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Our geography is "on the water." We are bound by a common love of the sea. Or maybe a lake.

This group is for users who are supporting boating groups. Particular focus on regatta support, membership issues, and navigational and charting applications.

If you are working on a site for boats, come and share. If you are tracking or registering for competitions of any sort, this is also for you.

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how would you get paid to give advice?

just because, I'm getting paid to be
67% (2 votes)
not of your bussiness
33% (1 vote)
Total votes: 3

sailing routes

this is a place to share tips on sailing on drupal

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A Recipe For Race Entry Administration

The following recipe has been in use for about two years with pretty good success. You can see it at

1. Install Drupal (this applies to v6). You'll want to include the image, date, calendar, and views modules at a minimum.
2. Install Ubercart
3. Choose a pretty theme. I am using Aquia Prosper.
4. Within Ubercart, enable a payment method and test it.
5. Enable the following within Ubercart: Attribute, Catalog, Payment, Reports, and my own module WHo Bought What.

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Race Handicaps

I am a keen sailor and currently working on setting up the clubs web site in drupal.
I am looking for a module that could be used for Administering Yacht and Dinghy races whilst at the same time publishing the results on the website.

If anybody is aware of a module like that that exists, then I'd be keen to hear about it.

If such a module does not exist, then I would be keen to assist to build a module. I do however not know much about building modules, so my assistance will be in testing and providing information and guidance on how various handicap systems work.


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National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association website

Just launched the re do of the National Sweet Sixteen Sailing Association website. The previous incarnation (oh I wished I'd taken a screen shot) was badly in need of repair.

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video-6.x-4.0-beta1 Released

6.x-4.0-BETA1 Has now been released. I am releasing this as beta as there have been major changes and additions and I think its stable enough for a beta. We still need help testing this before its implemented in a production environment. This is a rewrite of the 6.x-3.x branch. The major improvements are listed below:

* FTP Video Attach. (Ability to FTP all your videos at once and then attach the videos through a drop-down)
* FLVTool2 integration.

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My first sailing page..

A simple sailing page for my boat put together by a humble newbie ;)

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Creating a "boat" content type

As part of the new website I'm creating for the Indianapolis Sailing Club I want to include a table of member owned boats. My plan is that a "boat" database will be useful for posting of regatta results in the form of skipper and boat sailed (where the skipper is not necessarily the boat owner in all cases, thus the need for a separate boat table/database).

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Regatta management

Discussion of Registration, Entry Fees, Ratings and Handicaps, and Results.

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Check In-Show us your sailing site(s)

These are my main sailing sites. I am the webmaster.

Pacific Cup:
Corinthian Yacht Club
Passport Owners Association

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