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I am making a site wide subscription module

I had a need for a subscription module that would let users (anonymous or authenticated) to subscribe and receive an email when site content changed. I looked around and found a module that allowed users to subscribe to individual nodes, but I needed one that would allow a user to fill out one form and then be notified when any content on the site was updated.

So I have started to build one in my sandbox. You can see it here:
Any suggestions from others would be most appreciated.

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もしかすると、panels及びpage managerに関する質問になるのかも知れません。

Drupal 7
Simplenews 7.x-1.0-alpha1
Panels 7.x-3.0-alpha3

panelsによりコンテンツを加える方法を教えて頂けたらと思います。今までに以下の事を試してみました。 manager(ページ)でパスが/node/%nodeのページにコンテンツを加えてみたのですが、

2.次にpage managerでAdd custom pageからnewsletter/subscriptionsに

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Drupal Theme & Core Developer | Makibie, Inc.

Employment type: 

3 - 6 month contract position to support an eCommerce, Subscription, Community build out. Immediate start - contact Drew Kettering @

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PHP/Drupal Engineer | Zagat Survey

Employment type: 
Full time

This position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who responded. -JamieSue

PHP/Drupal Engineer

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Online Pay Models

I'm looking at a couple of different pay models for our online news venture. The most intriguing is metered access where each user is allowed access to a certain number of articles before they have to subscribe.

I'm leaning toward using Ubercart but was wondering if there was an easy way to set this up. Perhaps there's a module that tracks how many times specific CCK content types are viewed by each user before kicking it over to the subscription page.

Tall order, I know but many thanks in advance for your insight.

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How to notify user of new content of certain type via email

I don't know if my title is really descriptive of what I am trying to say here.

  1. Used CCK to crate node type called Announcement
  2. Used Views2 to create panel for front page which lists these Announcements
  3. I want a user to be able to subscribe (or be notified via email) to any new content of type Announcement

Ideas? I'm guessing there will be many modules involved here.
Here are modules I have installed which could be of use (I figure it's a matter of me not knowing how to use them):
Mime Mail, Simplenews.

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Paid membership possible somehow?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in groups, so hope you are all doing well..

I need to set up a website with paid membership where after payment users will be able to edit their profile fields provided by Content Profile and use the Blog in their profiles. As far as I found out, to do this I have to create a role with appropriate permissions and upon payment that role should be given.

I want to use D6, so that I can benefit from extended features of it.

So far I couldn't make eCommerce beta3 and Content Profile work together for this on D6.

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Recurring Subscription to Taxonomy/Category

Hi everybody.

I'm currently trying to implement a subscription system that allows users to gain access to all content tagged under a certain category. My first thought was to do role-granting, but there will be at least 10-20 categories, and that would simply be cumbersome.

In addition to category subscriptions, I'd also like to do per-user subscriptions-- so if you like what Bob Smith has written, you can buy a monthly recurring subscription to his posts for $x.xx.

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Renew recurring product programmatically


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Drupal Designer, Customization, Developer | MasonicReferral

Employment type: 

Building a site of referral services for a charity/social organization.

I’ll be using Drupal 5.1.
I believe that most everything can be done with the existing modules:
Subscribed, IM_Paypal, Fivestar or Jrating, Advertisment, Classified Ads, Job Search, Survey.

Also think I could get by with one of the available themes.

Site only needs one module complete to go live. Other modules/services will be added after.

Looking for contractor. Not a full time position.

Contact me at or 630-839-9017 to learn more and to provide a quote.

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