GSoC 2012

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Extend microdata support to contrib field types

Project information
Project page:
Student: Anca Dumitrache (colette)
Mentor: Lin Clark (linclark)

Current status
Working at extending tests for the Fivestar, Video modules




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[GSoC Proposal] Help Topic module for the Drupal Documentation Team and for the help system

General Information

Student: Gergely Tamás Kurucz (temaruk)
Mentor: Jennifer Hodgdon (jhodgdon)
Co-mentor: Tamás Demeter-Haludka (Yorirou)

Twitter: temaruk
Skype: temaruk
IRC: temaruk


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[GSoC proposal] Enhancing Feedback module (D7)

Project Information:

Project Page:
Name: Manu Chaudhary(manu4543)
Mentor: Alex Weber(alexweber)
Skype: manu4543
IRC: manu4543 (#drupal, #drupal-contribute)


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[GSoC proposal] Extend microdata support to contrib field types

Project information

Project page:
Student: Anca Dumitrache (colette)
Mentor: Lin Clark (linclark)


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[GSOC: Proposal] Port Og_panels to D7 and Improve Message notify to make it the source of email notifications

Providing customizable Group homepages by updating the OG_Panels module to Drupal 7 and "Making it possible to reply to GDO notifications through email by integrating message notify and mailcomment.module"


I would like to work for D.O. this summer, so thinking to contribute to G.D.O. tasks. It [ ] is going to be migrated in D7. Two of the tasks is to port og_panels module to D7 and extend message_notify to improve & make it source of email notifications. So would love to pick these two tasks up.


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[Project] Materialization Plugin for Views

Personal Details
Name: Dhruv Baldawa (dhruvbaldawa)
School Name: Thakur College of Engineering and Technology
Years Completed: Final Year
PHP Experience: Advanced
Twitter: @dhruvbaldawa

This project aims to write a materialization plugin for Views. It creates a "materialized view" for a "view", and then materialize the results into temporary tables. And then, the following Views calls would be redirected to the materialized view. The changes would be made to the materialized view, when data in the view changes (or sometimes even drop the entire materialized view)

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[GSoC Proposal] Personal Identity Verification for Drupal

Develop a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) module that could be implemented into the Drupal CMS platform to allow for two-factor authentication using a Smart Card (SC) or US Government Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) card for verification and access to secure website environments.

There was once sandbox-related activity found here , but it seems to have been abandoned.

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[GSoC Proposal]Repo Families for Better Colaboration


Although Drupal has switched to Git for its Version Control needs for about an year, yet the workflow is by and far patch based, when it comes to collaborating. While some choose the path of creating sandboxes and then create an issue in the main project, yet we are far from using the power of distributed workflow that Git offers us. The following proposal aims at providing the base of using Git-like workflow while collaborating on projects.

Previous Discussion(Summary)

The detailed description of repo-families can be found here[2].

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[GSOC: Proposal] Polldaddy integration

Name : Nitesh Kumar
Email :
Irc nick : nit3ch
twitter : nit3ch
skype : nitesh-bhardwaj
blog :
github :
I am currently a student of B.Tech in information technology at Engineering College Bikaner.

Have you contributed to a open source project before?
I am a mozilla campus representative for our college.

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[GSoC Proposal] Port the Version Control API to Drupal 7


The Version Control API is an engine for Drupal integration with a variety of version control systems. It delivers an interface to these systems for use with various development-oriented modules, like Project.

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