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Movico: Doing OOP and MVC for modules updated

I have updated Movico to work in Drupal 7 and will be making more updates for the demo. The demo is actually the workable code that will be downloadable via github:

You can see the working demo and read the dev blog at:

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Contract / Casual | Revium

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Immediate opportunity for an experienced Drupal developer to work on an existing project coming to its final stages. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Must be able to work on-site at times, but tele-commuting will be considered for an experienced applicant.

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Modulos para la opcion de "Read More"


Estoy creando una pagina con drupal 6.25, en la cual quiero que al hacer clic en la opción de "Read more", pues el usuario es redireccionado a una pagina web.

He econtrado este modulo pero es para la version 7 de Drupal:

¿Existe alguno para Drupal 6?

Muchas gracias de antemano.

Saludos cordiales.

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Symlink to my modules dump not working

I'm running my BOA deployment on amazon's ec2 and it's been an experience. It works but i've got my eyes on it constantly to make sure it works as it should.

We've got issues with bandwidth over here in Nigeria so i prefer to have a dump of the possible modules that i may need for different projects being hosted on the Octopus instances.

My dump is stored on the ec2 default user home folder and i would like to symlink it to the sites/all/modules/"my_contribs" link/folder. I created a symlink but it didn't take. My site didn't read the modules folder. I changed the permissions to 755, chown'd it to root but still no success.

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Drupal Developer-very experienced | Green Schools Alliance

Employment type: 
Full time

The Green Schools Alliance is seeking a full-time (40 hrs per week), self-motivated freelance or contract Web Developer to work in a deadline-oriented environment. Hourly wage $35/hour for a minimum of 6 months. The candidate must have extensive experience in PHP, Drupal 6.0 and modules. Candidates will report only to a single Administrator/Moderator, whose job it is to troubleshoot for multiple users with different roles. Candidates must have strong technical abilities and the ability to learn quickly and problem solve. Must be fluent in English.

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Question re: Drupal integration with Spa Account Management software

We will be doing some work on a spa website and would like to use Drupal. The website will require an online booking component and I have two questions:
1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a module that would accommodate online bookings?
2. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions of where to look to find out if Drupal can integrate with Milano Software's "Spa Account Management" (SAM) software? I called Milano, without success...


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Drupal 7 Modules Document

Hi, All,

I have put together a document (attached) on what IMHO are some Useful Drupal 7 Modules. I wonder if any of you would be willing to take a look at it and advise me if I'm way off base or if I'm missing anything crucial.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



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State of the Station Module - Further Development and Drupal 7

Hey all,

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Drupal SEO Modules

Hi there one and all, just wondering if anyone has installed any seo modules and if so which ones and what the feedback is for that particular module?

Many thanks in advance



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Developer | PaddleNSW

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

PaddleNSW is a small not-for-proffit organisation. We currently have a Drupal 6 installation. We are looking for the services of a developer as projects come up. I current requirement is to add functionality to our website to accep payments for membership fees, event registration and merchandise sales.

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