Looking for shared hosting

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I am looking for shared web hosting , i got many options to choose from , meanwhile i like this
inmotion hosting review but the thing is should i go for it or not . My location is California


Try Pantheon

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I'd recommend Pantheon. Shared hosting can be problematic, Pantheon has a great platform that's tuned for Drupal at around the same price.


Thanks cstauffer

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I will surely check out that but pricing looks it starts from $25 but in inmotion pricing starts from $4 to $10


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But the advantage looks like it has a great platform that's tuned for Drupal . So surely i will check out

Thanks once again


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The amount of money (or time) you will have to pay due to issues with shared hosting will more than outweigh the extra cost for Pantheon.

Try Pantheon

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You can try for a period(1+ month?) Pantheon for free, and get an idea of how well it meets your needs.


HTH, Jeff Nutting

A few factors

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Your decision should be based on a few factors, one of the most important being the type of site you plan to host. Is it eCommerce? Will it receive mega traffic? Or is it just a brochure site with very low traffic? Is up-time mission critical?

I've been using shared hosting for many years and it's worked out just fine for me, but all my sites (all Drupal) are either for development purposes or simple brochure sites, no one is going to freak out if the site goes offline for a few minutes once in a while, nor is anyone expecting the site to load with blazing speed. If you want that kind of perform and reliability, you had better go with Pantheon or Acquia, if the site or sites isn't mission critical and saving money is, then shared hosting might be a viable option.

If you do decide to try inMotion, let me know how that works out for you, I'm thinking about switching from my current host (IXwebhosting) due to rising cost and lack of quality service.


cstauffer , fenj and Rick

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Thank You for you support. Meanwhile this time i have just bought inmotion hosting after reading inmotion hosting review . And the main thing was price, so i will check for a month, how it will work otherwise i will go for Pantheon as it looks solid for drupal users .

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