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COD7: Rooms not showing, sessions not in order and problems with flags in views

I'm messing around with cod7, I see that when I create the schedule, sessions are all messed up, they don't show in order and also the rooms don't show at all.

I looked up the views of "session schedule" and compared it to cod6, seems like fields there (inside the views) is not calling the (flag: session_schedule) Flags: Flag link like it does in cod6.
When I tried to add that flag, its not showing up at all in the fields option.
This is how the schedule looks like in my cod7
This is how it should look (cod6):

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Library management system

Hello. I'm a new to drupal and I have started working on my first project which is creating an online library management system. Where students and staff can be able to log in, search(by title, author)/add books, fines, view their history e.t.c. If you have ever created one or have any tips or modules to use, i'll gladly appreciate any help you provide

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I guess this requires backup restore.

Please see attachment.

I guess there is no way out of this except for a backup restore .... yes?

I had just installed OpenPublish and was enabling many modules at once.

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Drupal and Module dev - Freelance & Consultancy need | TheAgency

Employment type: 

We are looking to grow our list of available Drupal developers, to call on for both development of our clients' current Drupal sites, as well as future builds.

But we also have a specific need at the moment; a short piece of consultancy to suggest solutions for revision and workflow problem, give costs, and deliver if required by client. This may involve development of a new module.

Please get in touch if you are interested in either being added to our list of Drupal devs, or if you think you can help with our more urgent consultancy need.

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Drupal Top 25+ Modules

English / Castellano

Overview of Drupal's Top 25+ Modules
Author: Nick Vidal

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Problema con Service Links

Hola a todos,

Soy nueva en esto y tengo un pequeño problema con el módulo Service Links, y es que estoy intentando configurarlo para que me muestre las entradas publicadas en una página de la red social diigo. Pero no me aclaro muy bien y no sé cómo puedo hacerlo.

¿Me podéis echar una mano?

Muchas gracias

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Ever any problems not updating modules where no security problems?

Is there ever any problems with NOT updating modules when none of them are associated with any security problems? I always immediately update modules where there is a security issue, but I otherwise DO NOT update modules otherwise. Could this ever be a problem????

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Part-time Drupal developer | Paulson and Associates LLC

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are a small, friendly software team that have been serving clients in the Bay Area for over 15 years including the US Coast Guard. We are looking to add to our Drupal expertise and have steady work for the right person.
- At least 2-5 years of Drupal experience particularly in performance tuning, hooks and php customizations to modules and basic administration.
- Solid OOP, php, MySQL skills
- A/B testing skill desirable
- Some onsite consulting (near Sausalito)
- Ensuring the quality of applications through unit testing.
- Reliability and professionalism

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Newbie needs help in building a social networking site

Hi! I am newbie, and seeking guidance in building my first social networking site.

I am currently structuring the modules, I need.

The concept is a social networking site for fashion and beauty bloggers. I want to include:
1. A directory list, where the thumbnail of their blog sites will show.
2. 'claim blog' feature, where I could ask them to put a certain code in their site, and my site will crawl it to verify blog site ownership.
3. And a filed box where they can submit a link of their blogpost.

Voting and achievements too.

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Drupal Software Engineer | Insys Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time

Software Engineer
3 months Contract to Hire
Washington, DC / Remote

We are looking for Software Engineering (module and application development) - Washington, DC.
Base Job Description

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