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How to help with Organic Groups in Drupal 8?

There isn't a D8 branch of OG yet in the repository, so this may be a bit premature. I'd like to find out what I can do to help get Organic Groups ready for Drupal 8. I'm planning on leapfrogging Drupal 7 and rebuilding a site in Drupal 8 that currently lives in Drupal 6. The development process will be slow, so it would be great to help contribute to the development of both OG8 and D8 as they come along.

What are the plans right now for a Drupal 8 release of Organic Groups?

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Joining OG Groups OG 7.x-2

When users setup a group I want them to have the option to set public or private. For public groups I want site members to be able to join without approval. For groups designated private by their creator, I want the option for the group administrator to require approval before a site member can join.

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How to avoid Organic Groups menu tab Group

Organic Group has added a [Group] tab menu item to all my nodes being viewed, including those which are not part of any group. I have various kind of content, and only one of them is a Group type.

Now every node on my site shows [View] [Group] at the top, where there used to be nothing, unless you were an editor.

How can I avoid this behaviour? Clicking on the [Group] shows a page with no information, since the content is not really connected to a group.

Thank you!

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Drupal 6 Organic Group member cannot access private Group

Dear All

My drupal is 6.22, I want create private group to member.
If I set the group to public , each member can see the page.
But I set the group to private, all member cannot see the page.

And the error message is

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page

Is I miss some permission setting?

I want set 2 groups as:
Guest cannot visit 2 groups
Group 1 admin can create post to related group
Another group admin can see group 1 article but cannot post and edit.

How can I do it?

Best Regard

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How to create block with content related to node author in OG?

I have been trying to create a block (View content pane) that shows News content written by the author of the node I am on. The node is Organic Group content. I can do it outside of OG with a regular old View block with a contextual filter that grabs the Author ID. But using Organic Groups and Panels, I have been unable to pass the Author ID as a context.

I have the content pane successfully filtering all of the News for the Group the node is in, but get stuck when I try to filter by the author of the node. In Views when I try to set the Argument Input it looks like this:

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Purchase Access to an Organic Group

Can someone please provide a prescription for using Drupal Commerce to purchase access to individual organic groups? Much appreciated.

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How to add user to OG 7.x-2.x group with rules?


Have a hard time figuring out how to add user to some OG group automatically on lets say user registration.

The first part is easy, event:
"After saving a new user account"

Condition: none

"Subscribe user to group"

...and then I am stuck.

For example, my OG group is nid 3.

Any clues?

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Organic Groups v Relations

I'm in the process of designing an event management website, my first drupal project. Nothing like starting small.

I'm figuring to define events organised by promotors as Groups and use Relations to drive the social aspects of things, on a "OG defines what you see, relations who you tell" basis.

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How to display OG blog without content panel?

HI all:

My Environment is Drupal7 + OG 1.x. I already add Blog content type into Group content type. And after that, I create a View and give the menu tab and the path is node/%/blogs. But, i want don't know that how to config the OG Blog. I mean that when the group A user click OG Blog tab, the page display all Group A blog. when group B user click OG blog tab, the page display all group B blog.

If you have best experience, would you please tell me that how to config CONTEXTUAL FILTERS and RELATIONSHIPS in view. And I just want to OG Blog tab only display in group node.

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How to add user to some group during registration AUTOMATICALLY


Have some kind of "default" group, and want user to became user of this group automatically during new user registration.
There is a similar module, but I want full automation.

How to write a rule for that?

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Displaying group fields with a view embedded in a panel

Hi Folks,

Apologies if this is not the right place to post. Please let me know where to go.

I run an organization across university campuses with local groups on each campus and I'm developing a drupal site with organic groups to connect everybody together. Using D7, OG7, and Views 3.

Each campus is an OG group and has their own page. On each page, there will be a fixed header with information about the university, e.g. photo, motto, location, etc., and then group related content, e.g. articles, events, member list, etc.

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Email Drupal content to email

I am creating a Church website. They want to be able to have a prayer request form where the user can send it to the pastor, elders, or deacon. Is there a way in organic groups to do this? Thanks.

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User group assignment using registration form (OG)

I am new to Drupal, so I apologize in advance if the answer to this question is simple and I am just missing something obvious.

I an struggling with the registration process. I have the three groups built. When a user fills out the registration form to become a member of the site, I want them to select one of the three groups to become a member and have them be assigned to that group upon administrator approval.

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Is it possible to post one group content type into multiple group types?

I am writing a simple blogging platform for a primary school. I am using Organic Groups to create a multi-user blogging experience.

I want to be able to set up two group types: a class group type and an extra-curricular activity group type. Then I want to be able to set up one group content type: a blog-post. (I don't want 2 different blog-post types: a class-blog-post type and an extra-curricular-activity-blog post type).

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How is OG Group info block displayed if the post belongs to multiple groups?

Just a test.

the question is: if a post belongs to 2 or more groups, how to display info of both groups? Or how to choose which is "primary" if groups are selected as on - from multiselect?

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Organic Groups Analytics

Hey guys,

I've released some preliminary code that integrates fully with OG (Drupal6) and provides analytics extension for each group.

At the moment you get out of the box a very minimal dashboard view and downloads report. A few points to note:
1. The architecture was built to be modular so that every module can extend or create it's own new reports.
2. It is based on Google's Chart API (the new one, not the old static image charts, and due to that it is also fully ajaxed or REST if so to say).

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Redirect top level domain alias to specific og group node

I have my main site ( that has a number of organic groups. I'd like to create a top level domain name ( that gets directed to a specific organic group group content type page ( It would be really great if the URL to showed "" for any page/content within the "beta group" but switched to "" for anything outside of the beta group content. Is this possible?

I tried redirecting through htaccess file but (1) I get thrown into a loop ( and (2) I found out that this won't work with my host because they use nginx.

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Coordinator - Developer | Promodevta-PinkBlade

Employment type: 
Full time

Need a developer / Fresher in Kurukshetra for the project that is built around an application. It requires a full time fresher who can work on the project and simultaneously get trained on Drupal.

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How to automatically add user to "default" organic group during registration?


Have a question about OG 7.2 and Rules

For example:

Have a community built on OG, and want that every new member of site to be automatically added to some specific group (like "Security and other important announcements") during registration.

Lets assume, that group "Security and other important announcements" is node/1

I cannot find in Rules interface how to do this. I should be simple, as there is event "User is validated" and action "Subscribe user to group" but still do not understand data selector.

Which one to choose?

Thank you in advance.

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