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programmatically fetch the permissions for each group separately

Hi guys,

I am using the Organic groups module 7.x

I need to programmatically fetch the permissions of roles in each group separately. How should I do this?

Thanks for help, and good job making whole project :)

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Fetch the permissions for each group separately. How should I do this?

Organic group roles
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New Drupal Podcast Episode: Organic Groups

The latest episode of The Open Mic podcast discussing Organic Groups is available for download here:

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Formación Organic groups

Hola a tod@s,
estoy creando un proyecto propio y necesito un conocimiento avanzado de organic groups. Creo haber visto todos los videos que hay sobre el tema... pero, se me agota el tiempo y en muchos casos no sé cual el camino correcto...
Hay alguién con conocimiento avanzado y experiencia en desarrollo con grupos organicos que me pueda dar una formación especifica via skype, por ejemplo?
Gracias y un saludo,

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What is OG's Competition?

Can anyone suggest what might be the alternatives to OG within other CMSs and frameworks?

I only know of buddypress and if I understand that right it's more an alternative to Commons than it is to OG - ie it's a monolithic system, not a granular one that would encourage more customised development.

CONTEXT: I'm doing scoping design for a social site, focused around project pages a little like Kickstarter, each with their own posts, members, etc etc - feels like the purpose for which OG was born, and being drupal native I'm finding myself modelling everything around OG principals.

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Best Practice ? Group admins creating private content targeted at specific group members

My site distributes central content via 3rd parties who each manage manage a content group (eg groups A, B ...).

Each group manager manages a group of members with whom they have a commercial relationship. (eg A manages group A with members A1, A2 ...).

Group managers supplement central content with shared group content AND add specific commercially sensitive content nodes (eg X1, X2...) which are INDIVIDUALLY TARGETED at each member in their group. (Eg A may create node AX1 which should only be readable by A1, AX2 which is only readable by A2 .... etc).

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Allow comments only for group members


I have seen all videos for OG from Drupalize, but they don't speak about comments in a group.

All I wanted to do, is to permit comments only for membres that are in groups.

I have try Comment OG :

Thx for your help.

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Organic groups 7.x - 2.7. no me permite crear contenido en los grupos

Tengo un problema con organic groups 7.x - 2.7.
Detecto que un usuario que pertenece a varios grupos pero que aún no ha creado ningún grupo, no puede crear contenido en los grupos (al crear el nodo de contenido en el grupo sólo aparece el campo de título, y no aparecen los campos de elegir grupo, ni body, ...)
Los usuarios que han creado al menos un grupo, pueden acceder a los grupos a los que pertenecen y añadir contenido en todos los campos.

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Can´t add content in a group until created a group

I have a problem with organic groups 7.x - 2.7.
I have a user who belongs to several groups, but until he created a group, he can´t add content content groups from the groups to which he belong.
Users who have created at least one group can access the groups to which they belong and to add content in all fields.
Users who have not yet created a group, can access the groups to which they belong, but when trying to add content within the group only see the title field (can´t see the field choose group or body, or any other field to complete).

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Statuses (Social Microblog) module integration with organic group?

Looking for an integration with Statuses (Social Microblog) module and organic group module. Please share some keys if any one experience with it.

Thanks in advance

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Authenticated traffic scale options

I'm wondering if people have any recommendations on scaling authenticated traffic sites?

Context: We've got about 2,500 users, of whom, 50-100 are on at any one time throughout the day. Right now their interactions are on largely static pages so we've gotten away with display_cache / entitycache / APC / Advagg for cache bin optimization so we can deliver pages pretty quickly.

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How i can do to display filter by content type in organic groupe views

i have 10 groupe,i want to create filter in view display all content, so i can filter this content by groupe name.

any idea to do that??

In general: How i can do to display filter by content type in organic groupe views??
Reamrq:organic groupe views its the views diplay content in an organic groupe.
any idea


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any idea how to use organic group menu like in this groupe?

any idea how to create organic group menu like in this groupe?(see attched pic.)

i try with og_menu module..but no result


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Working with d8

I need to integrate my project quite deeply with og in drupal 8 but I'm struggling with some of the concepts, and very little progress has been made with the code recently.
Could somebody clarify for me, to save me time,
What does it mean for an entity to be a member of a group, when a row is created in og_members table. Is this intended for users only?
and what does it mean for an entity to have a group as an audience, with its own field? Is this for content and access control?

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Drupal Front End Themer | Amelore Ltd

Employment type: 

We are a cotswold based start up who need an immediate Lead Front End Themer for an initial two week contract to help us get our new HR product designed from scratch for initial customer development.

Excellent Front End skills needed (see plus flexibility and a sense of adventure.

West Country base is preferable but not essential.


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How to create views that displays items from non-subscribed group.

Hi, I have a use case where I need to display some of that news items in views to everyone even that person is not part of that group.

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development | vikretapromo

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 


I need a responsive website which would be used to promote products from retailer to customer

Retailer would add mobile no. and email address of the customer and tag him with his product to further send promotional mails to the customers

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Many parent groups vs node-references

Is it better to have many levels of parent groups or just node references?

Given the following scenario:

|__ Products
|__ Clients
|__ Wish lists

It's easy to see that Vendor is the group, Products and Clients are that groups content, and Wish lists can be content of the Clients, which means that they would be "Group/Group Content"

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how we can Force membre to add new content by default to current (open) Organic Groups.

how we can Force membre to add new content by default to current (open) Organic Groups.

like here when i post this question, by default i post it in my current groupe .


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