Wiki-style written documentation of our lessons.

Lesson #10 Class Notes wiki - TinyMCE!

Lesson #10 Class Notes wiki -- TinyMCE - Kevin Reynen (March 18, 2007)

Useful links:

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Lesson #8 Class Notes wiki -- db_rewrite_sql() and the Drupal 5's node_access system

Drupal Dojo Lesson #8 with Andy Kirkham (ajk^)

Useful links just to get started...

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Drupal OSCMS Summit BOF Links & Contacts

[Note: this wiki page comes from a list that got started at the OSCMS Dojo BoF meeting on Thursday. Thanks to PearCraft (Kwame) for starting this! Feel free to add yourself and your url. --joshk]

Drupal OSCMS Summit BOF Links:

This is a list of submitted URLs that folks gave me at the Drupal Dojo BOF at the OSCMS Summit on Thursday, March 22, 2007.

Sadly, as the list was partway around the circle of Dojo attendees, the URL list morphed into a signup list with names and emails.
If you were at the BOF and would like your website on this list, please add yourself! :)

Thanks folks!

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Producing and attending a live Drupal Dojo session

Here's a wiki page for writing up "how to" participate in the various roles we outlined this evening at the BoF session. It's a wiki so EDIT ME, PLEASE! I also enabled comments though if you're into that kind of thing.

(Note: this is just an outline, but hopefully is a start.)

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Dojo HowTo -- Rolling Patches (video tute)

Hey all, I created a little video on how to roll patches the other night when I had an easy patch to do. It is not the best quality since I didn't really plan it out ahead of time but folks new to patching may find it helpful. I also wanted to show you don't have to be patching "code" but that you can also do patches for documentation. It has been added to the Patches section of the Handbook since you really should read the patch documentation and not just watch the vid. ;)

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Learn PHP

For those who feel the need of learning some more php.

I believe in how-to's. And has a series of articles that explains arrays, loops and all that php savvy stuff. It's very practical oriented, so check it out!

The free php book, contains a practical examples:

Note! this articles does not contain any drupal specific stuff(like formapi etc.). This thread should just be a resource for learning the PHP-language that drupal are built up-on.

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Just came over

Hi all add1sun, invited me over to co-habitat with ya all on the I'm not sure how this will fit in as I'm aiming for simplification vs technical information. I'd love to play around and hopefully others will fix what I'm missing and will give feedback. I've just started over at so I'm not sure who else is going to play with me, but I'll keep plugging along.

Not sure if you want to add a book, or if I should just start up in the wiki area.

Thanks for the invite!

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Lesson #7 and #12 Class Notes wiki -- simple jQuery magic!

jQuery background: - Using jQuery

Code from the class:

Attached is a single text file, which contains four javascript files (dojo01.js, dojo02.js, dojo03.js, dojo04.js: to be placed into the dojo module directory) together with the dojo.module file.

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Lesson #5 Class Notes wiki -- Get your CVS on!

This lesson is not redundant with respect to the excellent handbook entries on CVS in general and in terms of using it for Drupal development. Rather it is a relatively short (and illustrated) way of providing an overview on CVS for Drupal development, with all the references in a single handy place, and all the FAQ answered.

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Proper Path for dojo-documentation

So, I've recently become a member of the documentation team, and part of my proclaimed reasoning was to facilitate the integration of dojo-produced documentation into the handbooks on If anything is unclear or you need help with a a dojo-doc project - feel free to ask me. IRC is also a good place to catch me.

To that end, here is a guide on getting documentation into the handbook. It's a wiki, so feel free to edit if you see I've made a horrible mistake somewhere. Additionally, there is lots of writing on how to do this on, but think of this as the 'quick guide', of steps to take to make your doc a reality.

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