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Looking for shared hosting

I am looking for shared web hosting , i got many options to choose from , meanwhile i like this
inmotion hosting review but the thing is should i go for it or not . My location is California

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Web hosts

I'm in the market for a new web host. Does anyone have any experience with InMotion Hosting? I'm primarily interested in their VPS offerings, but I'd be interested in stories about their shared hosting as well. Good? Bad? Ugly? What's the scoop?

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HI guys

I am looking for web hosting. Any idea on if i am best off with one of the drupal recommended hosts or finding a local host in hong kong?

Will the website download faster if the server is local?

Thank you, any help appreciated!

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What web hosts do you recommend?

My Swift Linux web site (http://www.swiftlinux.org) is up for renewal in early November. My current web host is Fatcow, which offered me a $44 special for one year but will now charge me $88/year.

The things I'm looking for are:
1. Support for Drupal
2. A relatively low REGULAR price: I'm not interested in a temporary special deal, because I do NOT want to change web hosts in the future.
3. Support for 3 GB/month bandwidth initially but with additional plans supporting more bandwidth (I now know better than to believe in "unlimited" bandwidth.)

Jason Hsu

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Free Web Hosts that support All Drupal functionality

Hi ya,

A few years ago I signed up for a free web hosting account at xtreemhost.com

First it was brilliant, but recently xtreemhost.com have started slashing the functionality they support until today I can't even upload a fresh install of v6.20 - and I shudder to try to install 7.0

They do not support php or stmp email, and I can't even get clean URL's!

Does anyone know of a free web hosting company that supports All Drupal functionality including 7.0

Oh why free? 'cause I am a really, really poor Drupal Guru wannabe :)


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Web Hosting for Drupal 7

Hi Everyone! =)

Can anyone suggest to me a good and cheap web hosting in the Philippines that supports Drupal 7 or if not Drupal 6?

Many thanks! ^_^


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web hosting Hong Kong for Drupal

Hi everybody !

Can you help me to find providers where I can hosting Drupal 6.x (like http://www.hosting.com.hk/) ?


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