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Fun with Drupal Make

After the discussion on KWALL's standard module set, I decided I wanted an easier way to get them in place. I mean, it's not really that hard to type drush dl module1 module2 module3 ad_nauseum..., but where am I going to keep a text file of a list of modules to paste into that command? I decided I'd (finally) build a Drush Make file to take care of all of it. I thought I'd share what I came up with.

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Drupal and seamless integration of legacy infrastructure at

For the record, let me affirm what many here already know, Drupal
truly allows the freedom to produce a scalable, stable and secure
production environment incorporating mission critical legacy
infrastructure. As part of our portal redesign project the basic
requirements included the seemingly insane task of seamlessly
integrating no less than two database formats, two server side coding
languages all within at least 3 major themes all via Drupal. Over a
four week period we worked out all the technical obstacles -- and did
so without any Drupal core module changes of any kind. I wonder if
other developers out there have similar stories of successfully
integrating legacy components into their fully Drupalized web site? I
hope to inspire someone out there with this post!

Our site URL:
The Minority Business Development Agency Web Portal

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Can we list down the modules most frequently used while buliding social-networking sites ??

Apart from the most widely used modules like Views, CCK , Ctools etc... What are the modules which are specific to social-networking sites that enhance the sites' usability as well as feel....??

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Need Help with Multisite Contrib Issue

I have just (fairly) successfully installed a Drupal multisite on my host (A2Hosting). The three sites access the core code base and their individual databases brilliantly. One HUGE problem. After I uploaded my standard set of contrib modules and themes to the sites/all/modules and sites/all/themes (respectively), none of the sites recognize them. The admin/modules only shows the core modules on all three of the sites.

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Install Profile modules don't get auto-updated?

When an install profile is packaged, it contains specific versions of its modules. This total package gets a version number.

e.g. Cool Profile v1.32 = module1 v1.19 + module2 v.3.48 + module3 v0.80

I heard that to maintain the integrity of the install profiles versioning system, its individual modules don't auto-update themselves like a module you've installed yourself would. If this is true, I understand the reasoning behind this, but can someone confirm if it's indeed true?

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Drupal Lead Developer | NBC Universal -iVillage Technology

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

· Assist in brainstorming and defining user-facing features
· Architecting, implementing and launching highly-visible, user-facing features
· Developing features that cater to content creators and a large and active editorial team

Desired Characteristics

· Bachelors in Computer Science desired
· Familiarity with PHP frameworks like Kohana desired
· Experience working in UNIX/Linux environments desired
· Experience programming in PHP, Java or C/C++
· Experience in database development, especially MySQL

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"Content Complete" for custom Member Profile Modules/Forms... "Module Completeness"?

In my usage of Drupal I have come to really like the Content Complete ( module that looks at the fields, including CCK of a node, and displays in a block what still needs to be completed.

I am now working with a client who has their member profile in a custom module, as it does have a lot of stuff going on from being able to ad contact to one's profile, etc. etc. in which the Profile module or Content Profile module are not sufficient (and even if they were, it would be a bunch of work to get their site working under those, and no time for that now).

The client wants users to be able to see how many fields of their profile, of our custom member_profile module, need to be filled out, etc.


I've been trying to figure out how to turn Content Complete into a program that instead of looking at a node's CCK, it looks at a module's hook_scheme to get the fields it populates for a user (must have a uid column), then let admin select which ones are needed for completeness, and then show completeness meter in blocks.

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Drupal Site Builder + | Eye580

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Eye580 is looking for someone who knows and loves Drupal.  Our current needs are for a Drupal Site Builder with HTML/CSS skills on a on-going, flexible contract basis.  Hours could range from 3-4 hours in a week, to 10-20 based in project load, and skill level.

An applicant must know how to administer a Drupal site, have advanced skills using views, cck, and the key modules like imagecache, webform, etc...  Skills in CSS (no wysiwyg).

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Exporting Packages (Themes and Modules) From SVN

I store all my updated themes and modules in my SVN repository.
How can I get Aegir to recognize my themes and modules from an SVN repository, so I can use them to migrate a new site?

Example of where a theme is stored:

Example if where my themes are stored for a specific platform on my aegir server:

EDIT: Changed theme path

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Drupal developer | Brooklyn agency

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Drupal developer for 2-month web project

We're seeking a Drupal contractor to assist in the development of a web project for a non-profit organization. The developer will be responsible for leading the development of modules, themes, and views and thus should be proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.

We intend to hold interviews between Tuesday, June 01 and Friday, June 11.

Full requirements include:
- Extensive Drupal experience including:
-- Modules
-- Themes
-- Views
-- PHP / MySQL skills
-- HTML / CSS skills

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