instead of having just Public / Private group visibility I'd like to have a third option : readonly for non-members.

Sorry for my hazardous english and Thanks for all the work.


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Display OG view with users and nodes from membership for group members

To keep it simple my goal is to create a view that displays OG user roles and the nid of the nodes the users have posted in the group.

I have successfully created a view with users and nodes from membership doing:

  1. Add new view -> Create a page displaying table of fields
  2. Add contextual filter -> OG membership: Group ID
  3. Add relationship -> OG membership: Node from OG membership
  4. Add relationship -> OG membership: User from OG membership
  5. Add field -> OG membership: OG user roles in group (Roles)
  6. Add field -> (node from OG membership) Content: Nid (Nid)
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Looking to simplify the user interface for group admins

My users are finding the admin interface quite cumbersome. For example to approve members it takes 5 or 6 clicks, including some settings that are not very intuitive for an average user (click next to the user, go to "choose an operation" VBO dropdown, select "modify membership status", click "execute", etc etc) Whereas my users are perhaps used to adding/removing people via something like facebook with one click add/remove.

So i'm just wondering if others have run into this issue before and any suggestions for solutions and simplifications of the user interface?

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Advice on using Organic Groups for course management in an academic context

I am thinking about using Organic Groups for course management in an academic context.

Initially I was going to create an OG group per course e.g. Physics 101. However if the users change per semester this could become tricky to manage...

There are 2 options I can think of:



  • Create a new group each semester e.g “Physics 101 – Semester 1, 2013”
    • But would soon end up with 1000’s of groups.

  • Somehow archive the data, clear down the group and re-enrol the next class each semester
  • <


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    Allow all OG members to view/edit all content


    I'm pretty new to OG and I'm testing a collaborative intranet site at this moment with Drupal7 and Organic Groups 7.x-2.3.

    It is a simple app for a small group where all the members know each other and can be trusted. We're working on a Degrowth Workshop (link to the workshop announcement, in Spanish).

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    Drupal Lead Developer |

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Employment type: 
    Part time

    Location: London, UK - at least 1 day a week

    We are looking for a fast-moving Drupal developer with a clear view on programming best practices and UX

    The successful candidate will ensure our platform ( provides the best possible service and functionality to end users. Encouraging Invrep users to come back for more and spread the word!

    The candidate should be well versed in Drupal programming (e.g. PHP; MySQL) and best practices (e.g. module building; version control etc).

    The work will be balanced toward back-end; but some front-end experience will be valuable.

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