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I need help to organize a Women in Drupal Meet up

Our drupal community in Rwanda would like to organize half day drupal meet up and we would like to focus much on WOMEN in DRUPAL as the audience will be from one Women institution. Does anyone have time to give me tips as this topic will be my first time to talk about it?

Looking forward to hear from you

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Refresher training on Introduction to Drupal 8

2017-12-01 14:30 - 18:30 Africa/Kigali
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

In last Global Drupal Trainings (Sept - Oct, 2017) we had series of training with so many participants.
This training season, We are inviting those who participated in the last training for refresher training.

Participates will get more time to do more practices on Drupal Builders skills, and will get answers to questions they may have.

The venue will be communicated soon. More information will be provided before end of this week after updating the website.


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Global Drupal Training

2017-09-08 02:00 - 07:00 Africa/Kigali
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)


Drupal Global Training Days is an exciting initiative from the Drupal community to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal. Trainers from companies and local groups around the world help newcomers to the Drupal community feel inspired and empowered to start great work.

Drupal is content management software. It's used to make many of the websites and applications you use every day. 

This is an initiative coordinated by the Drupal Association as a part of the Global Training Days to introduce new people to the wonderful world of Drupal.

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Are you interested in Drupal discussion in Rwanda?

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Drupal 8 Release Party

Finally November 19th, Drupal 8 will be released. It is going to be a great release that will set a new standard for CMSs.

So, all over the world the Drupal community is organising Drupal 8 Release Parties.

Is there already one in your country? If not? Why not get together with a few likeminded Drupal people and talk Drupal 8, no matter where you are.

If you do organise something, there are some instructions that can help you make your party more visible in this group:

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Drupal distribution (EduERP) for Educational Institutions is Released!

EduERP is student and staff adminstration software for educational institutions. It is available for download and immediate use.

The student information system can do admissions, clearance, course registration, grading, exams processing and transcripts. With plugins for creating and synchronizing user accounts on e-mail servers, payment administration, HR management and a flexible reporting system, most schools can automate student and staff management with EduERP.

Notable Features



  • Student Registration
  • Clearance
  • Course Registration
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    Bad internet connection error

    I got (Bad internet connection, server error, browser problem, Please try again shortly.)" error in drupal6?

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    drupal7releaseparty in Rwanda

    Dear all, here is a message from Patricia


    Drupal 7 will finally be released on Jan 7 2011 and across the globe Drupal and Linux enthusiasts will be celebrating .

    Am trying to organise our very own Kigali Drupal party on the day, if anyone is interested please let me know.


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    Drupal 7 Release Parties

    We all know Drupal 7 will be released shortly.
    D7 Release Parties are being thrown all over the world in celebration - most taking place Jan 7, 2011.

    I know for a fact the African Drupal Community is much larger and more active than most people realize, so why not take this opportunity to show the world where all the African Drupal communities are hiding?

    The official site:

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    Drupal Nigeria Community

    It was great to have you all at the just concluded DrupalCamp Lagos 2010. As a fulfillment to our promise of setting up a community website dedicated to the Nigerian Drupalers, this is to invite everyone. To join the community, please visit Drupal Nigeria Community. We hope to find you in the community with your questions, contributions as well as suggestions.

    Please be bold, ask and ye shall receive :) Post code, post images, post meetups, share what you have.

    Upcoming stuffs:

    Drupal Nigeria IRC Channel

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    Strengthening open source in Nigeria

    Firstly, this discussion is inspired by a discussion I had with Abayomi Ayoola (murpheus) about LinuxFest event we intend to organize in Nigeria.

    The discussion goes like this:

    [9/9/2010 2:07:45 PM] Abayomi Ayoola: I sent an email to Linux Foundation
    [9/9/2010 2:08:12 PM] Abayomi Ayoola: and they would be glad to sponsor LinuxCon or LinuxFest in Nigeria
    [9/9/2010 2:08:25 PM] Kayode Odeyemi: cool
    [9/9/2010 2:08:45 PM] Kayode Odeyemi: so what's your plan
    [9/9/2010 2:31:56 PM] Abayomi Ayoola: I think they usually cover the whole event

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    Moving wordpress site over to Drupal

    Any advise or hint on how to move wordpress site over to drupal by customizing the design



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